First of all, the first place winner of our Big Mother’s Day giveaway is:

Laura Cross, who said: “Mother’s day was more special this year than ever before and I don’t know why… it just was. No fanfare, nothing spectacular, but both my boys made it a point to tell me how much they loved me yesterday, completely unprompted. And I was able to spend some time with my own Mama who needed our love more than ever so it was a beautiful day. Happy Mother’s Day to all you ladies out there whether you have children “of your own” or not. It takes a village and every one leaves your mark on the future just by being amazing women. Thank you!!”

And our runner-up is—Virginia Megin Gallagher, who said: “I love hanging out with family. We couldn’t have children ~ but we enjoy our nieces and nephews.”

Check your emails, ladies!


Okay, with such a dramatic title, you’re probably expecting fireworks and precious gems.

But, honestly, what I got for Mother’s Day was better.

To review, these are the reasons I was looking forward to Mother’s Day:

1. Because I will be awakened by the soft chorus of little voices saying, “Happy Mama Day!”

2. Because it gives me an excuse to have pigs in a blanket, a cinnamon roll, and chocolate milk for breakfast (I can almost feel the glorious ache of the stomach cramp I’m going to get already).

3. Because I get presents.

4. Because I am pretty much guaranteed to be surrounded by my favorite people in the whole wide world. All. day. long.

5. Because I will get a nap (I’m looking forward to it already).

And every single one of those wishes was fulfilled or bettered because:


I was able to spend 6 completely child-free hours doing whatever I darn-well-pleased on Saturday night, thanks to my super-hero stud of a husband who wrangled all five kids (through bed time!) while I was gone.

no kids

This was my reaction upon looking behind me and seeing…no one!

Honestly, when I first got to town in my eerily silent swagger wagon minivan, I just about turned it around and headed home. I’m alone so seldom that I almost didn’t know what to do with myself, and it sounded like more fun to go home and hang out on the couch with my husband and kids. I made myself stick it out, though, and I’m so glad I did. Because, although time with my family is my favorite, mani-pedis + dinner with no interruptions or messes to clean up + this:

erotic book

{I grabbed this book off the sale rack and was just perusing it in this picture, which is why I didn’t even notice that top line on the right-hand page. My husband noticed, though, and was laughing about the fact that I posted it totally unawares).

Oh yeah, and a trip to Target where I tried on a bunch of trends

Those are all pretty fantastic too.

So, which item did I actually buy?

Almost all of you guessed that it was the mint polka dot skinnies.


But it was the yellow lace top.

Which I paired with white jeans and wedges and wore to church on Mother’s Day.


The polka dot skinnies were cute. But they were also more expensive and less likely to get worn regularly. So, there you have it—no mullet hems, no neon, no 90’s prints…just a simple yellow lace top.


Hope not.


I was not only awakened by those soft little voices that I predicted, but my three oldest sweeties even helped daddy make breakfast and made me cards and sharpie-decorated (and baked) plates.



I didn’t get cinnamon rolls, but I did get these:


I featured these White Chocolate Maple Eclairs last Friday with the caption: “Because your mom will love you forever if you make these.”

Shaun took me literally and made these babies from scratch (the dough and everything!).

You guys. I can NOT even begin to express how good they were. I have never (ever, ever, ever, ever) eaten such a heavenly-tasting pastry (or 5). (Ever).


My present was something I’ve been wanting since I saw it last year on our trip to California. I even mentioned it in my Christmas wish list.

So, what was this long-sought-after item?


The loveliest, most whimsical tea seat from PiP.  (Isn’t the packaging gorgeous?)


I can’t wait to have some girlfriends over so we can sip some English Breakfast from these beautiful cups.

He even got me the matching teapot:


and a mug and saucer for my ho-cho:


There’s a cake plate too that just makes my heart happy (it was holding the eclairs in the above pic), but I didn’t take a picture of it by itself.


The best thing about Mother’s Day wasn’t the food or the presents, though (although both were amazing). Instead, it was getting to spend a completely relaxing day with my favorite people. We ate that breakfast you saw, went to church, enjoyed a lunch out (where I was so grateful that all 5 of the kids behaved themselves since they seated us smack dab in the middle of the entrance to the restaurant), took long naps (everyone cooperated), and ended the day with a picnic at a local park.


This man! He is too good to me!


I pushed an ever-changing rotation of children (except Della, who wouldn’t budge; she loved it) on this tire swing for at least 45 minutes.


The girls were super-sweet to just chill in their seats and people-watch.

As you might have guessed, last Sunday was the kind of day that is good for a mama’s soul. Nothing too fancy (okay, the china and the eclairs were pretty fancy).  Just lots of love, laughing, and laziness.

But mostly love.

I am one blessed girl.


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  3. My comment is belated. I love reading your blog but I had decided to not read your Mother’s Day post because my mom unexpectedly passed away in November. She was only 48 and her death has been heartbreaking.
    Something kept me scrolling over your Mother’s Day entry and I am so glad I did… My Mother’s Day was made fantastic by my moms best friend (one of many) who has taken my sister and I in as her own children since my mom died. It was a sad day, as to be expected, but my mom made sure my sister and I would never be alone and that is the greatest gift of all. So, to all those ladies who are part of “the village” – thank you. I don’t know where I would be without my mom’s village…and it’s nice to know someone else recognizes how important those villages are :).

  4. Glad to hear your Mama’s Day was so good. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how grateful I am for your husband challenge. I certainly haven’t been perfect at it, but I have truly been making an effort, and things are going great! Anthony(my hubs), has been happier, he hasn’t been drinking, we are getting along swimmingly, and last night he complimented my hair! He just doesn’t do things like that. He also kissed me more passionately last night than he has in years. It can only be because of the challenge. His job has been “eliminated,” and so now he, and everyone he works with, will be unemployed as of the end of June. So, needless to say, right now he is under a great deal of stress. He really needed this and so did I. I know it sounds cheesy, but you have truly made a difference in my life. I thought about sending you a private email, but why not just put it out here for everyone to see how you are impacting those around you? Thank you for being a wonderful, amazing, loving woman. Thank you Abbie.

  5. The china is absolutely beautiful (and quite affordable to my surprise). I don’t own any china myself but you may have just convinced me it would be super fun to! Gabrielle (8) LOVES having tea parties with her Mema and Little Miss is soon to be of the age to join in on the goodness 🙂

I love hearing from you guys!