I just checked, and it’s been almost 4 whole months since we’ve done a round of Thrifted or Grifted, which is way too long to go without something so fun (albeit frivolous).

So, just in case you’re new to T + G, what is it?

Thrifted or Grifted is a silly little fashion game I came up with in which I wear two similar ensembles, and you test your thrifting savvy by deciding whether an outfit is:

A) 100% Thrifted: (adj.)—previously loved and therefore ridiculously cheap…aka Secondhand



…and then you vote and leave me comments telling why you chose the one you did!

(Disclaimer: No, I don’t actually think you’re getting ripped off every time you pay retail, but I do believe that if you can’t tell the difference, you shouldn’t have to pay for it).

If you’re a Thrifted or Grifted pro, then you know the drill—put a hand over one eye and squint, poll your coworkers (not that you would ever be reading this at work, for shame!), consult Great-Aunt Myrtle—whatever it takes for you to feel fully satisfied that you have sufficiently scoured each outfit for telltale signs of thriftedness (WRINKLES DON’T COUNT!) and then comment away telling me why you chose which one you did.

The commenter I find most entertaining (there’s nothing fair or random about it! ; )) will get 5 free entries into our upcoming giveaway (very soon!).

So, are you ready for…

 PicMonkey Collage

{The placement of the words on that title are in no way indicative of which outfit belongs in which category. Or are they? Tricky}

Here we go with:



If you’re feeling jealous of my sandal-clad feet, I  feel the necessity to point out that, while the temps are certainly mild here compared to many parts of the country, my poor husband was shivering while he snapped these shots (in his oh-so-official work attire of a t-shirt and shorts), and my toes were getting nipped by the chilly air.


Speaking of toes, I wanted to make sure you got a view of the footwear from all angles. I know you guys get all fussy about the shoes.

And now for:



As side note, my hair is getting out of control, and my “bangs” are completely unmanageable. Which, I guess, means I should get a haircut. But finding time to schedule a hair appointment without the kids with me is increasingly problematic, and a haircut with all 5 kids with me is even more problematic. Hum. I guess I could start cutting my own hair. But then I couldn’t do Wardrobe Wednesday anymore. Or ever go out in public again. And that would be most problematic of all. I do believe that this is what they call a first world dilemma.


And yet another side note (because life without tangents is a very dull life, indeed): when I reappeared in my husband’s office wearing EXHIBIT B, he looked at me in consternation for a moment and then said, “Oh, I guess those are different clothes, huh?”

They most certainly are.

Okay, so have you over-analyzed to your heart’s content? If so, then VOTE!

{Oh, and don’t forget to leave an explanatory comment; they’re the best part!}

Which outfit is 100% Thrifted


  1. I think B. is thrifted. the jeans look so new and fresh. same for the jacket and yummy aqua top. and if you are going to shop thrift wouldn’t you pick the best looking. I know I do. I look for brands and newness. we have goodwill outlet here where they dump the leftovers in bins and charge 89c a lb for it. brand names and latest styles or never goes out of style are what I look for.

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  3. I have absolutely no idea! But, I’ll tell you this: Both outfits look great! Can’t wait to find out which is which~

  4. B is thrifted. Hypothetically, I may have perused through previous Wardrobe Wednesday posts and may have intermittently stumbled upon a previous post in which you wore the shirt from Outfit A. Said post may have also mentioned where you got the shirt. Kudos to me for my awesome investigatory skills. 🙂

  5. I chose A because I know you wouldn’t buy a brand new top that you would have to wear another shirt under because of the cut. But, you would have a vision on a thrift shirt on how you could wear it. Thrifting is another word for being creative 🙂

  6. I voted for exhibit A because I want to believe that you can find such cute and current clothes at a thrift store! And because the woven part of the shoes looks a little darker than in Exhibit B…maybe…?? (I felt the need to comment on the shoes since you went to the trouble of giving us multiple angles 🙂

  7. I vote A. Because it’s so darn cute and those jeans are fabulous. Which means that no way did your friends give them to you. You found them ….I’m jealous by the way…by looking hard!

  8. I voted B because the shirt is so scandalously low cut (without an undershirt) that someone probably found it difficult to find an appropriate occasion to wear said shirt.

  9. This may have been the hardest one yet!! Being that it’s been 4 months, I guess you’ve saved up your T&G mojo!!! So, I voted B, but my true feeling is the bottom half of A was thrifted and the top half of B was thrifted…could it be? Would you have done that? Naw…B was thrifted, A was grifted…ugh! The suspense is killing me!!! 😉

  10. I think that B is thrifted, and here’s why…. that blue shirt, without the white lacy bits underneath, would totally be a boob shirt. And, you don’t seem like the intentional boob shirt type. You are much, much classier. =)

  11. Soooo…. This is my first T + G…. Woot!! Well, I totally voted Exhibit A as thrifted. Why? Really? Honestly? Because I truly refuse to believe that anyone would send any clothing article in the beautiful hypnotizing color of teal to a Goodwill/thrift store. Seriously. Just.So.Wrong. Having said that, I would just like to say…. No clue. 😀 Now, I must go. My 18m daughter is cleaning her nose with q-tips.

  12. I vote A because I have super similar jeans that I bought years ago–and, they still fit after a pregnancy. Hallelujiar. Then again, I guess you could be wearing pants that you bought years ago, as well.

  13. Great-Aunt Myrtle and I both vote for Exhibit B. No real reason as this one was a tricky one for me, but since A is always first, I wanted to show B some love.

  14. OK, so without reading the other comments, I’m gonna comment away – it’s probably been said before and I refuse to find out that I’m just one of the many.

    I had a long debate with myself, but we (myself and I – as Beyonce would say although it would probably be “me” instead of “we”) decided B was thrifted for the following reasons:

    – the top in A is peplum and since that’s still a huge trend I think you probably wouldn’t find it in a thirft store

    – the jeans in A is distressed without being too washed out and it fits great which is a combo that might be hard to find in a thrift store

    – the (little puffy) sleeves of the jacket in B don’t look like something you’d currently get in a store

    – the jeans in Bare too long and although they seem to fit great I don’t think you would buy jeans that long esp. if you’re already wearing heelish shoes (not really high heels, but they’re not flat so the jeans aren’t your heels-jeans that you’re just wearing with flats today)

    Now I’m curious for the verdict tomorrow…

  15. I am have been playing this game for a while now.. and yet time makes no difference – I always get it wrong. Which shows time and experience have not improved my skills thus far. So. this time I voted for B. It was all about the cut of the jeans, the jacket, the top. Not quite a perfect fit. But I have got to know you Abbie… and you are awfully sneaky, in a kind way, and you love to make it hard for us girls. Can’t wait to see if I get it right this time 🙂

  16. I vote B, mainly because of the snaps. I think you would buy a blazer with for-real buttons if you were paying retail. Because you know what else has snaps? Baby pants. And you are a classy dresser who probably has the hand-eye coordination and self-restraint to use buttons. Unlike a baby.

  17. I am going with Exhibit B because those adorable shoes are tricky. I believe that more complicated shoes end up in thrift stores more often. The sandals in Exhibit A would go with so many things, however the shoes in Exhibit would require slightly more planning. Working with the assumption that if the shoes in Exhibit B are thrifted, than the rest of the outfit has to be thrifted as well, I picked B.

    They are both completely adorable!!

  18. I am thinking B is gifted……here is my reasoning: You love the color turquoise (or other variations on bluish-green, greenish-blue, aqua, teal, etc). I am pretty sure if you found some rockin’ aqua shoes you might just ask for them as a gift or someone might pick them up for you.

    Also, I think you wrote about your bangs to distract me from thinking B is gifted…… or maybe to distract me from thinking it is thrifted.

    A is thrifted……final answer.

  19. I feel that B is thrifted because outfit A appears to maybe have a polka dot peplum top, which would be very current and the boyfriend jeans are also big right now, but they have been for several seasons. You are very tricky though, and I usually guess wrong…………………….so I’m just gonna say you look great in both and call it a day! 🙂

  20. Well, I voted for B because there is NO WAY that those boyfriend jeans in A are thrifted or else I’m gonna be so jealous of you!! I’ve wanted a pair forever and if you found some at the thrift store….well, that’s just plain aggravating…..haha! (Unless they were mine from 1989?? nah, the waist isn’t high enough and the distressing is too good…..mine were BAD!)

    I have no other take on anything else. The jeans speak for themself! I rest my case 🙂
    And I totally feel your pain on the hair deal and I only have 3 kids. It is so hard to make an appt and get somebody to keep the kids. I trim my bangs mostly by myself just out of necessity 🙂

    So glad T&G is back! Thanks for doing it….we all clearly HEART it!

  21. I picked B because I am so in love with the buttons on the sweater in a and if some one gave that to a thrift store they need to be committed for I sanity. So it is definitely B!

  22. A has got to be “thrifted”. I’m convinced you bought the white ruffled shirt for Outfit B this month knowing full well that you would recycle and make a wreath out of it next month at your “Wreath Making Bonanza”! One shirt, two uses…you’re such a smart shopper.

  23. I voted for A, but that was when i was looking at the pictures on my phone. When I looked on my computer, I wasn’t quite so sure. Not sure if I’ve ever picked correctly. 🙂

  24. Could you make this any harder? Man!!!! I think B was thrifted because the little puff sleeves on the jacket are not quite in style right now. But the shoe color and little wedge heel are in style! Ugh!!!! Decisions…decisions!!!!

I love hearing from you guys!