I don’t know about you guys, but I get tired of looking at my own mug every single Wednesday.

But I never get tired of this sweetness:


{This is practically the only direct gaze + smile shot that I managed to get}

So, today, I thought I might hose you down with treat you to some shots of little Miss Adelaide, wearing one of my favorite outfits on her evah—namely a dress, sandal, and hair-flower combo that I picked up at various markets during our trip to Mexico.

I had to bribe her with (another) trip to the park to distract her from the annoyance of her headband elastic (she was not a fan), which means that actually capturing any shots of her where she wasn’t in constant motion was quite a challenge, but I did manage to nab a few decent ones of my lovely little pale-skinned mexicana.


{How nice of them to have turquoise stair-railing to contrast so fetchingly with her orange flower, no?}


These little leather sandals are pretty much the best $10 I ever spent. They’re adorable, She loves them. And they seem to be very comfortable since she never purses her lips and says, “Ooooooooow,” when I put them on.


Que bonita, no?


My midwife says that if Della’s eyelashes were any longer, we’d have to use them as helium balloon weights. I’m inclined to agree.


Despite how it may look, she isn’t crying in this pic but instead uttering her bossiest, “MaMA!” Apparently, her tolerance for posing atop large stone lizards was limited at best.


I’ll bring back the adult fashion (hmm…perhaps not the best wording?) next week, but, really, can you blame me for showing Della off just a teeny bit?

Because, seriously, that little girl is such a blessing to my life, and I am hoping and praying that her sisters are just like her.




  1. She’s seriously adorable and those lashes…to die for! Lovely outfit but the little faces she makes and her personality make it.

  2. What a Q-T-PIE! I love the dress and sandals too……so pretty! And my little gal is the same way w/ the headbands……rips ’em right off. Such a bummer cuz she has some cute ones. Maybe someday!

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