Sometimes, I like to tell myself I’m not a typical girl. You know, at least as far as the bad stereotypes go. But, whether that’s true or not, I will tell you this: when it comes to any event, I am so a typical girl since my mind almost immediately goes to: What Am I Going to Wear?

For the Declare Conference last weekend, I knew I wanted to be 3 things: 1) cute, 2) comfortable, and 3) memorable (I tried to come up with a “c” word for “memorable,” but I failed). Just wearing something cute wasn’t going to cut it if I ended up walking around with a grumpy expression on my face because of my shoes cutting off the circulation in my toes. And if I was actually going to make the effort to plan my outfits out in advance, I wanted them to stick in people’s minds. After all, I told myself, a conference is all about making new friend and connections, and what better way to help people to remember me than by wearing obnoxiously loud colors and loads of accessories (because, apparently, in my mind, it’s better to be remembered as the girl who overdressed than to not be remembered at all).

To that end, I hauled out my trusty $8 Old Navy chartreuse maxi skirt, added a lace top, a belt, lots of jewelry and multi-colored striped shoes, and called it good…

And then took the world’s grainiest hotel mirror shot ever.


(I don’t think Coco Chanel and I would have gotten along terribly well, as I tend to look in the mirror before I walk out the door and then put one more thing on).

The conference was only two days long, so I didn’t need to pack too much (doesn’t mean I didn’t), and I chose this aqua LOFT top and a pair of skinnies from my $3 designer haul to wear on Saturday.


{This shot was snapped by my super-sweet roomie, Rachel, who I somehow did not manage to snag a pic with; major sad face}

And then, of course, I added my favorite Goodwill (originally Target) wedges. They sure don’t seem like a neutral, what with all that crazy color and pattern, but I find myself throwing them on with everything from white shorts and a tee to dresses to, well, aqua striped shirts and skinnies (much to my neutral-loving husband’s chagrin).


(He gets a pained expression on his face every time I walk out wearing these)

As far as making an impression, though, my best bet turned out to be that fun statement necklace. I didn’t pay very much for it, but it still had all kind of folks asking me where I got it.


To which I answered…

OH, but wouldn’t you like to know?

But I’m not telling yet because I’d love to know where you think I got my necklace?

Also, are you a “typical girl”  and instantly start planning your wardrobe when it comes to an event? Or does your mind immediately turn to loftier things, like world peace or what you’re going to eat for lunch?


  1. I check your blog everyday! I love your cute clothes and shoes (even though I can’t wear shoes like that) I love your necklace in this post and have been waiting to see where you got it from (or if your made it)?? Have you said yet? Its super cute!!

  2. When I find out I’m going on a trip I have SOOO much fun planning my outfits for each day. You know anticipation is half the fun. It’s usually a process that takes several days and lots of shoes. I’ve gotten better since I have to pack for a baby too but it’s still pretty bad.

    1. Bahaha! That bathing suit comment is hilarious! Interestingly enough, I really wanted to edit my necklace out of that maxi skirt outfit. So, who knows? Maybe ol’ Coco really does know her stuff (ha!)

  3. It was so great to meet you at the conference and I loved both of your outfits! I would have to say I am a “typical girl” because I too planned my outfits meticulously for the weekend and to top that I have a date Friday night and what I am going to wear is all I have been able to think of this week. Friday can not get here soon enough for many reasons, but mainly so I can make my final outfit decision!

    1. Yay, Lauren! It was so great to meet you too. I have to admit that I would have *never thought anyone would ever tell me, “I took your picture to my stylist and said, ‘I want this!'” and yet several people have now. It’s such a huge compliment. You totally made my day!

      I hope you have a fabulous date and find just the right outfit! 🙂 Hope I get to see more of you at Declare next year!

  4. Your outfits are fab! And I too was immediately drawn to your necklace. And I too think immediately about what I will wear for any given event. It is just so much fun! (Then I think about what I will eat for lunch, which is a extremely close second.)

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