You all know I love me some Goodwill. I’ve proven my devotion in multiple Thrifted or Grifted posts as well as the first four 30 Minute Goodwill Challenges (in which I try to find 3 complete outfits that I would actually wear in only 30 minutes of shopping, the trying-on process not included).

But I haven’t been able to go nearly as often since the twins came along. Which, honestly, is a good thing—both for my wallet (Goodwill may be cheap, but they don’t let me pay them in graham crackers like the twins do) and my closet, which was overflowing with all my thrifted finds (I have an entire room with piles of clothes just waiting for me to get my act together for another round of Shop My Closet).

But a few months back, the twins and I braved Goodwill for yet another 30 Minute Challenge (if you haven’t already, you can check out Rounds 1, 2, 3, and 4), and I’ve been hanging onto the pictures since then. You’ve actually seen several of my finds here on the blog already, but I still thought I’d take you along for a little virtual thrifting since, even after the fact, shopping is so much more fun with friends.

Here are Evy and I before we started the timer. Doesn’t she look thrilled?gwchallenge7

{It’s crazy to me how different she looks just a few short months later}

And here are some of my finds:


I posted this one to Instagram and Facebook and got a resounding YES! from you guys. So I bought it. I haven’t worn it yet, but I’m hoping for a date night soon.


Not sure why I look so stoic here (although this is probably right about the point that the twins started hollering something or other about being hungry and bored). I ended up going with the skirt, which is super-comfy and a fun color, but not the shirt, which was a little too ruffl-y, floral-y, and all around floof-y for my tastes.


This J. Crew maxi is made of soft jersey knit and is in perfect condition. It’s ridiculously comfy. But the thing is…it’s backless (and somewhat frontless too, as you can see). Whoa. I should have taken a picture of the back, but I forgot.


It was nothing my trusty neutral tube-top (also from Goodwill) couldn’t fix, though. I threw it on for a date night when I wanted to feel pretty (dresses always do that for me) but not think about my outfit too much. While my husband and I were eating dinner, I recognized a boy I’d gone to middle school with one table over sitting with his family. I said hi, and he clearly had no clue who I was until I told him my name. He even said: “I never would have recognized you if you hadn’t introduced yourself.”

Let’s just say I remember my perm and glorious mall bangs in middle school, and I’m going to assume that was a compliment.


I bought both of these (along with those teal Wet Seal shoes, which ended up being too tight for long wear, thus forcing me to choose between selling them or trimming my toes a bit; it was a hard decision, but I sold them), and then wore the skirt in a round of Thrifted or Grifted.


I don’t recommend holding a car seat while taking dressing room pics. I’m pretty sure Nola does, though.


I bought both the top and the shorts in this pic and have since so thoroughly stained the shorts that I’m doubtful of their ever returning to even their thrifted state of whiteness. The shirt is a bit of a conundrum because of the flutter sleeves. I probably should have let it go, but I’m determined to make it work somehow. And the shoes? Well, they were cute, but I didn’t need them.

I didn’t take any more dressing room shots, but I did come home with the black and white Old Navy dress (with tags still on) that you can see sticking out of the right side of the shot above and got lots of compliments on it when I wore it to church (and showed you on the blog).

black and white dress 

So, did I accomplish my goal of 3 complete outfits? Eh. Not exactly, but close. I only came home with one pair of shoes, although the other two pair I tried on were cute. And dresses, while complete, as outfits go, are only one item of clothing.

I’ll let you be the judge. Did I complete my challenge? Did you have a favorite look?

Have you scored a great deal on anything (thrifted or not) lately? Do tell!


  1. I’m super impressed! I think this is such a fun challenge. Your creativity is amazing as is your ability to shop with all those babies! I’m sort of spoiled because garage sales are my main source of clothing. Because of that, Goodwill is just too darn expensive.

  2. Sooo impressed you took the twins on a challenge! I think you did great (especially great for juggling 2 babes). Everything is cute….my fave are the turquiose heels! Bummer they didn’t fit 🙁 I wish I could come shop your closet (or the discards you speak of). It would be like Goodwill + awesome…..all the best stuff already sorted out 🙂
    Haven’t been shopping or thrifting lately. Really having withdrawls…..need to go soon!

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