So, have you ever tried just typing the word “wreaths” into the search bar on Pinterest?

If you haven’t, and you decide to now, a word of warning: you’ll probably develop carpal tunnel syndrome in your attempt to scroll to the bottom of the search results. And you will most certainly be skipping lunch.

People are serious about their wreath-making, y’all!

Me, on the other hand? Not so much. I like them. I do. I’ve even made a few.

Like this butterfly ribbon wreath:


And this Spray-painted Coffee Filter Wreath:


And this Shiny Redneck (read: Duct Tape) Christmas Wreath:


Okay, so apparently, I’m more into wreaths than I thought. And I do like having them in my house. But they’re not my go-to craft project. And I rarely have one hanging on my front door, even though I really should considering that some of the amazing ideas I plan to rip off saw on Pinterest were surprisingly simple as well. Also, I really should because I’m terrible about “curb appeal” (that’s in quotations because we live in the boonies, and there’s not a curb for miles, and thank goodness, too, considering my lack of exterior decorating savvy).

But I’m on a mission to change all that. Because next month, I’m inviting a bunch of crafty girls over for a wreath-making bonanza, and I am going to be darn prepared! (as long as ogling pictures on Pinterest counts as being prepared)

Here’s what I’ve come up with in my “research” so far:


Polka dots? On a wreath? Um…Yes!


Burlap wreaths have definitely been done. As have muslin ones. But putting them together with two layers of ruffly goodness is just inspired.


Believe it or not, the gorgeous flowers on this all white wreath are made from—wait for it—butcher paper. Love.


I really can’t gush too much about this gorgeous paper flower wreath. It’s such a feast for the eyes!

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest


Of course, sometimes, something as simple as store-bought fabric hydrangeas arranged in a pretty formation is enough to make a huge impact. (It doesn’t hurt that they chose the perfect fresh colors for spring).


My Pinterest comment on this wreath was: “Ping pong balls. Who woulda thunk?” And I’m standing by it. Except to add: “Brilliant!”

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest


Aqua and pink. Swoon. That’s all.


And then there’s this fun little project. That’s a split pea wreath. Which is perfect, since, if you ever find yourself in a bind for dinner, you can just turn your wreath into soup.

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest


I’ll end with this one a) because I have to draw the line somewhere (carpal tunnel, remember?) and b) it’s such a great example of how something super-simple can have a big impact. Yarn-wrapped wreaths are common (and cute), but the use of yarn with a variation of colors within a neutral palette really puts this one a step above.

Aren’t those all so fun?

I hope that whatever I come up with for our wreath party is half as pretty and creative.

And since I can’t invite you all over to my house to join in the fun (as much as I’d LOVE that!), I’d be thrilled if you’d share some of your genius wreath-making ideas so I can steal admire them. Pictures too, if you’d like.

Or maybe you’ve been pinning some cool wreaths of your own? (Or anything else cool for that matter). Leave me your Pinterest name in the comments, and I’ll follow you!

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  1. What a fun idea for a party! I would sooo be there 🙂

    I do like wreaths, but sad confession…..I’ve never actually made one myself. Maybe it is because we live in the country and when we have windy days (all the time). My beautiful wreath would be at your doorstep in no time….haha! But, when I look around pinterest, I do see them for much more than front door decor…so I really should make one for my interior!

    I LOVE all the ones you picked! I really can’t pic a fave. Sometimes I wanna go simple & elegant and then other times, I drawn to the wild colorful ones w/ flowers…..hmmmm?? Except that split pea one…it is making me hungry LOL!

    Here’s a link to one that I pinned. It is really the simple/elegant idea and I think it would take forever, but I could see it working with so much interior decor and then spray painting it for a different season/look:

    Here’s another simple/elegant one w/ the same kinda concept except she used acorns or lima beans (there’s that hunger again 🙂

    I am pharmgal22 on Pinterest. I have a ton of stuff pinned but not so much actually made. Isn’t that what you are supposed to do on Pinterest?? (heehee!)
    Can’t wait to see what you craft up w/ your friends!

  2. Erm, I’m not too much of a “wreather” either, but I’m a mad pinner!! Limemade is my username of course. 😉

  3. pintrestjunki
    I have a hodgepodge of everything, but rightly so since my tastes are ever-changing. There are some wreaths stashed on various boards. Sadly, I stay busy enough that I don’t get too many chances these days to get crafty, so for now I have to live vicariously through my pinning. 🙁 Just know that your posts are greatly enjoyed, especially your knack for bringing out the lighter side of life! Happy wreath-making!

  4. i am tsunamida on Pinterest 🙂 i mostly follow DYI crafts. i don’t really have the time to do all that staff but i proudly have to say i have already done some works i will soon pin 😉

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