ode to k-cups

Dear K-Cups, how I love thee, with a passion pure and keen

Although I really don’t get this whole coffee-obsession thing

Your tiny size and tidiness have wholly won me over

And changed me from a skeptic to a devout Keurig-lover

Your ho-cho brand, I must admit, at first gave me the shivers

For Swiss Miss has not been, for me, the best of flavor-givers

And, so, imagine my surprise when my first cup was brewed

And I lifted it to my lips and sipped and could only utter, “DUDE!”

The drink was good, especially when accompanied by whipped cream

and with a drop of chocolate sauce, I really almost screamed

“I LOVE K-CUPS! This is awesome! How come I didn’t know

That there were other speedy options to the coffee I forego?”

Dear K-Cups, from this day forth we shall never be asunder

And I pray you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me for my blunder

In thinking that you only could provide a cup of Joe

When tea and cider were on your list, not to mention—sigh—Ho-Cho

So just in case this little ode has yet to win you over

I’ve written one more reason than you’ll find on a four-leaf clover

To emphasize my thankfulness and give you your full due

For K-Cups, you have won my heart, and, truly, I love you


So, a few days ago, I posted this teaser pic on Instagram with promises that I would share more today. 


That would be my new Keurig K10  Mini Plus Personal Brewer, AKA The Machine That Made Me Write Poetry.

And I love it because…


It’s easy.

You simply:


Pour in your desired amount of water (6, 8, or 12 ounces)


Lift the lever to allow the water to drain through


Insert the K-Cup. Y’all all know I’m obsessed with ho-cho (and the fact that they had a K-Cup for that was what convinced me to give it a shot). What I’ve mostly kept to myself (partly for fear of losing a sizeable portion of my readership) is how big of a coffee-abstainer I am. Can’t stand the stuff. Don’t even like the smell. Yeah, I know. I’m a freak. But never fear. If you are a fellow freak, you still have lots of hot beverage K-Cup options.


Press “Brew.”


It’s fast.

Approximately 3 minutes after completing the above steps, you have this:


(and at least 30 seconds of that was spent on adding the whipped cream and chocolate)


It’s pretty


Katarina the Keurig will be sitting out on my counter for easy access. And I don’t mind a bit.


It’s yummy


I’m not going to lie, y’all. I groaned a little when I saw that label. Swiss Miss is not my favorite hot cocoa brand. But I ended up being pleasantly surprised. Even with 8 ounces of water (rather than the minimum 6), the flavor was strong and chocolatey (whereas I usually think “bleh” and “watery”). And with a shot of chocolate syrup and whipped cream, which are my standard additions to any prepackaged hot chocolate, it’s a mighty tasty cup of ho-cho!


There’s no clean up!!!!!!!!!!! (can you tell I’m excited about this one?)

Those neat little self-contained pods let you avoid the cocoa powder strewn across your counter and the sticky spoon marks on the stove (Oh, and no stirring! Can’t forget about that one!).

I thought about showing you my counters smeared with chocolate to illustrate my point, but I don’t think any of us actually want that particular visual aid.

So, now I really must know: as a non-coffee drinker, what K-cups do I absolutely have to try? (I have the Tazo Awake tea in addition to the Swiss Miss, and it’s yummy too!)

Are there any other coffee-haters abstainers out there? C’mon, don’t leave me hanging!

Also, are all you coffee-addicts lovers out there going to keep reading my blog now that you know I don’t like Joe? I promise I’m still a nice person.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by the folks at Staples, who were nice enough to hook me up with Katarina, but all opinions (and attempts at poetry) expressed herein are 100% mine


  1. They also have “iced” teas and lemonade…it comes out of the brewer hot, but if you put ice in your plastic cup first, then you get a nice cold, refreshing treat in the summer time. You usually have to add more ice before sipping though b/c it comes out so hot most of the ice melts off in the first couple minutes. There Sweet Tea and Lemon Tea are yumm-o.

  2. I love love love coffee, but am actually perfectly fine with people who don’t =) I have been using a Keurig for about 5-6 years. At this point I have been through 3 Keurigs…they do sometimes have issues but I think mainly if you use it a lot. However, I feel that if I am going to spend over $100 on a coffee maker, I better be able to use it a lot. I have always gotten them replaced for free when they act up though because there is a 1 year replacement warranty so no wasted money out of my pocket.

    You should try the chai latte. It is tea but has some creamer or something added to make it yummy. Sometimes I add a little milk or whipped cream to make it richer.

  3. I detest coffee as well! I come from a large extended family that all have to have their coffee.. all day long etc. but somehow my parents both escaped that and thus I have too. Although my brother apparently likes coffee so I don’t know how that happened but I digress. Also, my husband was a mild coffee drinker that because of a Keurig at work (and now at home thanks to our wedding registry 2 years ago) and at home he drinks the stuff pretty much everyday. I was still excited though because of a few things. 1- it’s just so much easier to make hot water than in a kettle on the stove-top! I will even pour powder mixes in a mug and then just have the Keurig give me that hot, easy water then *sigh* yes have to stir it. 2- you need to try the iced teas! You have to first put ice in your cup so it brews hot over the ice and it is DELISH and there are a ton of options!

  4. Fellow non coffee drinker here and husband is too. Don’t mind the smell but do not like the taste. Never had a Keurig or other fancy coffee machine for that reason but I like other hot drinks so perhaps we will get one someday.

  5. Coffee done right is good and I’ve always lived the smell even before I started drinking it but I’m not a huge fan of the keurig I used to work at a gift shop that sold coffee and sold the brewers. It’s ok for a hot cup but I mostly drink it iced year round and you can never get it to taste the same. My friend has one and we tried every which way, including the pod you can put your own coffee in (which kinda defeats the purpose… Mess and time spent.).

    For non coffee treats though, you have more and more options. There is an iced tea option (think it brews stronger then obviously you add ice) or I believe lemon aid or there’s a half and half tea/lemon aid one. There is cappuccino, white hot chocolate, etc.

    Glad you got to try it out and enjoy it!

  6. I would normally be aghast at your coffee abhorrence….but, I’m pregnant…and pregnancy has sadly caused me to lose my taste for coffee! So I guess it’s okay, because I – for the first time in my life – understand why the smell might make one sick. 🙂

    1. I lost my taste for coffee for the first few months – starting before I even knew I was pregnant but now I’m 6mo along and back at it. I’ve never been a due hard, several cups a day, black coffee drinker though. I mostly drink it iced and honestly our recipe has more milk and creamer than coffee.

  7. I like coffee, love the smell but can’t drink it as it makes me ill. I make my own hot chocolate with baking cocoa, sugar and sweetened condensed milk instead.

  8. Love the clever poem you wrote….truly creative! I am a coffee abstainer too. But I do love the smell and coffee ice cream…..just not the hot bitter stuff. So can we still b friends? My only experience with the k-cups is when we stayed at a hotel that had a little keurig. I had some of the breakfast tea and some decaf….both tasty ;). I also heart ho-cho…..it’s the only way I survive the stupid winter ;). Bring on the spring!

    1. Ha! Thanks, Leigh Anne! You’re the first to let on that they even saw it! 🙂 And, yes, we can still be friend, even though you like coffee ice cream. If I were forced to eat it, I could, but it’s still not my fave. Glad we are ho-cho loving kindred spirits! 😉

  9. I love my keurig! My favorites are cafe caramel and cafe mocha…but alas, both are coffee based. Sorry! My kids like the hot chocolate though and I do have a stash of tea waiting, just haven’t brewed it yet!

    1. Well, if I HAD to drink a coffee drink, one of those would probably be my choice. But since I don’t, I’m sticking with the ho-cho!

  10. I don’t like coffee either, but I do love the smell. I am actually hot all the time so I do not like hot beverages very often. We do drink hot chocolate and cider though, which I didn’t know they sold in K cups, maybe we will get one someday! 🙂

  11. I have two top priorities on our wedding registry list… a Keurig and THE KitchenAid Mixer. Sweet fiance rolls his eyes every time I get excited about the Keurig (as he is a coffee abstainer, too) but the shiny hope and promise of ho-cho MIGHT JUST MAYBE win him over.

    there can be miracles, if you believe.

    1. Jesse’s a no-coffee man?? I need to shake his hand next time I see him!!! And congrats, by the way!! That’s so exciting! I’d love to hear “the proposal story” soon. Oh, and I have had THE Kitchenaid Mixer for a while now, and I must say that it really is the bomb.

  12. I actually don’t mind the smell or the flavor of coffee (love coffee ice cream and shakes); it’s the hot, bitter taste that gets me. And how can people drink it in the summer?…I don’t get that!

  13. Keurig’s are the best invention EVER! Well, maybe not ever, but they are pretty darn awesome. My husband is also a non coffee drinker, so if I can forgive him for it, I guess I can forgive you.

  14. I really thought we could be friends…..but the no coffee thing? 😉 I love my Keurig! My hubs bought me one for Christmas and I never go a day without using it!

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