Well, this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but, well, vacation. So, there you go.

Anyhoo, remember Wednesday’s post about my Jord wooden watch?

Well, one of you lucky ducks is going to win one of your very own!

But first, a story:

Yesterday, as Shaun and I were on a food tour in Montmartre (which was amazing and included the most incredible, dream-about-it-delicious crepe I have ever, ever, ever tasted), we were walking along a picturesque French sidewalk minding our own business…

When an older man approached and began waving at my feet and jabbering (in French, of course).

I stopped dead in my tracks and looked down at my feet it horror, sure that some giant Parisian bug had thought my big toe was a delectable crepe and was about to take a chomp out of it.

But instead, I saw this:


(my sandals were handmade in Greece; sorry if you got your hopes up that they are local to you)

Before I knew it, he was crouching down near my feet, and gesticulating enthusiastically at them, all while continuing to speak in rapid fire French.

I didn’t catch a word of it, and neither of our tour guides were close enough to translate.

So, I did what you’re supposed to do with crazy overly enthusiastic people and backed slowly away, smiling politely.

Shaun saw the whole thing too and both of us spent the next half mile of walking puzzling over what-in-the-blue-blazes that guy said about my feet!

Which is where you come in.

If you’d like to win a Jord Fieldcrest in Maple watch of your very own…


…simply answer the following question in the comments:

What did the man from Montmartre say about my feet?

P.S. Please include your email address so I can contact you if you win.


  1. Oui, Oui! Where have you purchased Chanel’s summer shade of red? I have been looking for weeks for my anniversary gift for my wife. I must have it!

  2. I’m pretty sure that he was commenting on the exquisite beauty of your feet & shoes. 🙂 He probably said something along the lines of, “Finally, an American women wearing beautiful shoes. Thank you for not profaning the beauty of the streets of my town with sports shoes. You give me hope.”

  3. He said, “Aaah, Cherie, your feet and toes are absolutely beautiful. I wish my wife’s toes looked as amazing as yours do!”

  4. “i have a foot fetish! please, come let me take you to my studio to photograph you!”
    julie.m.mall at gmail dot com

  5. I think he was a street vendor type guy who tells fortunes by reading your toes. You know, like what it means when your big toe is shorter than your second toe, or when your pinky toe is substantially shorter. That kind of thing. You were probably were supposed to pay him before you backed away! 🙂 cherbyface@hotmail.com

  6. “Would you please watch where you are walking. You are going to step on my pet cricket. Excuse me? Hello? Ugh Americans!” pajamapants 79 at gmail dot com

  7. He was so excited to see such a fashion statement! Because, even though he was French, this man is a huge fan of Greek fashion. He knew as soon as he saw them that he needed a pair for his wife and was asking where you got such an beautiful and super adorable pair of shoes 🙂 adefor8538@students.pcci.edu

  8. You see, this man had recently found an old book given to him by his grandfather shortly before his death. As he had been leafing through the pages he found a hastily scribbled set of coordinates and a phrase that intrigued him: “look closely…” It was this note, written decades before, that lead him exactly to the place where you were standing. As he crouched down and looked closely he wondered if his grandfather foresaw that you would be standing in that place at that particular time. Was the secret in the feet standing there or were you disturbing holy ground that held the secret? Some things we will never now…Oh, and the book in which the note had been scribbled was a collection of ancient Greek literature. 🙂 Enjoy your vacation! kelliezajas(at)yahoo(dot)com

  9. My guess is that his old partner made your shoes and after a terrible falling out they decided that he would make the metallic colors and the old partner would stick with colors. Seeing your gold shoes made him realize that his partner has been ‘stealing’ customers from him so he was trying to find out where you had them made so he could go ‘chat’ with him.

  10. He said: “oui, oui, ohh la la! You have feet of that of greek goddess. Your skin is milky and fine and covered with layers of gold. The red radiates your heart and intentions, so you are the goddess of love. I must touch the toes of love.”

  11. “My brother lives in Greece and makes sandals just like that! Your toes show off his handiwork so well!”

  12. He probably had never seen such a beautiful shade of polish, and wondered where you’d bought it so he could get some for his wife!

  13. He said, “Your feet…. Your feet are exquisite. Are you a mama? Your feet tell a story of many years carrying around the blessings of smaller feet. Surely you must care deeply for them. Your delicate toes, painted so beautifully portray the grace and patience that you extend to your sweet children and husband.”

  14. I realize this may not be as flattering as the other comments, and I have no idea what your shoe size is, but what if he was shocked at the sight of your feet because of their size? He could have been gawking at the smallness/largeness of your feet. Eh?


  15. He trying to figure out what color polish that was because it looks fabulous on your feet! Or he was trying to figure out how you painted them so perfectly! lol

  16. I did a little research and it said that French women do not wear much nail polish, especially red, so he was probably not accustomed to seeing it. Still strange that he would start having a whole conversation with your feet……………..lol! I also read that French people do not eat food on the go, so maybe that is why the strange looks about eating the pastries on the bench? I say keep marching your cute red toes around town and eating all the amazing food you can find! 🙂

  17. i love those sandals, and somehow i didn’t realize you were in paris. and i have a sort of similar story…sort of. we were there in april, and my god, was it hot. so i wore peep toe shoes…and got the stink eye all over the place. not me, my feet. i said to the boyfriend, have i committed some sort of french faux pas? do they not show their feet? none of the packing tips said no open toed shoes. but men and women were looking at my feet for prolonged amounts of time.

    and then i realized what i think is the answer. although it was april, and it was in the 70s and super hot, these people were wearing winter clothes. like, down jackets with fur trimmed hoods 20 degrees out winter clothes. so i think my open toed shoes and visible toes were shocking b/c clearly they are of different body temperatures. surely.

    so did you notice what anyone else was wearing? was it winter boots???

  18. He said your feet are so beautiful, the red polish is the perfect complement to them! I would so love to design a pair of sandals deserving of such wonderful feet as these!

  19. I immediately thought of that scene in “I Love Lucy” with the grapes and her feet. I also thought he was excited because your nail color reminded him of Louis B shoes. Most women do wear heels. Thanks for representing us styling ladies that choose not to wear painful shoes all the time. Love your style!!

  20. He was awestruck. Those sandals once belonged to his dear departed wife…she lost them on their last romantic trip together….to Greece! He was about to tenderly kiss those toes of yours when you cautiously backed away….sigh…

  21. He was explaining to you that the old wives tale says if your second toe is longer than the others that you will be well off financially in your future!;-) l.o.v.e those sandals!!!

  22. He was saying how beautiful your red toes were and asking where you got those fabulous gold saddles from. 🙂

  23. I once had an engineer tell me “Structurally, you have very well formed feet. I’ve just never seen such big feet on a woman before.” Note: I wear size 7.5, so not all that big!

    Anyway, he was telling you that red is the color of romance and you must have a strong love with the handsome man by your side.
    wtiger9 at bellsouth dot net

  24. “Why are you wearing those flat sandals with so little arch support! I am a podiatrist and I am appalled! You should be wearing heels, like all the other French women!”

  25. “Your toenails – stupendous! Are they ruby red or American rose? You certainly look American, so perhaps American rose? Or maybe they are carmine? Crimson? No? Well then they must be cranberry red! Or perhaps terra cotta? Personally my favorite is pantone.” adoublem6@gmail.com

  26. “C’est vrai (it’s true) from the top of your head to the tips of your beautifully manicured toes – you are simply adorable!” (On a side note – I believe he thought you should send a pair of those gorgeous sandals to his long lost “great niece” in NY – haha!). Safe travels! Much love from “not the great niece” in NY ; )

  27. “In Paris we do not look at the sun to tell time, we look at the shade of nailpolish and by looking at yours I was led to believe it was at least ten at night. So you must understand the panic I momentarily found myself in, thinking I missed three naps and a bottle of red wine! Please, never do that again!”
    (Hope it is okay for me to enter, I live in Denmark)

  28. He asked where you got your beautiful pedicure because he wants to treat his wife to a girl’s night out!

  29. He said- how do you keep those toes so perfectly polished? Only a beautiful American woman would be walking the streets of Paris with those perfectly manicured toes! Then he bent down to say- little red toes Did you climb the Arc De Truimph? And then left you with a Watch out beautiful toes for the dog poo in the streets!

  30. He thought your feet looked like they should be wandering through the French countryside not the hot Paris streets!

  31. He wanted you to model his new line of shoes.
    You caught his eye with that nail color. It’s all the rage yet sadly discontinued.
    Or it was prank the American day. 🙂

  32. “Mademoiselle your sandals are so beautiful, my grandfather used to make sandals like these for all of his children. He was a wonderful man, but he became disenchanted with the sandal trade in Paris and he dissapeared. We have looked for him for many years but cannot find him, some say he may have gone to Greece…..”

  33. He said, your feet your beautiful feet they are bare. aww madame you should be covered in beautiful French leather shoes in blue the color of your eyes. I will make them for you custom come back tomorrow to my shop. the addres is 1578 rue montag. my email is gardenbyteri@gmail.com

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