That was soclose.

I mean, seriously, 48% to 51%??

(And yes, I realize that doesn’t actually add up to 100%. It never does. I don’t know why).

With 201 votes, that means that almost exactly 100 of you said EXHIBIT A was 100% thrifted and the other 100 of you said B.


Who was right?

                             EXHIBIT A                                  EXHIBIT B


Dress: Old Navy ($7)
Tank: GAP ($5)
Shoes: Bealls ($12)
Purse: Bealls ($20)
TOTAL: $44

Dress: Mossimo/Goodwill ($5)
Tank: LOFT/GW ($2)
Shoes: Apostrophe/GW ($3)
Purse: GW ($3)
TOTAL: $13

The majority was right…by a hair (or a ruffle, since that seemed to be the major deciding factor for several of you).

Oh, and my favorite commenter this week was the ever-entertaining Amanda (who has not one but two fantastic blogs, by the way: Royal Daughter Designs and Daes of our Lives), who said:

I’m going with A. B fits you like a maternity dress, but A is too big in the chest (give it a few months, right?), hence the uber-low neckline, and the need for a tank underneath. Because you’re modest you wore a tank with both, but if your hubby is like mine, he’s wishing you skipped the tank…on both. *wink*
So yes, I am basing my guess on your bust-line. It’s my bust (er, best) guess. :).”

She might not have gotten it right, but she is 100% right about 2 things: 1) The strap length on Exhibit A is way too long. It’s actually going to the sewing room before I wear it again, so I can shorten them, and 2) My husband would definitely have liked both dresses better without the addition of the tank tops. : )

P.S. Several of you commented that you really liked the bag in Exhibit A, so I thought you might like to know that, if all goes as planned, I’ll be hosting a Shop My Closet for accessories (think shoes, bags, scarves, and jewelry) this weekend (look for it Saturday or Sunday), and that purse will one of the items for sale.


Do you remember that game from Youth Group or slumber parties called, “I’ve never…?”

Okay, so maybe some of you remember it as a drinking game from college, but I’ve never (ha!) played that version (you’ll see why in a minute).

Just in case you’re feeling a bit lost, the basic premise behind “I’ve never” (or, “Never have I ever,” which just seems a bit redundant) is that you sit in a circle and one person says something that they’ve never done—usually something that most other people have—and then everybody who has done that thing has to ___________________.

Depending on the version of the game you’re playing, the action varies. You might have to take a shot or run around the room or eat something gross or…yeah. The list is pretty endless.

Well, today, I thought for 5 Things Thursday, it might be fun to play a virtual game of “I’ve never,” and while I can’t make you stand on your head or run laps around your house if you have done the things I haven’t, I would still love it if you’d play along with your own list of 5 “I’ve nevers” in the comments.

Okay, here I go:

I’ve never…


Been a bridesmaid.

I’m 29-years-old, and I promise I have friends, but through a strange convergence of circumstances, never once have I ever been part of a wedding party as a maid of the bride.


Been drunk. Or even a little bit tipsy.

Part of that is because I’m a pretty big teetotaler by principle, but it also has a great deal to do with an aversion to the taste of alcohol. Any alcohol. If I can taste it at all, I don’t like it.

Strange side story: when Mandy and I went to Blissdom this past February, they hosted a party one night, which included cocktails and appetizers.

As a tray went by, I grabbed some sort of grapefruit-y concoction on a whim and managed to actually finish it (granted it was about an inch deep in a tiny cocktail glass, but that’s “good” for me) without spitting it out.

It is literally the only alcoholic drink I’ve ever consumed in full in my entire life.

So, imagine how terrible I felt when I remembered later on that night that I was 10 weeks pregnant with the twins (although I didn’t know the twins part yet) and had completely forgotten that momentous fact when I had that drink.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m under no delusions that one, tiny, watered-down drink in any way harmed my babies, but I do find it incredibly ironic that the least likely person in the world to drink while pregnant (or ever) did just that…without even realizing it until it was too late.

Can we say (double) pregnant brain?


Had any part of my body waxed

(although I did attempt a home version once and completely chickened out).

The very thought makes me shudder.


Been to Chuck E Cheese.

Yes, I have 3 children.  And, no, I don’t think they’ll be scarred for life.

We do plenty to keep Chick-Fil-A in business, where they have both a playground and edible food.


Broken a bone.

Not even a toe…although I did smash my big toenail so badly during an exuberant game of Ultimate Frisbee that I lost it and had to wear a fake one so I could still wear my open-toed shoes at my wedding.

Okay, now it’s your turn!

What have you never done?

I promise to take a water shot for every one I have done.


  1. Never have I ever…..
    1. Been kissed
    2. Been to Anthropologie {as in a store}
    3. Been able to keep my balance
    4. Been to London, England
    5. Hated any of Abbie’s posts.

    Yes, 5 is lame! Who could hate Abbie’s posts?!

  2. I have never…
    …been outside the U.S.
    …been pregnant.
    …watched Mary Poppins all the way through.
    …taken piano lessons – but I do play the piano (even well enough to be the church pianist at the first church my husband pastored.)
    …played poker.

  3. Ahora una en español!
    Yo nunca…
    1- he fumado ni probado un cigarro. Detesto el olor a tabaco
    2- he manejado una bicicleta, no aprendi de niña y ahora no hay bicicletas con rueditas entrenadoras
    3- pase la noche con un hombre que no fuera mi esposo
    4- he leido un libro de Harry Potter
    5- tampoco me he quebrado un hueso, gracias a Dios!

  4. Lol I’ve tried/done pretty much every one of those things. However, I do have a couple of my own…

    1. I’ve never jumped out of a plane NOR WILL I EVER
    2. I’ve never been pregnant (although not for lack of trying)
    3. I’ve never been in a fight
    4. I’ve never tried kimchi
    5. I’ve never read most of the cannon that you normally read in school- I skipped that year and took linguistics instead

  5. You are so entertaining and strangely thought-provoking as I try to think of things I’ve never done…
    Well I’ve never broken a bone either…
    – never bungee-jumped, sky-dived, rock-climbed or done anything else requiring a voluntary or involuntary massive fall…I know myself too well
    – never done drugs or been around someone else doing the same
    -never fallen asleep in church…ahemm…really truly. Not like those who say they were just resting their eyes
    – never traveled to the Eastern Hemisphere
    -Never worn heels higher than 2″ outside of the store!

  6. I have never tried illegal drugs
    I have never travelled outside australia (still waiting for the right moment)
    I have never been waxed
    I have never carried twins.. one at a time for me (one boy and then a girl)
    I have never got a tattoo… or ever wished to get one!!
    OK thats my list 🙂

  7. Ok so I have done everything you have not. Good thing this isn’t a drinking game, I don’t drink often and it only takes a little to feel tispy.
    I have never…
    Tried any sort of drug (i know it’s illegal and all but I live in California and it seems everyone has)
    I have never smoked or tried
    I have never been to Hawaii
    The only place out of the country I have been is mexico, for a missions trip
    I never went on a honeymoon
    I have never had a car payment and I am 33 years old!

  8. My first for two of your list were only a couple of months ago 🙂 The day before I was a bridesmaid, I had my eyebrows waxed. The waxing was fine. The tweezer touch up afterwards? Brutal. I’d rather tweeze my own, thanks. And I also despise the taste of alcohol! On our honeymoon, we got a bottle of some fruity stuff that was like 9% alcohol, which is pretty low. I’d had a non-alcoholic sample in store, and it was delicious. The real thing though, I couldn’t handle. My one full “drink” was about a half inch of the barely alcoholic fruity stuff in a full glass of Squirt, and I could still taste the alcohol.

  9. Hi, Abbie

    I have’t visited your blog in a while and I was so happy to read your are pregnant with twins. Congrats! I pray you have a safe delivery and healthy babies.


  10. Oh, what fun. I’m even over the fact that I didn’t guess right.

    Of the things you listed…I have never done #2 – been drunk, #3 – gotten waxed, or #5 – broken a bone.

    To add to those…I have never…

    * Had a passport
    * Read the bible all the way through (I know, my bad)
    * Colored my hair, permed my hair, or done any other expensive treatments to my hair – just frugal in a “Don’t want to spend money on myself kind of way.”
    * Water-skied

  11. Aw, i had it wrong, but with another game to play…I’m over it 🙂

    1) I have never lived outside of my home state of Michigan (bummer!)
    2) I have never been on a cruise ship
    3) I (too) have never had anything waxed…oh wait…I did my eyebrows…once. I don’t think that counts 🙂
    4) I have never touched a fish or baited a hook, although I do enjoy fishing with people who do that for me!
    5) I have never fallen asleep in a class even though my teachers may have looked at my tests and THOUGHT I slept through the semester…never, not once, did I 🙂
    6) I have never backed into a car that I saw and KNEW was right behind my car…oh wait…I did do that…it was terrible…and I wasn’t preggo. It was my Dad’s car…totally surreal and weird and dumbfounding when it happened…now they always park in the street when they visit too (LOL!)
    7) I have never NOT overpacked 🙂

  12. Yay – I had it right!!

    This is fun and I have never done #1 or #5.
    But here are three more to add to my list:
    1. I have never had blood drawn. At 24 yrs old, I definitely should have but refuse to go, yikes!
    2. I have never been omitted to the hospital. I am pretty lucky.
    3. I have never been in a helicopter. Okay, most people probably have not either but I could not think of anything else.

  13. Well I’ve done everything you haven’t done. I’ve been a bridesmaid twice, been drunk a time or two, I get waxed on a regular basis (to prevent the dreaded unibrow), I went to Chuck E. Cheese as a child, but have never taken by own there and I broke my finger sever times in junior high playing basketball.

  14. I’m with you on number 2. First drink I ever had was when I was 24 and I don’t like the taste or smell of alcoholic beverages. I fractured my arm; thankful it wasn’t a full break. Have done the rest on your list.

I love hearing from you guys!