Hey guys!

Hope you’re enjoying a relaxed Sunday so far.

I wanted to share a fun photo update of our PCM blog sponsor child, Sarah.


Such a sweet face!

By the way, some of you have told me that your children are praying for Sarah as well (which I think is the coolest ever!), so I thought I might address something that my kids have asked me about—especially since it’s relevant to one of the things I wanted to share with you today.

My boys regularly need clarification that both Harriet (our family’s sponsor child) and Sarah are both girls because they are not used to seeing girls with such short hair.

And I explain to them that, yes, Harriet and Sarah are girls, but they don’t have the luxury of growing their hair long because one of the things that they lack ready access to is soap and other sanitary supplies, which makes short hair the most practical choice for them.

Well, even though I still wouldn’t expect to see an updated picture of Sarah with long, flowing locks the next time I post about her, there is something that you can do to help if you’re so inclined.

PCM only sends care packages and letters to sponsored children when they take a team to Uganda—to ensure the safe and accurate delivery of supplies.

They next trip is in November, and one of the specific items that they mentioned being in desperate need of is soap, since at this point, each child is given on a small sliver (shaved from a bar) to take with them to the showers.

It’s a concept that I struggle with since I regularly end up with way too many suds on my loofah, and I never think twice about wasting shampoo or conditioner (two luxuries they never have).

But if you feel led to help out with this need, you can send bars of soap to:

Parental Care Ministries

PO Box 131166, Tyler, TX 75713

Also, although they are standardizing the packages we are able to send to our sponsored children (which totally makes sense, since it means that one child won’t receive more than another), there’s something than anyone who wants to can do for all the unsponsored children (other than sponsor them, of course):

They are asking anyone who’s willing to send an index card with an encouraging Scripture handwritten on it and a dum-dum sucker attached to it.

This will definitely be a school morning project for my boys when we write out Harriet and Sarah’s letter this week, and it might be something you could do with your kids as well.

{You can send them to the address from above}.

All supplies and scripture cards are due November 1st.

And, of course, as always, you can prayer for the spiritual, emotional, and physical health of each of the needy children and orphans in PCM’s ministry—including, of course, our sponsor child, Sarah!

Thank you so much for everything you have already done and continue to do to help fulfill the Bible’s definition of “pure and genuine religion” as we help PCM!

P.S. I’ll be back tomorrow with a surprising Move-it Monday discovery. Stay tuned…

I love hearing from you guys!