A while back, I wrote a 5 Things Thursday post called “Pet Loves,” where I listed 5 unexpected blessings that just make me a little giddy every time (as opposed to Pet Peeves that irritate the tar out of me every time; although…just in case you’re wondering…the aggressive stranger in Walmart who vigorously rubbed my belly—from behind, while I was reaching up for a produce bag—this week would have definitely topped that list).

And I had an absolute blast reading all of your fun responses.

So, I thought that, instead of focusing on the fact that my mountainous midsection is currently obstructing my ability to reach my keyboard, my ankles could be confused with an elephant’s, and I roll out of bed at least 4 times a night to grace the bathroom with my presence…

I’d scrounge up five more Pet Loves to remind me of just how very good I’ve got it.

So, here are a few things that I really LOVE right now:


The fact that my husband can hear the twins’ heartbeats through my belly (he listens and taps on my belly, and I time the taps every night).


The fact that my kiddos belt out worship songs with me in the car (Ezra and Della and I pretty much had church on the way home from the gym the other day when Matt Redman’s 10,000 Reasons came on the radio; hearing Della hollering, “Ooooooooh my soooooooo!” every time the chorus came on pretty much made my week).


By the way, this is the big, cheesy grin she puts on every time she wants something these days. That girl.


The fact that every. single. time the heat breaks here in E. Texas, and the barest hint of fall is in the air, I can feel my spirits lift and my energy rise…the world feels new again.

Man, I love fall!

(Yes, the high today was in the 90’s, but that’s not the point).


The fact that we jumped on the Duck Dynasty bandwagon. Seriously. Funniest show ever.

happy, happy, happy…


The fact that, regardless of when they come, one way or another, very soon I will have not one but two bundles of baby goodness to hold, two sweet-smelling dark heads to kiss, four sets of tiny fingers and toes to marvel at…

Yup. It’ll be worth the wait.

Honestly, that was so easy, I could keep right on going (I really am stinkin’ blessed!), but now it’s your turn…

What are your Pet Loves right now?

P.S. Did you see our twin belly photoshoot from yesterday?

If not, be sure to stop by and take a gander and then enter to win a fun prize!


  1. One of my pet loves is my son who helped me clean up the house so that when my hubby came home from being out of town all week, things were organized. Also he did this with little complaint.

    Another pet love is the fall weather we’ve started here in central Wisconsin with highs in the low 70s!

    My last pet love is that I’m blessed to have so many Christians in my nursing class who help to keep each other encouraged with sweet messages of memorized scripture. Amen!

  2. 1. Love that song. Got the CD for my birthday this year.
    2. Love driving through Mineola and Lindale. Sometimes think we might end up in East Texas, but…
    3. Love my job. Great coworkers, great students, great classes to teach.
    4. Love that my boys love to read or be read to.
    5. Love that my husband is back teaching.

  3. MyPet Loves would have to be
    1. My husband. Yesterday he taught me how to use the chop saw. We’ve been working on a playhouse for our kids all summer, and I helped him with the hand rail for the balcony. I cut one piece TOTALLY crooked, and he didn’t even show how annoyed he was by it 🙂
    2. My daughter, Sammy. She brightens my world every single day with her beautiful smile, and her quick wit. She painted my toenails yesterday. (She’s 3) They are looking like part of a gory halloween costume right now, but she had so uch fun, and felt so big.
    3. My son, Wyatt. He’s not quite 18 mos. But he’s developing this sweet, shy, busy, and a little mischevious personality that I’m SO glad thay I get to know.
    4. That most of th time, I sleep SO WELL! Last night was definetly an exception, but I’m so grateful that I mostly get a long, restful night:)
    5. The fact that we just picked up new (to us) kitchen cabinets for only 750$. We still need new clooring and ountertops, but I’m having a BLAST dreaming up a new kitchen!
    6. Your positivity! It’s contagous, Thanks!

I love hearing from you guys!