I mentioned last week in my lighting roundup post that you guys might be surprised by the pendants that I chose for our kitchen island.

I said that because, after all of my openly professed love of color, it only seemed natural that I would go for one of the loud options. But the thing is, even though I do prefer vibrant looks to neutrals (at least for my own home; get me in a neutral-lover’s house done well, and I always adore the layers of texture and calming colors), and I have been known to layer color upon color,  I don’t like to take it too far.

And I knew that, for our kitchen, as much as we’ve already got going on, I wanted something that would provide a bit of sparkle and contrast over something too attention-drawing.

Which is why, after a ridiculous amount of deliberation and many consultations with Shaun that went something like: Me – “What do you think of this one.” Shaun – (cocks head and squints) “It’s ooookay, I guess”…I finally showed him this picture…


…and his answer was an immediate, “THAT. I like that.”

Which is awesome, since I’d already been leaning toward one of these designs.

We liked the look of the three grouped together so much that we bought one of each.

kitchen lights 3

I’m super excited about the wow factor they’re going to bring to the kitchen. We’re going to try them with old-fashioned Edison bulbs for a bit of added funk (hopefully, since there are three, and we also have recessed lighting, it won’t be too dim).

The best part is that three of these cost what just two (or, in some far out just dreaming scenario, one) of some of the others I liked cost. They are $69, $79, and $89 respectively (from left to right) from Grandin Road, and they are BIG. So you get some serious bang for your buck.

Other than the fun, curvy shapes, the thing that sold me was the unique white-washed wood caps.

kitchen lights1

Other than color, my other decorating love is mixing textures. Like wood and glass. Or shiny gold against rough burlap. It just adds so much interest, no?

There’s just one teensy, tinsy little problem. Can you see it?

kitchen lights2


Yeah, I couldn’t at first either. But Shaun immediately spotted that little dark spot at the bottom of the plain dome.

kitchen lights2


Y’all. I can look and look (for weeks–heck–MONTHS), patiently biding my time until I find just the perfect something for my house at the perfect price. But once it’s here, that’s it. I’m done. I have zero interest in sending it back and then waiting for them to process the return, make the exchange, and send me a new one. I want that baby HUNG!

So, tell me. What would you do? Yes, it’s a very small imperfection (I would say that in person it is both less and more noticeable depending on the angle). But it’s a light I paid for that’s not perfect, and I am perfectly capable of getting a good replacement (assuming it doesn’t arrive damaged again, I guess). On the other hand, it’s so very small that maybe no one would ever notice.

Hm. It’s hardly one of life’s most important or pressing questions, but I’d still love to get your feedback on what you think I should do.



  1. I’m so sorry to take so long to respond! We actually haven’t hung them yet, so I can’t answer that question. I will show y’all as soon as I can, but honestly, they are hung with that silver medallion you can see in one of the pictures flush to the ceiling just like a chandelier or other pendant light. They’re hard-wired, not plug-in. Probably doesn’t help tons.

  2. Love the lights! I feel the same way about new things but my husband would definitely make me return it and get one that’s not broken 😀 I wonder if these lights are available in Canada…

  3. Love these lights! I have been looking for a new light for our dining room and I think this (these) are it!! My husband has one question before I order them – how do you hang all three?? Can you show them hanging from the ceiling? I would really really appreciate it so I can order them too!! Thanks!!

  4. Love the light fixtures! I’m just like you when it comes to returning things: I loathe it. I had a similar experience with a mirrored wall sconce from Pottery Barn. I ordered two. One arrived in perfect shape, the second was chipped ever so slightly. Because I wanted to get the room up and done NOW, I called customer service and they nicely shipped a replacement overnight at no extra charge to me. I told them I’d get the broken sconce shipped back to them and they said not to worry about it; they didn’t want even an itsty bitsy piece of broken glass going through the shipping process so they just told me to keep it. Moral of the story? Try calling the vendor and seeing if you can speed up getting a replacement. 😉

  5. Exchange becaaaaaause…if you ever wanna resell it and get different ones, nobody will want to buy a cracked one. 😀
    They’re lovely!!!

  6. What a pretty choice! But definitely give them a call and see what they can do for you!

  7. Exchange it. If you don’t then your eyes will always gravitate toward that one little chip every time you look at your lights. Trust me, I know!! There are 2-3 tiny spots that we missed in painting our daughter’s room (and haven’t gotten around to touching up yet…cause, you know, life) and I swear that THAT is what my eyes gravitate towards when I am in her room…versus just appreciating the lovely color on all four walls!!

  8. Replace it now. If you don’t he will always be staring at that spot, and You’ll start to wonder when some random soccer ball/paper airplane/flying fork is going to fly straight into all that gorgeous sparkle and make a mass of glitter on your island. Wait, am I the only one who does that?

    1. I am a Julie too…I just made up my online nickname a few years back to give me a teensy bit of privacy…ha…and to have a more unique commenting name. 😀

  9. Exchange it. I HATE exchanging/returning things, but like others have said, you paid for a perfect product, not a damaged one. I know that I would moan and groan about exchanging it but that I’d be very glad I did once the new one arrived. Or do what Michelle suggested and ask for a discount–that way you could get some compensation/acknowledgment from the company and still hang it right away.

  10. Exchange it! I don’t like exchanging things once I’ve gotten them home. That being said, it would think about the chip every time I looked at the fixture. I’d think, “I should have gotten a new one! Gah!!!”

  11. You paid for a perfect light fixture, not a defective one. Exchange it. You will be happier in the long run.

  12. As you may, or may not remember (since we are only cyber friends and I know you have enough random people commenting to remember all our life details

    1. P.s. I love them!!! The sparkly glass will be perfect! Now I have to look back and see if that was one of the styles I chose

    2. Hmmm…whole response got deleted??? Point is, exchange the chipped light; I ordered online and they were great…they sent the new parts without asking for my own parts back! So, they stayed installed while I waited for replacements! Hopefully your place will be as helpful 🙂

  13. I have can’t stand to wait either! I would hang them and say “good enough”! I can’t wait to see them hung!

  14. I’m the same way! I’d be tempted to hang it! BUT, you will always know it’s there and not perfect…..so for something so expensive I’d probably say send it back. :/

  15. Exchange it! It will annoy you every time you look at the light. (Speaking from experience here…) It will be worth waiting a few more weeks!

  16. I love them! If it were me, I would hang them and make sure I wouldn’t be bothered by the ding, then contact the company and attach a picture and ask them to consider giving you a discount on that light.

  17. i would bemore concerned that the glass is chipped and might not be as structurally sound as it could be…

I love hearing from you guys!