First things first, I thought I’d give you an update on the twins.

I had my second sonogram on Monday (when you use a midwife, you don’t usually have but one, but since it’s twins, we wanted to see how the girls were faring firsthand).


It was such a treat to get to see my babies’ precious faces.

As long as there truly is only one placenta in there, then the likelihood of their sharing the same DNA and thus being identical is almost 100%, but there’s always a chance that there’s something they can’t quite see exactly right, so I’m actually really looking forward to seeing how similar they look when they decide to make their grand entrance.

I will say, though, that from the 3D sono alone, they look very much alike—same noses, same adorable poochy bottom lips (they actually look a lot like Della’s 3D sono pictures…watch out, World!).

I can’t wait to meet them.

Oh, and—Praise Jesus!—they are doing absolutely awesome.

They each weigh more than the average singleton at 29 weeks (the sono tech could see fat rolls on their little bottoms!) and are measuring exactly as they should, which is such a huge relief since the number one concern for twins that share the same placenta is TTTS, which occurs when one twin gets a larger share of nutrients/blood from the cord and ends up weighing considerably more than the other.

If there is one cause for any concern, it’s that they’re both in a Breach position at the moment, so if you think to pray for it, it would be really great if at least one girl would flip herself around.

On a related note, I have to admit that I take my health for granted.

I’ve never been seriously ill, and my pregnancies have all been extremely easy as such things go.

But several people have commented recently that they’re surprised I’m not on bed rest at 30 weeks pregnant with twins (I’m a little hesitant to tell them that, not only am I not on bed rest, but I am still teaching kickboxing classes; I don’t want to cause any strokes), and it made me realize just how incredibly blessed I am right now to be able to experience this double miracle in my belly and live life pretty much as I normally would.

Sure, there are some extra aches and pains, and I’m not particularly looking forward to the pretty much guaranteed discomfort that the next 8 weeks hold, but all in all, I can’t complain.

Nor should I.

In fact, heck, let’s just go the other direction and say, “Thank you, Lord, for this big ol’ stretched out belly since it means that my girls are ridiculously healthy and growing like they should!”

There. That’s better. : )

And to celebrate such great news about my little girls and as a thank you for all the sweet support that you guys have given me throughout this pregnancy, I thought I might give you the chance to win some seriously pretty bling.

The lovely Hilary from Accessory Dash—an awesome site to find super-fun, on trend jewelry for great prices in a first-come, first-serve “auction” every Wednesday night from 8-9 PM—donated these gorgeous gold and mint feather earrings.


{You guys have no idea how much willpower it’s taking for me to give these away rather than just tuck them away in my closet…seriously. love. them}.

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Oh, and let’s PARTY!

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  1. SO glad the babies are growing and healthy!!!! You are incredibly lucky and blessed. Wow. I am a bit jealous. I was on bedrest (in the hospital) by 26 weeks with my twins. And by 30 weeks, they met the world. So yeah…you’ve got an amazing body! Great job!

  2. So glad things are going well Abbie and the babies are growing and healthy. I think it’s great that you are feeling well and able to get out and about. Take care of you and those babies. 🙂

  3. I enjoy reading all your blogs but this one was particularly special because the babies are growing well and the pictures are amazing. I love reading feature friday and clicking on the various photos and reading other peoples blogs… You are still my favourite 🙂

  4. Praise Jesus!! i just can’t believe that you’ve only got 10 weeks left!!!! where did the time go? i would uv to see pregnancy pix of you i bet you are cute as a button! and i will definitely be praying for them to get in the correct position. my lil guy stayed breech front facing, so we will definitely be praying for y’all.

  5. Thanks for sharing the sono pics!! Love them! After having my twin boys, I’m still not sure why people think being pregnant with twins means you need to be on bed rest?!? Oh well, keep kickboxing away!! Also, one of my boys was breech, but flipped between my 32 and 33 week u/s. Not sue how I didn’t notice…must have happened in the middle of the night! Anyway, it’s possible, praying it happens for you too!

  6. Thanks for hosting. I am so happy that your twins are doing fantastic. I also enjoy the fact the give Jesus the credit. Blessings, Ginger

  7. Gorgeous earrings! I think you are doing so well with twins because you are in such amazing shape. And maybe God is easing you through the pregnancy.

  8. Love your sono pics. I’ve been high risk for several reasons since the beginning of my twin pregnancy and I’ve literally had about 11 sonos. Just had one yesterday at 27.5 weeks due to the fact that I’m already trying to go into labor. :/ The doctor said I’ll probably be on bed rest soon, AND I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Good thing is, neither of mine are breach right now and most likely don’t have space to flip and they are measuring above average like yours (mine are fraternal so they don’t share a placenta). And lucky you being able to exercise and stay fit. I haven’t been allowed to do anything and they just took my “taking a walk privileges” away. I’m pretty much miserable and feel like a fatty. I’m normally a size 2, which I’m guessing is about the same as you, but in my eyes, you look so much smaller than me right now. ha! Anyway, just praying God keeps these babies in my belly long enough so they’re healthy. God bless your little ones!

  9. Awww. Love the sonogram pics. What a blessing to know those sweet babies are doing great and growing so well. Enjoy your pregnancy and thanks for the party.

  10. WOW! Kickboxing classes….I think that’s awesome…to be so active and fit during your pregnancy! Congratulations on the sweet babies!

  11. I’m so glad you and the girls are doing well, I keep thinking about you! Hope the next 8 weeks go by quickly and you are still feeling good 😉

  12. ok how did I miss that you were having twins!? congrats!! I really wanted twins … no joke 🙂

  13. Congratulations of your twin babies… Those earrings are fantastic. Thanks for hosting. God Bless.

  14. Aww.. I am a new follower I didn’t know you were pregnant, let alone with twins. My daughters are identical twins. They shared a placenta which was fun news, but as you know can bring on it’s own set of problems. My daughters both turned at the last minute and we thankfully didn’t have to do a c-section. Best of luck to you.

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