Not that you wanted to see it anyway, but I will not be showing you what I wore to Schlitterbahn last week. I will say, though, that, after buying no fewer than 4 different swimsuits (and keeping the receipts, of course), I ended up wearing an old suit. Because swimsuit shopping is the pits, and sometimes, it’s better to just stick with what you know.

You know?

So, this week is about everything I didn’t wear to a water park. Hooray for that!.

First up:

What I Wore For the Car Ride


Shirt: G by Guess, $17, Shorts: Old Navy, $8, Flip flops: GAP, $10


I washed my hair in the morning before we left, with no intention of doing so again until we returned, 4 days later. This is Day 1 hair, people.

P.S. Pardon the general rumpledness. It was, after all, a car ride.


What I Wore to the River


Dress: JC Penney, $10, Sandals: GAP, $20

We took a trip to the Comal River one day, and this dress would have worked great as a cover-up (which is how I wore it to Schlitterbahn the next day; hey! I guess I am showing you what I wore there) if I had actually worn a swimsuit under it.  As it was, when Della decided it would be fun to use my skirt as a towel and then perform a twirl/flip maneuver on it when she was done, it wasn’t my bathing suit that got introduced to the general public. Of course, as I mentioned on Monday, the general public was wearing the equivalent of undergarments too, so nobody even blinked. It did make me mentally assign the dress to “cover-up” status from there on out, though. At least when children are present. The things people don’t bat an eye at on the river are the kind that tend to make you the talk of aisles 7-20 in Walmart (okay, okay, Target).

Next up:

What I Wore on Date Night


Dress: Old Navy, $18; Shoes: Beall’s, $25, Belt: Goodwill, $1, Clutch: LOFT, $14

I wore this on a date with my husband to that adorable restaurant you see in the background. Huisache. Pronounced “wee-satch,” in case you were wondering (I was). It’s the name of a particular tree that they have growing on the grounds.

But no matter what unnecessarily-difficult-to-pronounce name the restaurant had chosen, I had a much simpler, more colloquial term for it: YUMMY.

Seriously, y’all. Everything about that place was fantastic—our waitress, the decor, and the food (which was “upscale American,” for lack of a better term, and tasted really fresh and just a smidge different…in a good way). Well, actually, there was one not-so-great thing. I ordered a Coke with dinner, and she brought me a glass of ice and a cold canned drink. Which, for the caliber of restaurant and the general air of both classiness and whimsy it carried, seemed a tad crass.

She gave no explanation for the canned drink, which led Shaun and me into an intensely speculative conversation about the possibility of refills and exactly how much I would be charged for my drink.

The answers?

No refills and $2.25. For one canned Coke. Mo-ly.


This is only end-of-day-2 hair, but with the heat/humidity, I was already having to get a little creative.


Here we are with dessert, which was chocolate cake with all kinds of scrumptious, gooey sauces + ice cream for me and flan for him.

Flan. Now there’s a word that usually conjures images of rubber and watery ick. But this flan, oh, this flan was made with cream cheese, which made it taste like heaven on a spoon. I will recreate it one day. Oh, yes, I will.

And finally, we have:

What I Wore to Family Dinner After Being at Schlitterbahn All Day


Top: Marshall’s, $10, Shorts: GAP outlet, $8

Day 3 hair + having it in a bun all day at a water park = braids. ‘Nuff said.

Of course, all of you are just thinking, “What? Braids? What is she talking about? All I see are cute babies!”

Babies: the best distraction from a bad hair day. (I highly recommend going with the double-model for optimum misdirection).

And there you (mostly) have it, folks! I did wear one more outfit on our return trip + detour to the San Marcos outlet malls (yes, we did make it there eventually), but both my camera and phone battery were dead, and I had juice + goodness knows what else all over my white shorts, so it wasn’t exactly a blog-worthy look anyway.

And now, I’m dying to knowwhat’s the most you’ve ever paid for one measly soft drink at a restaurant?

Have you ever gotten the canned Coke treatment? Curious minds want to know!


  1. We taught overseas and once I ordered a coke with supper in a pricey restaurant. I was a little surprised when it was one of the skinny cans (250 ml) and I was charged the equivalent of $12.Eek!

  2. I have such hair envy every time I see your gorgeous locks. But I do admit to being distracted by the ‘double-model’ LOL. I love the look of twin on your right hip (sorry I can’t tell them apart). It even appears she is saying, “Hey, don’t look at my mommy, look at ME, I’m cute!”

  3. You’re right…I seriously didn’t notice your hair in the last picture and had to scroll back up to see the braids. I was distracted by the little hand out with the grin…too cute!

  4. Hydro Chic ( may be worth a look if you’re after modest yet not frumpy swimming gear. I’m so saving up to buy from them…!

    Babies are the PERFECT distraction on a bad hair day. The twins are daily increasing in gorgeousness 🙂


  5. Oh swimsuit shopping how I hate thee. I’ve given up on going to stores because having been blessed with some serious curves up top (enhanced even more with nursing right now) the store bought suits just don’t hold up (literally)! I highly recommend Title 9. I’ve bought a few suits over the years from there and although expensive, it has been well worth it for a suit that fits, flatters and supports.
    On a trip to New York at some fancy schmancy restaurant we ordered bottled water and it was some fancy looking square bottle they charge like $5 or more for and I went home and found it in the local grocery stores…RIP OFF!

  6. Swimsuit shopping….uggh! I feel the same way! Nuthin’ good about it.
    Your outfits are so cute! And I’m also impressed with your hair. Way to work it! At day 4, mine is usually only helped by a baseball cap 🙂
    The canned coke this is completely unclassy! The only time I had that treatment that I can remember is in Mexico at our honeymoon resort. And there, I was actually glad for it….LOL! Less chance of getting a traveler’s bug 🙂
    The twins on your hips are an adorable distraction! Can’t believe how big they are getting……double cuteness!

  7. Your dessert choices are mine and my husbands exactly! And I feel the same way about flan as you described and can’t understand anyone *wanting* to put it in their mouth. ick is right!!!

    I also despise the canned coke thing! Can’t think of where I had that experience lately, but I have and my first thought is always about refills! It’s definitely something that needs to be disclosed beforehand.

  8. Where did y’all stay at during your trip? Was it kid friendly? We are from east Texas and planning a trip out that way later this summer so just curious. We will be traveling with our four kids.


    1. We stayed on the Guadalupe river in a little rental house from My mom booked it, but the name of the street was Wunderlich. I think the address was 340 Wunderlich. It was a cute little spot, very clean, with a nice backyard and a pier on the river (which was not nice, but that’s the Guadalupe for you). It’s nothing fancy, but it certainly worked well enough for us because we don’t need fancy. And the kids liked it!

      Hope that helps!

    2. we did get the canned beverage once. It was at one of those fancy places one goes for special occasions, proper waiters trying to o too much. It was wet and the glasses were so so not in keeping with the other settings. We thought maybe we were being snubbed for ordering that rather than any wines etc. (do not drink so we were not trying to be cheap) I must say we got some joy from overtipping and seeing everyone try to overdo the congeniality.

  9. See, my Dad would rather have the coke in the can brought to him so he can pour it the “right” way into the glass (a very slow stream down the side, tilted glass, so you don’t lose the carbonation. It’s a talent.) The restaurants that know him in our small town do this for him automatically. But he’d have sent it right back if they charged him that much. Ouch.

I love hearing from you guys!