You know that phrase, “Too good to be true?” Of course you do.

Well, I’m here to tell you that if you find your dream pair of navy and white striped wedges at Target one day on major sale, AND they miraculously have plenty of size selection left, it’s too good to be true.


Also? Just another tip: when you’re wearing really old shorts which don’t hold their shape very well anymore, you might want to check to make sure you don’t have a saggy pooch business going on in your posterior region before you take pictures of yourself.


Thing is: I LOVE wedges. Flats? Not so much. I’m not short, but my I do have a long torso and comparatively short legs, so flats always end up making me feel stumpy. And heels, of course, are totally impractical with so many little feet to spear if I’m not careful.  


But wedges? Wedges strike the perfect balance of (relative) comfort with a little bit of height to combat the stumpiness.


As you might be able to tell from the pictures, I loved these wedges (or the idea of them, anyway) so much that I bought multiple pairs in different colors. They were the perfect summer neutral! I would wear them with everything!

But let’s go back to that whole, “There was tons of selection left!” part. That’s never a good sign.

I guess you can probably tell where I’m going with this. These adorable, perfect-height wedges were plenty comfortable for the first hour. Considerably less so in the second. And, “Holy cow, BLISTERS!” by the third.

To be fair, they weren’t nearly as bad as they could have been, but I’m getting too old (sigh) to be okay with gritting my teeth and hobbling for the sake of cute shoes. In case you’re wondering why in the world I subjected myself to another pair after the first ones hurt…I was determined to find out definitively whether the problem was with one pair or many…and the answer was many. I did not go so far as to “test” the red and black pairs I brought home too. 

So, I suppose you could consider this post a public service announcement about these Target wedges. Buyer beware: if you’re over 30-years-of-age, and your tolerance for painful fashion has drastically decreased since your enthusiastic teens and 20’s, these are not the shoes for you.

Le Sigh.

P.S. Apparently, I haven’t completely gotten over my willingness to suffer for style because I’m keeping the striped ones just in case I can possibly make them work with band-aids. And yes, I know that’s ridiculous.

Are you style-sufferer? Totally over that? Or, like me, somewhere in between?


  1. I have those in black. They were awful the first couple of times, but after I “broke them in” they were great! I hope they will work for you because they are so cute!


  2. I USED to be a style sufferer, and that caused problems. When I was younger, I wore heel ALOT because I’m only 5’2″. Now, in my late 40s, I can’t wear heels at all. I have bursitis in my feet from years of abuse. Now even if I try to suffer through the pain, I end up in a walking boot. So, NO THANK YOU!

    That being said, occasionally I still have bouts of denial. I have a beautiful brand new pair of Michael Kors sateen animal print pumps with a 3-1/2 inch heel, size 8.5M that I thought I could wear. NOPE! They’re for sale. Sorry – hope you don’t mind.

  3. I LOVE wedges! I’ve had the best luck with wedges from Aerosoles – on sale from the website, or at Ross, of course :-). I’ve got four pairs of strappy ones with the cork wedge (my favorite, hence the four pairs), some fancy bright red ones with a hard black wedge, and pink and green peep-toe ones! The only ones that have ever given me an issue were the peep-toes, but a little moleskin action on the hot spots helped out. Good luck with yours!

  4. I have the orange pair and they are soooo uncomfortable. They are so rigid and never seem to break in. I love the color, but hate the fit.

  5. No I can not take it when my feet hurt. If they do, it’s all I can think about! I’ve ordered two pairs of shoes this year on great Loft sales and sent them both back. One pair was the cutest little blue and white stripe with jewels. Nope, they hurt.

    You always look adorable!

  6. Tjmaxx has a navy and natural striped wedge shoe and I have honestly thought of you every time I saw it. It’s not solid like these. It doesn’t have sides and has an ankle strap.

  7. I love wearing little 1 and a half inch heels but not flats or bigger heels but sometimes I find some heels that I like and they end up rubbing blisters. I use the suede heel strips that attach to the shoes themselves to save my feet, they can stick anywhere and really do help.

  8. I tried these on several times in the store, regular and on clearance. They didn’t fit very well. Partly, because the wedge doesn’t give at all. It’s hard and rigid. I went back and read reviews online for them and just about every person had the same complaint. It’s too bad because I really wanted the red and striped ones, especially now that they’re on clearance.

  9. Have you tried moleskin for the blistery spots? It’s better than a bandaid for that kind of thing, and it might let you wear those stripey ones some more:)

  10. first of all you are so far from stumpy its unreal. second love the wedges, hate that they hurt. my husband keeps suggesting i try buying shoes at places other than goodwill or the consignment store. so that way, they will, you know… fit. 😉

  11. So sad when shoes fit like that! Have you tried the socks and blowdryer trick? Put on a pair of big, thick socks and then put the shoes on. Then blow dry the shoes for a couple minutes while wiggling your toes. It will stretch the fabric in the right places and help form the shoe to your foot. Might be worth a try

  12. Too funny because I think wedges MAKE me look stumpy so I opt for flats! These are adorable on you (the striped ones) and I’d keep ’em just to look at them. 😀

  13. same here! i bought two pairs of sparkly flats at Wal-Mart – one is aqua and one is gold. they are beautiful and the price was right, but after walking any length they hurt my heals. I will definitely try the socks and blow dryer recommendation!

  14. I too saw this great deal and right before Mother’s Day! Luckily I had a completely different experience than you, while out I did notice a sweet young mom walking, looking like her shoes were killing her feet (I know from experience 🙂 ) and I realized my feet were doing great, I was even able to keep up with my 4 boys, and my husband, without hobbling! 🙂 I have been in your shoes before (I had to) and always hope that maybe there is a shoe transformer fairy in my closet that will somehow change the form of a cute, but uncomfortable shoe, to make it wearable. Totally realistic thought! 🙂

  15. OH MY! I was just at Target yesterday saw all those cute wedges for $8 and tried them on, hoping and praying they would fit perfectly. I knew I would suffer a few walks around the shoe department, I was crushed because they are so cute. I did find some great flats on clearance, so I put those in my basket instead.

  16. Yep, anything in the Target shoe department that is not a flat sandal or flip flop does not go into my basket. I have been blistered by one too many wedges/heels from Target. Something about the cut of the shoes that don’t fit my feet well and the fabric they use that just ruins my feet. I am 36 and have been “past fashion” for a few years now in regards to shoes. I want to move and be comfy and I have all manner of flip flops and sandals that I wear year round! I love living in South Texas! 🙂

  17. I completely used to be a “style sufferer”, but like you, I eventually outgreew the insanity!

  18. Oh I love those striped wedges! But thanks for telling me about the blisters b/c I’m sure I would have bought them if I had seen them and suffered the same fate. You saved my feet 🙂

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