Please don’t hate me too much when I show you the following pictures and tell you that it’s where I’ll be all next week

K? Thanks.

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest


Source: via Abbie on Pinterest


Source: via Abbie on Pinterest


Source: via Abbie on Pinterest



Serious props if you can guess what this magical-looking place is.

We’ve never done a relaxing, beach vacation before, and while I definitely wouldn’t have usually opted for one when I’m 6-months-pregnant with twins (because big, round bellies and bathing suits are such a pretty, pretty combo), I’m so crazy-excited about the prospect of 7 days of nothing but naps, swimming, book-reading, naps, meandering through quaint little neighborhoods, eating, naps, and, well, let’s face it, naps…

That I don’t care how big my belly is or who sees it (within reason, of course).

Speaking of which, if you don’t like glimpses of fish-belly white skin and slightly protruding tummies (mine), look away from the following pic, but if you think you can take it, it’s pretty cute.

della belly-001

I believe this might be one of the least flattering pics of me ever, but I love Della’s super-solemn expression as my midwife “listens to her babies” (Della really wanted her to).

Aaaaand now for much prettier pictures from you guys!

Like these Shirley Temple popsicles from A Pretty Life

And this lovely summer wreath from The House that Built Us.

And these adorable dish-towel bibs from Crafty Cousins.

 And these pretty tissue paper flowers from Silver Boxes.

And this oh-so-summery back door vignette from Creatively Living.

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  1. Is it me, or does Della look like she’s over the whole thing? 😉 I can’t believe you’re having twins with that teeny-tiny bump! Have FUN on the beach!!

    Very excited to link up this week – finally got my mudroom bench and pipe shelves finished…except for some decorating tweaks. Need some suggestions!

  2. Beach vacays are my FAVORITE! We’ve managed Kauai twice in 12 years…..and I LOVED every minute! So, I’m a bit jealous….in a good way! You are gonna have soooo much fun! Can’t wait to see some fab pics and hear about your trip 🙂 And, that pic with Della is precious! How sweet! I was curious if you were still gonna be able to have a homebirth with twins. I assume as long as both are doing well, head down and term that you would??? I’m love birth stories, midwife tales & such so it will be fun to follow along w/ ya’….Happy Vacationing!! You deserve it!

  3. Oh boy…have a wonderful wonderful time…I’m jelly, but you need to conserve your strength 😉


  5. Thank you for hosting!! I always enjoy linking up!

    I believe you are going somewhere in Mazatlan! We’re still up in the air with our vacation, but one of their resorts is on the list!!

  6. Hey Abbie,
    Thanks for the feature, and thanks for hosting!!!

    Woohoo! Vacation! Have an awesome time. Sending prayers your way for a peaceful, fun and safe trip!

  7. Thanks for the feature! I don’t hate you for your awesome upcoming vacation, but I am REALLY jealous! 🙂 I love that super cute picture with the midwife. Your little gal is adorable!

  8. so cute 🙂 and your vacation plans look great, try to put a little in your ‘savings account’ for when you’ll need to ‘draw’ on it when the twins are here… thanks for hosting! Little Bit

  9. I havn’t been reading my blog list for awhile but I just now see that you’re expecting twins. Me too! Fraternal twins due Nov. 4! I really enjoy reading your blog and will definitely be reading often! Take care,

  10. Thank you so much for hosting! That picture is great, I don’t know what you are talking about. I wish I looked that good when I was pregnant 😛

  11. I’m not sure where it is, but I want to go there too!!! It looks absolutely breathtaking!! Have a great trip and enjoy all those naps with a little bit of fun thrown in too! The picture of you and your daughter is too cute! Thank you so much for the fun party to share at! Have a great weekend:-)

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