Since today is our party day and all, I thought it might be kind of fun (because that’s what we’re all about this month!) to do a little birthday party recap from that surprise party you guys all knew about before I did.

{Hope you’re ready for lots of pictures!}

But first, a big thank you (!) to everybody who prayed I would feel better in time for my birthday. I was feeling pretty rotten the night before and the day after, but the day of, I felt great.

Which definitely made me happy, since, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this:


That would be the amazing birthday breakfast my husband whipped up for me, complete with a potato and omelet torte. Seriously, if it looks good, it tasted even better.

He also made a “mix tape” with 30 songs he knew I liked, which we listened to throughout the day.

The day’s activities consisted of just the things he mentioned in his birthday hacked post: good food, spa pampering, a little shopping, and then that fantastic surprise party he planned for me.

So..was I really surprised?

Pretty much.

There were a couple of moments when he seemed antsy about the schedule that made me go, “Hmm….” and then his uncharacteristic insistence that I check out the mail on our way down the driveway that made wonder what he didn’t want me looking at (turns out it was the parked cars of the birthday guests), but I still didn’t think there would be an actual full-fledged party when I got in the door.

But there was!

And what a party it was…

With a beautiful table set right in our living room


And fun party hats…


Cute, custom tees + a baby picture bunting…


Beautiful flowers…




And MORE cake!


Delicious food (chicken + veggie kebabs = one of my faves!)…


And, most importantly of all, some of my favorite people on the planet…


{Mom and I}


{My friend, Jolinda, and I}


{Sweet Cayse, whose coat I was admiring big time}


{And my crazy-nice friend, Mandy, who took all the prep work that Shaun did and made it come together by decorating my house and making all the food while he chauffeured me around town; she even took all the pictures I’m showing you while I wandered around chatting with everybody; did I mention that she’s nice? : )}


And then there was this sweetest of all sweet men—who spent all his free time for the last who knows how long running around making preparations, buying food, flowers, and decorations, all while I wrote mopey posts about how ordinary this birthday was going to be. *Sigh* That man. He’s too good to me.

Here are a few more “action shots” from my first ever surprise party (I’m a fan!).


Enjoying the delish food and good company at dinner.


Having a dance party in the living room.


Blowing out {some of} the birthday candles (my boys did the honors for the other two cakes).


Mandy, dishing out cake—still in hostess mode!


Now Softa and Sabba (my parents) have a baby each to hold!


Mugging for the camera in my new scarf.

IMG_5670 Reading sweet birthday notes.


It really was such a fun, memorable birthday and definitely not just because {or in spite} of the fact that we have twins now.

No, it was because God has blessed me with family, friends, and, most importantly, an incredible husband who love me.

And boy did I feel loved! It was, just like I predicted, a very good day.

And today’s not too shabby either!

But you know what would make it better?

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I love hearing from you guys!