I’ve had several of you ask me if I’ve made any progress on the breakfast nook questions that I posed to you a while ago.

And the answer is yes.

And no.

I don’t have much to show you yet, although I hope to soon.

But I have made some decisions. In case you’re lost or need a refresher, here’s what my breakfast nook looks like now.

breakfast nook 

And here’s what I’ve decided so far, in great part due to your awesome input and ideas.

1. The shades are staying, if for no other reason than it took me, like, 6 hours to make them, dang it. No, but really. I love them. And, as I suspected and you confirmed, the scale was just all wrong for transferring them to the chairs.

2. Speaking of the chairs, they are being 86-ed. For this room anyway. They’re just too formal and dark, and I don’t really feel like painting AND recovering them. At first, that was as far as I’d gotten, but then I remembered a reader comment about mismatched chairs adding to the whimsical look I’ve got going on in here. And I thought, yes! If any room in my house can handle mismatched chairs, it’s this one.

So, I took a trip back to junking Mecca, hoping to come away with 3 funky, mismatched but complementary chairs.

And guess what?

mismatched chairs

I struck mismatched chair gold! I got all 3 for $55. I would have loved to have scored them for $5-10 a piece. But that would have required multiple trips and gas money to Goodwill or garage sales, so I was happy to shell out a little more for chairs I really loved all from one place in one trip. Holla!

Plus, honestly, $18 a piece is better than Goodwill prices, which have shot up recently, especially when all 3 chairs are super-sturdy and just need a good cleaning, a little paint, and some fun fabric.

3. SPEAKING of fun fabric, I think I’m going with the Duralee Stockholm Sungold that I already have in my possession and have been saving for just the perfect project (perfect project, meet awesome fabric).


I don’t know if this picture fully conveys the scale of those ginormous flowers, but they will definitely cover the entire seat of the chairs, which I think is fun.

4. Did you notice my other new addition in that picture? I found a 5X7 jute rug at Ross for $50 on my night off and snapped it up. I shuffled the floral Anthro rug to the entryway (which I’ll show you soon). One small problem, though: although the rug’s the perfect size for the space, it’s just a little too tall for the bench legs, so hubby’s going to have to do a bit of trimming there before I can shove it (I already tried) up underneath the table.

5. I have one more update involving paint that I’m planning for the space, but I’m going to keep it a secret until the big reveal. Hey! A girl can’t spill ALL her secrets at once!

So, what do you think of the direction I’m going so far? Am I on the right track? I sure hope so because I am ready for this room to be done already.

Wanna guess what I’m painting? 🙂


  1. If you lived closer I’d totally bribed you with endless offers of babysitting those adorable kiddos if you’d sew me some shades like yours! 🙂

  2. I Love the Direction Your going!!! That Fabric is OUTSTANDING!
    Can’t wait to see the finish ~~~~~

  3. I agree with Leah. It might be fun to make the seats tie the 3 mismatched sisters together. Whatever you do, I’m certain it will be stylish and I’ll be jealous of how colorful your home is. I wondered if that was what was up with those chairs when you posted them on FB the other day, so thanks for clearing that part up. 😉

  4. I think that fabric will look great on the chairs and tie in the chandelier and yellow in the window treatments! MY guess is that you are stenciling the table OR painting the rug…can’t wait to see!!!

  5. Love it! One suggestion… maybe don’t center the fabric over the chairs. Like you mentioned the huge flowers covering the whole seat… I would offset the fabric to give it more interest… like maybe half a flower on one and part of a flower covering a corner of one, etc. Just a thought.

I love hearing from you guys!