First up, so sorry about not posting yesterday and then so late today. I actually had this post planned for yesterday, but when it came down to fulfilling real life obligations or posting this blog…real life won. Yay for real life! Boo for you guys! (Actually, more like BOO for not being able to say that I blogged for 31 straight days…because I’m sure y’all didn’t care one bit),


Remember this post about finding the perfect military jacket?

Well, when this cotton cargo jacket from Nordstrom went on sale for $35, I ordered it, knowing I could return it for free if it didn’t fit.

big girl jacket_thumb[3]

Thing is: it fits great.


{Front view}


{Side view}


{Rear view}

I got the girls XL 14/16 based on a recommendation from Cassie (who is teesny-tiny and shorter than I am and said the L 10/12 fit her well). And it was definitely the right choice. The sleeves are plenty long (although I kind of prefer them rolled up). The torso length is right, with the elastic waistline hitting where it should. And the shoulders are wide enough (the biggest snag I always hit with girls’ sizing). 

Plus, the ruffles in the back are such a fun, unexpected touch.


I can’t quite decide (partially because my husband’s initial reaction wasn’t terribly positive; but then he confused the matter by declaring that he liked it when I put it on to snap these pics).

So, that’s where y’all come in.

What do you think of the jacket on me? Does it suit? From 2 1/2 years of enduring picture after picture of my wearing outfit after outfit, do you think it looks like me?

I know what some of you will say: if you like it, Abbie, then keep it. You know yourself. If you’re hesitating, then you probably won’t wear it.

But please bear with me.

Because while both of those are true, I’m also slow to adjust to change, and this jacket isn’t quite what I thought I wanted in a military jacket. But maybe what I thought I wanted wouldn’t even look good on me. Yes, I know. We have officially reached over-thinking territory.

So, if you could give me your feedback from the perspective of how well the jacket seems to fit me/my personality, I’d be ever so grateful. It’s kind of crazy-awesome that I have reader-friends that I can pose questions like this to. Thanks ahead of time for your help!

P.S. I’m a little behind on my Project Elephant update because I decided to switch gears mid-project. But an update is coming soon! Pinky Promise.


  1. Don’t know if I’m too late to this party, but I say keep it! The ruffle in the back really makes it. I have a military jacket (more like a coat) and a vest that I just got and I LOVE both of them. The vest is awesome for fall layering. I wear mine with darker fall colors (deep purple, dark teal, or even dark orange) and then add a scarf in a contrasting color……skinny jeans + boots……you’ve got a rockin’ fall outfit 🙂

  2. I just found the perfect military jacket at Goodwill for $5.99. It was the Merona brand from Target! I think with your thriftastic skills, you can find your ideal jacket for a bit less 😉

  3. The ruffles are so great and totally seem like your style. However. . . if it is not exactly what you want, you should wait. Especially at $35. Sure as shootin’ your ideal coat will go on sale as soon as you take those tags off and then you’ll be kicking yourself because it’ll be tough to justify 2 military jackets! 🙂

  4. It looks really cute on you! I say keep it! It’s just the right touch of military without going over the top. If they had it in my size I’d get it!

  5. I love the ruffles. Its cute. However, whenever you wear shirts from the girls dept, they look like you are wearing a little girl’s shirt. I think you should stick to the petite ladie’s dept.

  6. Super cute! I would cringe at paying that much for a jacket but hey…also I agree that it does look a bit too short for that style. But it is adorable 🙂

  7. Do it. I bought a military jacket about a month ago … cheap from Forever 21 because I wasn’t sure if I could rock the trend but the jacket fit great … Suffice it to say that it’s my most worn jacket EVER! Goes with everything, a bit unexpected, a nice light weight. You go, Girl!

  8. Not usually a fan of military jackets..they just seem kind of grungy. But, I liked the one you wore…maybe because of the ruffles that gave it a more feminine vibe.

  9. I love it! And I also think that the person who loves those awesome Jessica Simpson birthday shoes would love (and wear) this jacket.

I love hearing from you guys!