We had so much fun last time giggling at researching 2012’s fall fashion trends that I thought it might be time to take a look at what spring has to offer.

I found myself with 6 child-free hours (more about that tomorrow) last Saturday night, so among other delightfully kid-free activities, I headed back to Target to see what all the hip and trendy girls are wearing these days.

First up, here’s what I wore to Target:

{Warning: I didn’t take the time to edit, crop, straighten, or in any other way alter these oh-so-attractive cell phone pics; I did, however, attempt to peel off the rather unfortunately placed mirror stickers…to no avail}


Oddly enough, this is an extremely similar color scheme to the outfit I wore to Target last time (it’s even the same cardigan). I didn’t plan it that way, but apparently, this is my “trendy post” uniform.

Once again, even though I didn’t even have the twins with me this time, the experience was a whirlwind race through the entire clothing section as I identified what appeared to be themes and then grabbed pretty much the first example of said themes I came to and threw them in my basket for trying on. I promise you that I in no way attempted to find either the best or the worst of each trend that I spotted.

So, what’s in style these days (according to Target, anyway)?:

  1. The Mullet…everything. Seriously. Dresses, skirts, shorts, shirts…if you can think of something, then it probably comes in a high-low hem.
  2. Maxi dresses
  3. Teeny, tiny are-you-sure-that’s-not-a-shirt dresses
  4. Light-colored denim
  5. Polka dots
  6. Florals (OF COURSE; it’s Spring)
  7. Lace (OF COURSE; it’s Spring)
  8. Neon
  9. ‘90s floral prints

So, based on that assessment, I’m working two trends (neon…ish shorts; polka dot top) from that list in the outfit I showed up in. Woot!

And now we have…


20130511_221252 20130511_221259

THE TREND: 90’s floral prints + apparently a “50’s housewife dress” trend that I didn’t even know was happening

CONCLUSION: Now granted, the fact that I only found this dress in a version that was 2 sizes too big does me no favors. But still. A navy house-dress with white daisy ditsy print? I feel the sudden urge to dig out my cold cream and curlers.


20130511_221402 20130511_221419

THE TREND: 90’s floral prints + maxi dresses.

CONCLUSION: I know my mom has this exact print in her closet still from the first time it was in style.  That, or she has some cloth napkins that are a dead-ringer. Either way, I passed. Why buy when you can borrow, right?


20130511_221553 20130511_221628

THE TREND: 90’s floral prints + mullet hems.

CONCLUSION: Thin, crinkly, clingy fabric never did anybody’s figure any favors. In fact, it pretty much stomps on your toe and kicks you in the shin while laughing. Shiver.



THE TREND: 90’s floral prints (AGAIN!) + light-colored denim

CONCLUSION: Remind me to buy this jacket the next time I don’t want to carry a diaper bag. I could use the sleeves as extra storage!


20130511_222502 20130511_222525

THE TREND: Hi-low hems + maxi dresses

CONCLUSION: My ankles are feeling a sudden draft


20130511_222734 20130511_222750

THE TREND: Mullet hems + more mullet hems

CONCLUSION: I think I like my business and my party mixed, instead of confined to the front and back. Could these two pieces look better not paired together? Definitely. Could they ever actually look good? Debatable.



THE TREND: Neon + light-colored denim

CONCLUSION: I’m not completely sold on wearing an outfit that might prompt an elementary school kid to mistake me for one of his best study supplies.



THE TREND: Polka dots + mullet hems (that shirt has one if I remember correctly)

CONCLUSION: Remember the harem pants from last time? I found some more! And they’re just as worrisome as ever.


20130511_223617 20130511_223622

THE TREND: Lace + polka dots

CONCLUSION: I have a sudden craving for lemon drops. That is all.



THE TREND: Light-colored denim (as in stone-washed)

CONCLUSION: There are no words.


I had quite a bit more in my basket, but the dressing room attendant kept staring pointedly at his watch every time I came out to get a fresh round (it was 10:30 PM by the time I finished), but I couldn’t wrap the post up without showing you, perhaps, my most treasured find of the trip:


A hallucinogen of a tuxedo jacket with…

{wait for it}


…coordinating p.j. pants.

And, for some reason, I find myself at a loss for words yet again.

So, what do you think of this spring’s trends?

Do you have a favorite?

Just like last time, there was only one look I was even tempted by (because I’m not a very hip cat…as evidenced by my used of the words “hip cat”). But this time I actually did buy something. Can you guess what it was?


  1. LM(u know what)O!!!! You are seriously committed to providing quality entertainment for all of us at home! You crack me up, really! All. The. Time. Keep up the good work!

  2. My guess is the mint polka-dot jeans…..that is about the only thing in the line up that I would even consider wearing. So many of the styles now just don’t appeal to me. I’m trying to become more classic and less trendy in my dressing. I think a few trendy pieces can be mixed in here & there, though.
    I’m am not into the florals or the mullet hems. Just not me. I still like my dark denim too 🙂 I will probably come around about the time that it is out of style…haha!
    What a fun post! Thanks for all of the outfit changes you did for us! Can’t wait to hear about your whole day 🙂

  3. Gotta say…other than the blue and white maxi and the polka dot mint pants (which I almost bought the other day), there is pretty much nothing redeemable in those outfits!! OY! Acid washed, the dated florals, the hi/low hems…just aren’t for me! It was fun to see you do all the work of trying them on (and hanging them up again) for us: thanks 😉

    I’m betting you bought the mint pants??? Good choice 😉

  4. Just because a store sells styles as “in” doesn’t mean they look good. Use your own judgment and taste. Stores don’t decide whats in. Of course stores make more money when they convince customers that you need to replace all your bootcut jeans with skinnies, and all your maxi skirts or knee length skirts with high-low versions. And then a few months later, they’ll tell you that now you have to replace those with something even more different. ALSO, Most everything that had a mullet hem (love your term) would look with a normal hem. My next fashion trend prediction: the Low-High skirt, long in the front, “panties” showing in the back. hahaha!

  5. And suddenly I’m not feeling so bad about being totally out of fashion since having kids…I really liked that striped maxi, until I scrolled down and saw the hem. The lace top was really cute, too, I’m guessing that’s one that came home with you.

  6. This is hilarious! I clicked over from Pinterest, and I am so glad I did. I maybe would wear the “match the napkin dress” but that is all. Wow! I guess this is just not my style year.=)

  7. OK…after sending you a horrid pic of me in the same dress, I actually feel better that #3 doesn’t look great on you either. It’s the dress not us. Because you you have the body that makes just about anything look good! 🙂

    My guess at what you bought is the super cute mint polka dot pants…those look like you!

  8. i think the yellow top but with everyone saying the polka dot jeans i’m questioning myself. either one looked cute! i got the cutest yellow rushed ruffled shirt at walmart yesterday!

  9. I hope it was the mint polka dot jeans! They were super cute on you. I enjoy your trendy posts but I think a couple of the items would have looked better with other things 😉 It’s all in the styling!

    1. Ha! I totally agree, Trina. I would definitely have paired several of those things differently if I’d had the time/ability, but a few of them (like that stone-washed jeans jumper) just aren’t for me!

  10. It is so fun to see your trendy finds…but I think I’ll be sticking to the “boring” clothes (according to my daughters) in the clearance section of Land’s End. 🙂

  11. I just keep waiting for tight-rolling of ones jeans to come back! That’s what I thought of when I was looking at some of the outfits – oh the 80s and 90s!!!

  12. I hope it was the striped, high-low dress because, girl, I love it and I want to go to Target now. But, I’m guessing the polka dot pants and yellow top? Super cute.

  13. Wow, thanks for saving me a trip to Target… I love buying my kids clothes from there, they have such cute, cheap, trendy clothes for them. But apparently everything just falls apart in the adult section. Oh and I agree with everyone else that you probably bought the mint pants. 🙂

    1. Honestly, Kajsa. It wasn’t all bad. There were plenty of “normal” cute clothes, but they weren’t the latest fashion. And I definitely could have chosen cuter versions of some of the trends. But my point was just to choose what I encountered first, and, honestly, the first stuff was not always the best.

  14. Mint polka dot jeans….I don’t like mint but I do love the dots. A store near us has a coral polka dot pair that I will love from a distance until they put them on sale! 🙂

  15. I think the mint polka dot jeans too and the yellow lace tee. I also have the polka dot jeans in navy and I love them.

  16. Oh you got the mint or aqua polka dot jeans! I must say I feel like I am in junior high all over again with the colors and prints this season. I may have purchased a few faded-neon tops, but I am staying clear of the florals this time around – especially in the jeans department. No one needs big flowers her backside 🙂

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty splashy colors. I like color. A lot. But some of the more splatter paint combos are too much for even me.

    1. Actually, I love shopping at Target. It definitely wasn’t all bad. I just rarely buy the stuff that’s on the cutting edge of trendiness. 🙂

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