We’ve had an uncharacteristically mild spring, continuing into June (on our anniversary date, I actually needed my jeans jacket during the evening because it was a smidge chilly; as opposed to our wedding day when it was 84 degrees at 9 PM, and I thought I would spontaneously combust from the combined heat of the night, my heavily beaded dress, and all the hugs from my friends and family).  For the past two weeks, though, the temperatures have been climbing higher and higher, until yesterday (and several days before, I think) we reached a high of 95, with the heat index over 100.  Texas summer is officially here, folks.

I have friends who have taken their kids to the pool every day this week. (Overachievers). But today will be our inaugural pool run.

Last night, we bought the goggles, and this morning, I’m packing this $6 Goodwill bag

goodwill bag

…with snacks, towels, swim diapers, sunscreen, floaties, changes of clothes…(am I forgetting something? probably)…and we are braving our gym’s pool for the very first time this year. I’m sure I’ll Instagram something from the experience. I just hope it isn’t anything like this nightmare that my friend, Rachel, experienced last week.  I am no stranger to toddler diaper catastrophes, but I’d definitely prefer that they happen far, far away from public sources of aquatic entertainment, if they must happen at all.

ANYhoo, not to sound too dramatic, but if any of you feel the need to pray at around 11:30 CST this morning, that’s probably the Holy Spirit prompting you to intercede for my sanity as I attempt to keep 5 children from a) drowning, b) having a OH-NO-MY-FACE-GOT-WET meltdown, or c) burning to a bright red crisp in the glaring Texas sun.

Anybody else want to share your Friday plans? Maybe you’re going to the dentist for a root canal? Or doing two weeks worth of grocery shopping? Or cleaning your fridge?

Solidarity, sisters. I totally know how you feel.

Okay, so maybe now I am being a smidge dramatic. I’m sure we will have a fine and dandy time at the pool, but I hereby reserve the right to consume copious amounts of chocolate and feed my children McDoubles for lunch (heck, I’ll probably do that anyway) if we don’t.

Ooooookay, now that you’re caught up on my morning, I want to see what you’ve been up to!

But before I put the party link up, I thought I might mention my one and only Father’s Day Gift Suggestion that I shared earlier this week, just in case you missed it, and you’re frantic for good (or any) ideas!

gift basket

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  2. Thanks for the link! Although I, too, hope you experience nothing like it.

    (Although the comfort of knowing you can blog about something does help.)

  3. Thanks for hosting! We are making our first trip to our water park…and meeting our friends there as well. I always look forward to the 45 minute ride home where my car is silent…and my two are wiped out. Such a fun day!

    Julie @https://www.thevintagebarnhome.com

  4. We are making our first trip to the pool…not counting the last day of school pool party for my first grader when it was 67 degrees (madness!)

I love hearing from you guys!