Tomorrow may well end up being the busiest day of my life. At least for the first half.  Apparently, when people heard “March 1st,” it produced a tingly feeling in their toes, and they said, “I MUST have my event that day.”

So, just for the sake of amusement, here is a list of all the things I could  be doing tomorrow…if there were three of me.

busiest day to do list

The green push-pins indicate things I am doing. The red are for the ones I’m not, and the yellows are maybes (although, in all honesty, those are “probably nots” since I’m pretty sure I’ll have my kids with me at that point).

A couple of notes:

1) The Pregnancy Resource Center training is a two day thing, and I’m going to the first half tonight, so I’ll at least be half-trained to counsel pregnant women. That makes me sound quite dangerous, come to think of it.

2) While it would normally be a big no-no to skip your own sis-in-law’s baby shower, this one is in Atlanta (Texas…did you know there’s also a Paris, Naples, Moscow, Athens, and London, Texas, to name a few?), which is over an hour and 1/2 away, and I am throwing her at shower at my house in March.

3) I have to miss the boys’ first game because it’s right in the middle of my 15K race (which—I want the record to show—I signed up for before I knew ANY of the rest of this was happening!).

And in the face of all of this madness, I have one thing to say: Thank you, JESUS, for my mama! She is keeping my kids while I run, and she and my dad will even be taking all five of them to the boys’ first soccer game and watching them until I can hightail it back after the race to watch #2.

P.S. I find it funny that every single one of these things takes place before 2 PM. On March 1st at 2:01 PM, I haven’t a care in the world. I’ve got my husband back. And I am one happy (tired) woman!

So, all of this makes me curious to know…have you ever had a day when it felt like everybody got together and decided that THIS DAY was the only one for their event? How many different things have you ever had scheduled for one day? Honestly, I’ve probably had a busier day in terms of things that I have to do/craft/cook/prepare (like this one, maybe?), but as far as things that I’m not actually involved in planning but am invited/expected to, this one might take the cake.

Speaking of cake, I got an email from the race coordinators saying that they’re hosting a “carb-loading” dinner the night before. Now, mostly, I think it’s just a ploy to sell a $15 plate of waffles to a bunch of folks, but I’m wondering if any of you who have done races bothered with this the night before? I ran 15K two weeks ago and was fine for several hours afterwards, and then I crashed. Like the kind of tired that had me falling asleep in my food. I feel silly even considering “carb-loading” for a mere 9 miles, but I’m guessing that part of my exhaustion last time came from have completely depleted my carb supply that morning? And I’d like to be able to actually form coherent sentences when I get my husband back. Any thoughts on whether it’s worth it to try are welcome!

OH! And before I forget…I’ve posted some items for a Shop My Closet auction to Instagram and will be adding more throughout the day, so be sure to head over check them out (handle: @misformama).

I will try to add some items here on the blog too, so keep checking back! 🙂

Hope y’all have a great, relaxing, non-sanity reducing weekend!


  1. I’ve run several half marathons and I’m training for my third. I always opt out of the race’s carb loading dinners and go out (or make my own) for pasta. Make sure you have a tomato sauce not cream based, and stick with mild and not too spicy. I agree that oatmeal is the best pre-race food and I like half of a banana too. Good luck! You’ll have a great time!

  2. My preferred race length is 1/2 marathon. I always carb-load the night before (spaghetti is my meal of choice). In addition to that, I make sure I’m chugging water. The morning of the race, I usually opt for oatmeal and another couple glasses of water. I usually follow the race up with some fruit and a gatorade. It usually keeps me going.

  3. The whole month of February has been insane because I have been training to be a client advocate at our local pregnancy center. The training has been crazy – 6-9pm Tues and Thurs nights for the entire month. And holy cow. Everything that could do wrong did. But God kept me going and I finished last night. I start on Tues. Good for you for volunteering. And good luck with the crazy schedule. 😉

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