Since the twins showed up, things around here have been…different.




But mostly just harder different.

I mean, sure, there are things I could do without (interrupted sleep, baby cries in stereo, the logistics of 5 car/booster seats in one van), but today I’m sharing 5 good things that I’m still adjusting to but which I couldn’t imagine life without anymore.


The twin connection


Even though they don’t do much but sleep, eat, and make diapers, there are still things that blow my mind a little already—like the way they get hiccups or sneeze at the same time or the way they end up holding hands without even trying.





They’re so used to being on top of each other that they don’t mind being carried in a “stacked” position sometimes. In fact, if one is upset, sometimes it’s the fastest way to calm her down.

Twin sandwich, anyone?


Having, not one, but three girls to watch Cinderella with


Okay, so Evy wasn’t actually that interested, but Della was enthralled (though not so much so that she forgot to hold her sister’s hand).


Matching outfits


I didn’t think I’d be a fan of this one, but, I’m not going to lie—it’s pretty darn fun to get them all gussied up in their matchy-matchies. Not much cuter out there!


Watching my crazy-amazing husband fall in love with, not one, but two baby girls


He’s totally smitten, y’all.

Of course, every new baby brings his or her own game-changers to the table.

I’d love to hear about the adjustments you made for your munchkins and how they still affect you today.

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  1. They are so beautiful, I cannot stand it!! They have given be a case of baby fever! Congrats on the new additions to your family. I love the home birth story ! I had my 4 kids at home, and I love to hear of others who do it as well. Thank you for sharing a part of your life . Love your blog!

I love hearing from you guys!