So, it’s kind of been forever since we’ve played a round of Thrifted or Grifted.

Not sure why other than that I’ve been in a bit of a thrifting funk, what with the mountainous belly and all.

But I did manage to rustle up a couple of outfits this week, so, by golly, we’re going for it!

So…what is Thrifted or Grifted?

It’s a silly little fashion game I came up with in which I wear two similar ensembles, and you test your thrifting savvy by deciding whether an outfit is:

A) 100% Thrifted: (adj.)—previously loved and therefore ridiculously cheap…aka Secondhand



…and then you vote and leave me comments telling why you chose the one you did!

(Disclaimer: No, I don’t actually think you’re getting ripped off every time you pay retail, but I do believe that if you can’t tell the difference, you shouldn’t have to pay for it).

If you’re a Thrifted or Grifted pro, then you know the drill—squint through the cracks in your fingers, phone a friend, do the Hokie Pokie while you turn yourself around…whatever it takes for you to feel fully satisfied that you have sufficiently scoured each outfit for telltale signs of thriftedness (WRINKLES DON’T COUNT!) and then comment away telling me why you chose which one you did.

The commenter I find most entertaining (there’s nothing fair or random about it! ; )) will get 5 free entries into our recent earring giveaway. (I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!)


{Deep breath}

Here goes!

Is it…?







Confession: It took pretty much every ounce of willpower after actually seeing these photos for me to post them.

Puffy legs + jeans that end right above the ankle do not a fetching combo make.

I could quibble about several other things, but y’all didn’t stop by to hear me whine, so I’ll restrain myself to simply apologizing that I didn’t get a better shoe shot and assuring you that both are in pristine condition so you’re not missing out by not being able to give them the 20 point inspection.

On a more satisfying note…anybody remember my “Which glasses should I choose?” post from, oh, I don’t know, maybe a couple of years ago (okay, so 5 months, but it feels like eons).

Well, during our recent trip to Florida with my parents, they were nice enough to take the kids for a day while Shaun and I watched the new Spiderman movie, ate a leisurely lunch, and…glasses shopped?


And quite by accident.

Since my parents were driving our van, our activities were limited to a walking distance range, but we discovered something very interesting about Florida: they have an overabundance of eyeglass and mattress stores (Shaun reasoned that the high number of retirees created the demand for both vision correction and a good night’s sleep).

Seriously, along a one-mile stretch of highway, we counted no fewer than 5 places to buy glasses and at least 6 mattress stores. Kind of nuts, right?

I spotted a BOGO sign in the door of a brand new store, which looked a little more promising than its rather faded and dated-looking neighbors, so we wandered in and proceeded to the spend the next 2 hours trying on and deciding on two pairs of glasses each (he’s needed some for quite a while as well).

Just as a refresher, here’s the option that won 57% of the vote when I asked for your feedback (there were 5 options, and no other option got more than 16%, so it was a pretty overwhelming response).

And here’s one of the pairs that I bought in Florida.


{Pardon the blurry photo. that’s what happens when your six-year-old does the honors}

Kind of uncanny how similar this style is to the one you guys voted for, isn’t it?

And, honestly, it had been so long since the poll, that I didn’t even realize I was doing your bidding (apparently, you are planted deep within my subconscious…oh my).

I’ll just chalk it up to great minds thinking alike.

{By the way, the thing that sold me on this pair was the fact that the earpieces are red}.


And since it was BOGO, I even got to go with what I reeeeeeally had my heart set on—the perfect pair of geek-chic tortoise-shell frames. It didn’t hurt a bit that my husband (and the adorable and extremely patient/helpful salesgirl) liked these the best too.


“May I stamp that book for you?”


{These pics were snapped by my accommodating brother whose hand is just a tad steadier than Ezra’s}.

P.S. Yup, I brought the bangs back. And a day later, I got my first Zooey Deschanel reference in 6 months. I like these things! : )

Sure, they’re not my hubby’s fave, but, as I informed him when I sent him a text of this pic (which was right after my haircut):


…if you’re going to head off to California for weeks at a time, I can’t be held responsible for what I do to my hair while you’re gone. ; )

His response?: “Well, you look beautiful.”

Smart man, that one.


Enough glasses talk, right?

Time to vote!

Which outfit is 100% Thrifted?


  1. A? Don’t be silly, you look amazing. Pregnancy does crazy things to the bod. Thank goodness it goes back to normal!

  2. I think option B because that lace looks like granny lace and I like the glasses you are wearing best in that photo!

  3. i have no clue which is which but they’re both fab! i just want to say i think your eyelashes look great, you’re doing so great not picking them! you go girl, im three months preggers and my belly is bigger than yours! how, just how are there two babies in there?

  4. I think it is (maybe) definitely A. My sole basis for this is the belt. There is no way that belt would fit you pre-baby belly, so I’m going on the assumption that it is a recent addition to your fabulous wardrobe. And since your not-as-tiny right now tummy will be oh-so-tiny in just a few more months, that belt will be way too big for you (but will probably fit me just fine, so pass it along sista!) so I’m betting you got it for a steal. Whether or not it was a thrifted steal, I can’t say – but I’m guessing yes. And crossing my fingers.

    Love you girl! So glad you brought back TOG! Also – your glasses are fabulous. Your hair is fabulous. Everything about you is fabulous. Do I sound jealous??? Maybe I am… just a little!

  5. I voted for based solely on the fact that I see far more straw bags at thrift stores than anything else. I don’t even know if you meant for the bags to be considered when making the decision, but since they outfits look equal in new-ness I had to resort to other means of differentiating.

  6. Ok here we go again…. and the winner is …. I think… it could be … B… is thrifted. My clues are.. shoes look a tad small, and the top doesnt look like something you (abbie) would buy at retail… because I know you so well 🙂 and you love COLOUR. So I am figuring that your bought option a for a good price through a retail shop and you FOUND option b during an Op shop tour. I did FOUR op shops yesterday searching for a fun 80″s outfit for a birthday party this week. Found a gorgeous deb dress in grey and silver… way to small. Lucky my dear mum taught me how to sew and I will make it into a full skirt and wear a cute t-shirt and cardi on top… might add a few bows and we should be good to go. Now for my hubbys look… that could be interesting.. till next time 🙂

  7. Hmmmm….really close call this week, so I just flipped a coin….landed on tails = B. Either way….you look super cute in each one, even though you don’t feel it. I felt the same way when preggo and I was only preggo with 1 each time. 🙂 Love the bangs (way to go for it) & the glasses!
    I order all my glasses online….just fyi. Once you have some you like, you just need your RX info and the measurements on the inside of the glasses (to get an estimate of what size works well for you). They are ridiculously cheap and then you can get a pair to match each outfit.
    Here’s the blog about online glasses ordering:
    And here are my 2 faves:
    I know you love a good bargain and online glasses are a huge bargain! I only order mine online & have had great luck 🙂

  8. That shirt in option B is really adorable BUT it’s short, way short. Tall girls are sensitive to stuff that’s short so my guess is you probably wouldn’t pay retail on it BUT since it’s so fun it makes for a great thrifty find.

    Or not.


    Great job on posting in spite of your misgivings. You look terrific as usual!

  9. I think that the jeans in B look like they fit a bit better. Very subjective. I love both pairs of glasses. Do you mind me asking the brand and model of the tortoise glasses. They are sooo cute.

  10. I think Option A is thrifted. The other one is too cute to be thrifted. 🙂

    Also, I think you are beautiful and super stylish so please take this suggestion in the manner that I intended it—

    could you maybe not wear a belt under your belly? It’s just not the cutest look. Really. Just a thought.

  11. I think option B is thrifted and I have no idea why. My eyes aren’t what they used to be so I can’t do those 20 point inspections that everyone else can…I can only guess. It took me 15 minutes to realize I was looking at two different shots of you in both outfits! And I soooo wish I had a pic of my swollen ankles to show you back when I was pregnant, because if you think yours look bad, you. have. no. idea. Not only did I have tree trunk thighs, but while pregnant, I also had tree trunk ankles.

    On a lighter note – I love the glasses (you look very smart! 🙂 ) and the bangs!!

  12. I think it’s option B, because your great thrifting options usually look more like option A where they’re put together quite well and slightly quirky. I think this time around you’re pulling the wool over our eyes by keeping option B cool and casual which is why I think option B is thrifted.

  13. First let me say I love the new glasses and you look great in outfit B. I also think that this one is thrifted. I love everything about this, the jewelry, the shoes and all. A very good look!!!

  14. I think Option A is the thrifted outfit….I (think I) recognize the top from option B from a past post….when you were talking about (over-) packing for Blissdom… I don’t know why, but that makes me think it’s the grifted outfit 🙂

    Love your new glasses!

  15. First thing first, I absolutely love the ‘geek-chic’ glasses. Adorable!

    Second, I would guess that option B is the thrifted outfit. Why? Well, because it just looks like it (oh no, if I’m wrong I will be embarrassed)!

  16. Love the 2nd outfit – is that top originally from Kohl’s? I think I tried it on at one point. 🙂 You look great even though I know it is tough to feel it some days when you are pregnant. And I’m loving the new glasses!

  17. I say B is thrifted, because it is more unique, and so darn cute!!! I have always found my more unique pieces when I thrift shop. Heck, who’s kidding who here, that’s how I get all my outfits now, lol!

  18. No comments??? No comments??? Don’t people know you get extra entries in a give away??? Sheesh! 🙂 I’m the first one, which feels like a winner already 🙂

    So, I say outfit A is thrifted…which was my vote…which means I KNOW I’m wrong and everyone else should vote outfit B as thrifted…see, the reason I enter is to help everyone else out cause, if they don’t already know, I”m almost always wrong…which is why I never win…which is why being the the first commenter makes me feel like such a winner 🙂

    And, I’m thinking you have already delivered one of those sweet baby girls cause there is just NO WAY you have 2 babies in that tiny belly….no way… 🙂 Stop talking about puffy legs girl…you look beautiful (and I am a BIG fan of bangs…love ’em!!!)

I love hearing from you guys!