Hey guys! Remember how I got to speak at Declare Conference last year? Well, this year, I get to contribute to their blog, and I’ve got a post up today talking about anxiety and how to beat it (complete with a story involving lost keys and small children, of course).

declare conference

{Can you spot me?}

Honestly, it was a good post for me to write (and reread) because I’m starting to feel the crunch of a whole lot of stuff that’s piling up very quickly and causing me to be anxious.

In fact, I may go read my own advice one more time (because, ultimately, it’s not really my advice at all) before I jump into my day before I start feeling (too) overwhelmed.

I hope you get a chance to hop over and read and that it encourages you as you face whatever stresses you encounter today.

P.S. Thanks for all your awesome advice on my shoe predicament yesterday. I’m totally trying the socks + hair dryer trick (check out the comments if you’re confused).

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  1. 🙂 [Really not sure what to say in response to the blog, just telling you that it made me happy to read it.]

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