When I first started doing 5 Things Thursday, it was pretty random—basically just a weekly rundown of things that caught my fancy.

I pretty quickly transitioned to themes since that made it easier for me to plan ahead, but sometimes, random is best (that should be on a print hanging in a prominent location in my house), and so today, I’m throwing out 5 things I’m loving right now.


That this is what my daughter does every.single.time she finds a pair of underwear in our house (regardless of its state of cleanliness….eeeww).


{Less loved is the fact that she’s also super into emptying the contents of every bag she finds. Can you tell from the background?}


That when I saw a picture for margherita flatbread on the cover of a magazine in the grocery checkout line and immediately went home to replicate it, it turned out even more delicious than I had hoped


{And—holy toasted cheese—was it easy: store-bought flatbread + mozzarella + salted romas + fresh basil = an instant party for the taste buds}


That I spent last weekend in a place where I could wander around snapping shots to turn into a collage like this one.


{Definitely could have added more}


That I couldn’t hope for a harder-working husband or a better daddy for our boys (and girls, of course)


{They adore him}


That I get to be part of The Grace Community Church Worship team.

Last year, they came out with their first ever album of worship song covers called Love Has Spoken, and even though I didn’t get to participate, I spent most of my summer listening to the songs while doing dishes, writing blogs posts, or dancing with the kids.

Well, they’ve done it again, and even though I didn’t get to be a part of this one either (the live recording night was the same night I left for Blissdom), I am still crazy proud of Grace Worship’s new album, entitled One.

This team, led by the ridiculously talented Jon Jenz (and featuring my very own brother on many of the electric guitar licks…including an original song that he co-wrote), is by far the most professional and yet truly worshipful group of people I’ve ever had the privilege to lead with, and both of those elements—their talent/commitment to excellence and their passion for Jesus—shine through on this new album.

Because I wasn’t around for recording and have been a tad, ahem, busy of late, I didn’t even realize that not one but three of my favorite worship songs are on the album: Forever Reign, 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord), and Always.

I’m pretty sure I’ll spend just as much time listening this summer as I did last time.

If you guys love great worship, be sure to check out One on Amazon or on Itunes (I’m so not a Mac person, so just search for Grace Worship “One,” and it should turn up), or you can also get a hard copy by emailing me (I’ll pass it along to the powers that be) using the button on the right sidebar.

I promise that I don’t get any cuts of the proceeds or anything shady like that.

I just love good worship and like to share it with anybody else who might enjoy it to0.

And One is definitely good worship.

So, tell me…

What are you loving right now?


  1. When I saw that cute photo in my news feed, I had to comment because that is exactly what our littlest one (16 months) does with every pair of underwear she finds now as well! So cute!
    What am I loving right now…enjoying a house full of kids (10!) with some dear old friends driving through our area & stopping to visit for a couple of days!

  2. I’m lovin that:
    1. It is our anniversary week and hubby has been surprising me with little things each day…flowers, balloons, chocolate!
    2. We get to go on an over-night date tonight! Grandparents are keeping the kids so we can eat yummy food, go see a move & relax!
    3. The freedom of summer….gonna miss the pool times & playing in the yard in the evening w/ the kids, swinging on the porch swing w/ hubby in the evenings
    4. The perfect temps early in the AM. I walk bout 4 miles w/ my neighbor every AM from 6-7. When we leave at 6…..ahhhhh, it is so peaceful & beautiful. I just love the stillness of God’s creation. I know I’m gonna miss it when it is the dead of winter & I have to bundle in 20 layers to stay warm!
    5. Getting excited about vacation! I always love the anticipation of getting to leave town. We are headed to colorado for 2 wks in our RV to just explore & relax in August. Can’t wait 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity to reflect on things I’m thankful for. Loved your list BTW. The underwear pic is classic!

  3. “Forever Reign” is my favorite song ever; when I’m planning worship for our Ladies’ Gatherings, it always makes the list.
    That flatbread looks fantastic!

I love hearing from you guys!