Okay, so I’ve built this up to be such a big, fat fail that I think you guys are going to be relatively disappointed when we all don’t look like a bunch of snaggle-toothed hillbillies squinting with the sun in our eyes.

But it wasn’t that kind of “fail.”

As I mentioned last week when I showed you our family {non} photo shoot, my expectations were much higher than my preparation level for this shoot, which meant that we lost our light before we had a chance to take any of the shots I had planned out in my head, my older children acted like a bunch of hyper kangaroos, and the two-year-old—shoooeee!—the two-year-old was a blog post all her own (that shall remain unwritten).

(And that doesn’t even include the part where I snapped at my husband for not being as crafty/speedy as I would have liked with a glue-gun…or the part where Evy upchucked her entire feeding onto her daddy’s sweater…or the part where he burned said spat-up-on sweater trying to iron-dry it in time to still take pictures in it).

(In fact, after reading that last paragraph, I’m kind of surprised my husband didn’t call a halt to the whole proceedings and go comfort himself with a big piece of cake or something).

But even though there were quite a few hiccups along the way, we still managed to snag some decent shots, which I will be showing you today.

Starting with my favorite family shot, which has to be this one:


This one too:


I like this one in black and white too.



{I love how the boys are both dutifully baring their teeth in this one…and also how perfectly their shoes match their shirts…I didn’t plan that}

We only nabbed a couple of good shots in our first round of outfits (yes, I made us change; dumb), but these are two of my faves:



{Ha! Just noticed I’m trying to throw gang signs here}

I’m calling  this next collage:

“I triple-dog dare you to get 3 kids under 7 to all look at the camera and smile.”

{It’s a working title}

PicMonkey Collage

More silliness…(plus a sneak peak of our bedroom…that counts as a room reveal, right?)

silly 5silly6

Plus a seriously good one…


Or two…


Or three.

della b and w

daddy and twins

The twins were only 5 weeks in this shot, and it’s amazing to me how much they’ve changed in only 10 short weeks.

Okay, so after looking back through those, helped out by a reasonable distance between present-day, well-rested me and the sleep-deprived mama who was determined to get perfectly artsy shots of 7 people, 3 of whom are still in diapers…my only real regret is that we didn’t get more shots of the twins.

Ah well. There’s always…next time? Hmm…

Once again, a huge thank you to Kelly McDowell for putting up with all our shenanigans to help us capture some really sweet memories of our fun, crazy, little (BIG!) family.

I’m not even going to say it was fun. But it was most definitely real.



  1. You have got some beautiful shots. There is plenty there to reflect on and smile at years from now. What can I say… us Mama’s sometimes ask the almost impossible when we are sleep deprived – 20 years from now you will likely laugh at some of the requests that you made (Hey, my eldest is only 5 and I already laugh at some of the expectations I had of what was achieveable in the early days!!!). You’re a great little mother. Keep plugging into God to make each day incredible (even if you only spend it changing nappies!).
    Sheree x0x

  2. Oh my goodness. How beautiful. Sometimes the outtakes are the best, aren’t they? Really brings back the whole experience. Gorgeous family. thanks for sharing, liz

  3. I just love the one with Della and the boys on the bed (the first one of the ones in color)!
    Great pictures even if taking them seems to have been kind of hard. At least you have a good story (more like good stories) to go along with them. “Remember when…”

  4. Ummm…how did this get categorized into “fail?” I really like the shots you shared! (I realize they are probably a miniscule percentage of the photos taken!) Seems like you’re doing a great job of balancing everything on slim amounts of sleep. My friend just adopted twins so I get the easy part, holding these beautiful girls while they sleep in my arms. 🙂

  5. These are gorgeous & vivid & amazing! What special moments to cherish always (even the memories of the spit-up & silly kid shenannigans!) I applaud you for actually going through with an outfit change! I always have like a bazillion things picked out & want to do an outfit change, but once we get started taking the pics, it gets so crazy keeping the kids focused & “just one more smile & then you can have a cookie” that the thought of changing outfits & doing it over again, well, I think there would be a mutiny! You have a precious family! God bless you!

  6. Your kids are beautiful and I love their dimples! Come by foreverdecorating.blogspot.com and see the sports theme nursery that I just did for a friend.

  7. I want a LOVE button attached to every.single.picture here so I can “LOVE” them all! I know it’s maybe not what you had in mind, but what you got was wonderful. And yes, the outfit changes – WHY do we do that to ourselves?! I’m impressed as heck that your kids did as great as they did. Time and distance allow us to look back and laugh, right?

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