Good morning, everybody, and Happy Friday!

This week has been chock-full of fun stuff like play dates, Bible study, soccer practice, exercise classes, and even a dinner date with girlfriends (after which, we headed to Walmart, because we needed a few things each, and ended up wandering around practically every section for far too long because—hey—none of us had small children with us at that moment {I had the twins, but “babies” and “small children” are very different things}, and, as it turns out, Walmart is not actually pure, unadulterated torture if you’re not being asked for a snack every three seconds or telling someone not to lick the floor every five).

And you know I’ve been busy living when I didn’t stop to take a picture of practically any of it. (If you just rolled your eyes, I know how you feel; I always feel a little gypped when I read a blog that tells rather than shows what’s been going on). But that’s life right now. And it’s good. I promise to do better next week in the pictorial documentation department, but for the moment, I’m just going to borrow someone else’s picture from last week’s link-up to show you…

home office reveal.

Because this home office reveal from Meredith and Gwyneth is just fantastically amazing (yup, that good). Make sure you head on over and check it out! You can even blame me if you end up losing a chunk of your morning drooling over all the thoughtful (many of them DIY) details Meredith (with Gwyneth, the New Yorkie’s help, of course), has added to the space.

And now, it’s time for me to go find out why the twins are yodeling in their crib (they couldn’t be hungry; I distinctly remember feeding them yesterday), and it’s time for YOU to show off your awesomeness!

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  1. This is my first time linking up with Feature Friday Free For All.
    So many fun and exciting posts! I know what I’ll be doing all weekend 😉
    I look forward to poking around and seeing the fabulous posts on your site, as well.

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