…I painted that frame I asked for your help with.

Just as a quick refresher, these were the color options:

paint frame choices 

As the votes came in, it was obvious that Option 1 was the clear winner, with respectable competition from Option 3. IMG_9104

So, which one did I choose?


None of the above.


Or, perhaps, a bit more accurately, TWO of the above.


You see, Option 1 was a bit too “brick,” and Option 3 was a smidge too “salmon.”

But together (and by together, I mean approximately 3 parts Option 1 to 1 part Option 2), they make a gorgeous shade of coral, which, I’m not gonna lie, was kind of what I had in mind for the space all along.

Thanks for confirming my hunch!

Oh, and can we stop for a minute and talk about that stunning mug over there in the corner?


My good friend, Liz, gave it to me for Christmas, and, while, yes, I do drink out of it, I’ve been having fun moving it around the kitchen into spots that need a bit of flair. It’s way too pretty to put away in the cupboard.

(In case you’re wondering, they’re from this collection that I featured in my 2013—I almost said “last year’s,” but that just sounded really dramatic—Amazon gift guide).

So, what do you think? Did I make the right choice?

Are you a custom paint-mixer or do you tend to stick to the color that comes home in the paint can? I’m a combo deal. There are plenty of straight-out-of-the-can paint colors on our walls, but I also have a disturbing proclivity for mixing “just the right shade” from what I have on hand. Disturbing because inevitably something gets smudge or nicked, and I’ve used up all my custom touch-up paint.


    1. Thanks, Teri! Hope yours turns out great. And I remember what you said the first time when you mentioned thinking it was too small. But, honestly, I’m really happy with the size for the space. I guess it just depends on your perspective. : )

  1. There is just way too much to say about your amazing style and crazy paint mixing flair for color so I will stick to what I do best…organize. You should get yourself a beautiful notebook (with a coral and turquoise/aqua cover, of course) and make a home journal. You can have sections for paint, furniture, fabric, etc. Then when you do mix up paint combo, jot down the brand, colors, approximate ratios and what item you painted. That way you at least have a shot at reproducing it if you need to. I would tell you that it takes some discipline to make yourself jot down that information, but since you already exercise like a fiend, paint, remodel, do crafts, and raise 5 kids….I think you have that covered! 🙂

    1. Kimberly, you’re a smart woman. The funny thing is that there is just such a binder coral/turquoise and all just outside the shot on my counter. It pretty much languishes there unused except to hide receipts I need though. Because organizing is not what I do best. How about I come paint your house, and you come organize mine. Deal? 🙂

I love hearing from you guys!