I’ve said it before, and I doubt I’ll stop saying it as long as I write this blog: I abso-flippin’-lutely love reading your Thrifted or Grifted comments.

{And all your other comments for that matter; I read every single last one}

My husband said something the other day…to the effect of: “You have really good commenters.”

And I couldn’t agree more.


Y’all are so funny and expressive, and it puts a big ol’ grin on my face every single time I get a new comment notification.

My husband also pointed out that yesterday’s comments were so lively and detailed that I was going to have a hard time choosing my favorite.

And he was right again (that man knows his stuff).

So, I figured I wouldn’t limit myself to just one favorite comment today but instead choose 5 (since it’s 5 Things Thursday and all), and in the process answer some questions and extend some thanks—sort of a multiple bird-killing with one stone kind of thing (wow, that sounded violent).


Tiffany Martha said:

“Wow-wee… you look amazing. my gut is telling me A is thrifted. my gut is also telling me I want a cupcake… but I’m trying to ignore that! :)”

Okay, so I mostly chose this comment because of the cupcake part (girl, I feel ya; I just ate 5—FIVE—oreos!!), but lest you think me egotistical for choosing to feature a comment that starts with compliment to me…let me ‘splain.

(No, is too much; let me sum up : )):

Historically, I am terrible about taking compliments. Like, truly awful. I have been known to argue with the complimenter about why I’m not deserving of the compliment.

And that’s just annoying.

I’ve gotten better, but I still somehow feel that, if I don’t think I deserve the compliment, or if I just say thank you, I am somehow being either a) untruthful or b) arrogant.

{Overthinking it much?}

So, I’m working on getting better at just saying thanks.

And that’s what I’m doing now.

Y’all have been SO incredibly sweet, encouraging, and just downright stinkin’ awesome about your comments on my post-twins figure in Wardrobe Wednesday posts that, even though I feel a bit look-at-me for bringing it up, I also feel like I would be rude not to acknowledge how much of a self-esteem boost they’ve been and how greatly appreciated they are.

So, yeah…


There, I said it. : )


Leigh Anne said:

“Soooo happy you are feeling better! And even happier that you feel well enough for T&G! Woot! Woot!
Clearly, I’m terrible at this guessing, but I’m going w/ B. Not sure why….just gotta gut feeling. Or is that hunger…..not sure!
Either way, you are looking great Hot Mamma!
(And maybe I’ll get picked for best comment due to my overuse of exclamation points!!) ;)”

I’m sensing a theme—apparently reading T+G makes you guys hungry (is there some sort of food hidden in the pattern of my dress that’s sending out subliminal messages?).

And I just can’t resist featuring Leigh Anne’s comment because a) it’s funny and cute and has an overabundance of exclamation points, and b) Leigh Anne is one of my nicest, most incredibly uplifting readers who never fails to put a smile on my face with her comments.

Sadly, even though we live in the same state, we are still 10 hours away from each other. Darn your ginormousness, Texas!


Maggie said:

“A is thrifted. Because that dress is gor.ge.ous. And when you come across a find like that at the thrift store, you thank your lucky stars and then brag about it for years. Thrifted perfection. I’m sure of it.”

Maggie, your confidence is too much to pass up. And thanks! I like the dress too! : )

Check below to see if you were right.


Emily T said:

“i voted b is thrifted because a) i remember the saga of the jean jacket that you’re wearing in a (and it was a good one) b) i really hope i can just go out and buy those shoes in a and not have to find them in a thrift store because in these parts they’d be hard to come by and c) i really like your hair. that has nothing to do with anything i just wanted you to know.”

I chose Emily’s comment because a) she was one example of several of you who remembered the jeans jacket saga, and I’m so impressed she (and the rest of y’all) were paying such close attention, b) I felt the need to publicly apologize to her for her inability to find those shoes anywhere but a thrift store, and c) she was one of several to comment on my hair in this post, so I wanted to say THANKS and give the link to the post I wrote about how I style it since I had at least one other commenter ask me whether it’s naturally curly (yes).


Judy said:

“I’m choosing B as thrifted because the dress is a little shorter than you generally wear, and I can imagine you having a somewhat limited view of the mirror in Goodwill, what with the shopping cart, Della, the boys, (I’m assuming you bought this prior to twins) and whatever “distractions” you brought to keep said children amused.”

At least one other person commented on the length of the dress in B, so I figured I would explain: I actually bought it without trying it on and have only ever worn it in the photos from the post.

But thank you so much for giving me the benefit of the doubt, Judy, because the explanation you gave actually makes total sense and makes me feel like I’ve got a thrifting cyber-friend, which is fun!

All five of you are getting 5 entries into our next giveaway…I hope one of you wins!


So, my poll went totally haywire and ended up saying that I only had 9 votes. (Which is off by a couple hundred at least).

But, no matter what the number said, the percentage consistently indicated that majority of you guys thought that OPTION B was thrifted.


Were you right?


Dress: Target ($13)
Jacket: Old Navy ($18)
Shoes: Urban Outfitters ($20)
TOTAL: $51
Dress: Goodwill ($6)
Jacket: Abercrombie and Fitch/Ebay ($23)
Shoes: Fioni/GW ($6)
TOTAL: $35

Nope. Sorry.

It was A.

Also, I’m sorry about the confusion of the Ebay jacket.

I was not trying to trick you. And I debated whether I should use it, but since it is a secondhand item, even though I did not get it from a thrift store, I decided to go with it (notice I actually paid more for it than I did my Old Navy jacket…mostly because of shipping).


This post is getting pretty darn long, but I had one more question for you:

Should I keep the Old Navy jacket?

I know, I know.

I’m all about asking you guys whether I should keep jeans jackets, but it fits a little strangely through the shoulders, and now that I see it in pictures (instead of just a fitting room mirror), it looks a little strange too.


I’ve even included another poll, which hopefully will work in its intended fashion this time.

Should I keep the grifted jacket?


  1. Don’t keep the jacket! It’s been my experience with clothing that if it fits weird or doesn’t look quite right, it just sits in my closet (For. Years.) before I finally get the gumption to throw it in the Goodwill pile. If you are anything like me, you’ll think about wearing it, but you’ll always end up choosing something different because you don’t quite like it.

    I say, save yourself some closet space and take it back!!

  2. The other jacket is way cuter anyways, so I’d ditch the ON one. 🙂 MWAH to you and your family btw!!

  3. We’re getting ready to move house, and we’re trying to pack as lightly as possible, because we’re not taking much furniture, so we actually CAN get a smaller truck/pod. ANYWAY, I say all that to say I’ve been amazed at how much stuff I’ve gotten rid of in the name of “not enough room.” Stuff that I’d been hanging on to for years has finally gone. I’ve vowed to myself that my new mantra will be…”If I were moving, would this make the cut?” Haha, I don’t know if that has any relevance at all for you, but I thought I’d share.;)

  4. Abbie, if you don’t love the jacket, I say take it back and use that $18 to get something you DO love. I completely second what Rayo says.

    Sorry I missed T or G yesterday – we’ve got strep around my place AND my in-laws are visiting for 9 days. No, they didn’t bring strep, and yes I do like them so it isn’t some sort of euphemism for me thinking bad thoughts about them being like a virus or something. Just a coincidence. You look great in both outfits but I LOVE that dress in A. I’m always amazed at the awesome stuff you get on your thrifting adventures!

  5. Girl, I was sooo wrong! Yesterday! Today, I say, No, let the jacket go….too much cuff! Like the light colored better,,,,but,,,, it is YOUR jacket!
    Loved the comments from yesterday! There should be a book written with a compilation of comments from blogs! Hey…. that’s an awesome idea! KL
    Abbie, I receive my emailed blogs a day late. Why? Do you know that I have to go looking for today’s blog on your blog from yesterday? Took a while for me to figure out what was going on!
    Worth the hunt!
    BTW, You DO look great so soon after the twins! Take the compliment! It’s o.k., we know you are humble!

  6. If you’re not absolutely CRAZY IN LOVE with the jacket, take it back. There are enough “meh” clothes out there, and it this jacket makes you think “meh” when you look in the mirror, you will never feel FABULOUS in it. And you, dear, deserve to feel fabulous!!!!!

    And, I should tell you….you have totally (although unknowingly) transformed my Goodwill shopping experience! It never occurred to me, in all my years of thrift shopping, to take the cart IN TO the dressing room with me! When I first saw you do that in a photo, I thought, duh! Where has this brilliant woman been my whole life? I no longer need the cart for kiddos, but now I take a FULL CART LOAD of clothes in with me, and only have to shimmy out of my own clothes ONE time, and I do not materialize outside of the dressing room until I am completely finished! (Yes, I know the dressing room says limit X# of items, and I am generally a very rule-following person, but that is one TEENY instance where I seem to have selective reading.) I have had MUCH better luck Goodwill shopping since I started doing this, instead of just taking in what I could carry, hangers digging into the flesh of one hand as I awkwardly shopped with the other.

    OK, ’nuff ‘splaining. Thanks for picking me for the drawing….this is my 2nd time, so hopefully it will be a charm, but if not, I’ll try for the third time.

  7. I was right about the thrifted outfit, but I’m not in the majority with the jean jacket. I thought you should keep it because I love dark denim, you can dress it up or down. But, of course, it’s not my jacket!! So…I guess I’m saying maybe if your try it on with different things, you may like it, or if it fits wonky, go a size larger (or smaller). Or just exchange it for something totally different!! I shouldn’t be doing these polls, I am SO wishy washy!


  8. Yahoo! Thx for the shout-out! Made my day to make the top 5!

    Yep….stinkin’ gigantic Texas 🙁

    But, I agree on not keepin the jacket. If you don’t LOVE it…..just move on. My closet is too full of stuff I don’t just love. I’m slowly learning! Not that I don’t like it…it looks fine to me….but Love it or leave it 🙂 IMHO…..thx for working hard to bring us another round of T&G!

  9. I said no, but if you do decide to keep it, you can auction it off (or just sell it) for the darling little girl “we” sponsor. Or take it back and do the same. lol

  10. Ok.. so i voted nah to jacket and that just seemed rude without commenting. I only said that because a jean jacket is something you keep forevehhh! If it doesn’t feel right you will think that every time you put it on! Right?? Or is that just me? On another note…. YOU PICKED ME. YOU PICKED ME. YOU PICKED ME. I’m the cupcake comment girl! Thanks for mentioning my comment. and my gut… still telling me I want a cupcake. Cupcakes are one of the major reasons I exercise everyday! 🙂

  11. I’m all about a great Jean jacket so if you really like it, jeep it since it doesn’t look weird at all. However, if it’s uncomfortable or you hate it, obviously …return!
    As a side note, I personally don’t like the light colored jacket so I may just be ‘blinded by the light’ 🙂
    I’m leaving now…

I love hearing from you guys!