I wasn’t really nervous when I pressed “publish” on Wednesday’s miscarriage post because you guys have proven over and over again that you are a kind, caring, and compassionate bunch.

But still.

When you share something so personal, there’s at least one toe-curling moment when you wonder if it will fall completely flat. What if all you do is open old wounds, or nothing about your story resonates with anyone else?

Based on your oh-so-sweet responses and emails (I’m working on answering them, I promise!) that have been flowing steadily into my inbox–emails full of heartache and trials but also so much hope–I’d say that we really are all in this messy thing called life together. I’d say that God knew what He was doing when He gave each of us a specific role to play and formed us uniquely in our mothers’ wombs so that no two of are exactly the same, in experience or our reactions to it.

You have been such a blessing to me over the past 3 days, if for no other reason than that you affirmed that what I shared was needed and timely for you.



As a small token of the BIG love I have for you guys, I’m giving away a fun little package to one lucky winner.

It includes:

  • a cute gold striped pouch from Target
  • an 8 piece set of thank you cards + envelopes
  • a pretty paper bead bracelet made by Ugandan children that I bought to support one of my favorite organizations, Parental Care Ministries
  • a short camera strap made from a scarf by my talented friend, Lia


To be entered to win, simply comment with the name or description of a woman who has inspired you or helped you out in a hard time. You can tell me how, or you can simply leave her name.

BUT I have one request: if you win, would you take one of the thank you cards from your package and write that woman a note, telling her what you just told me? She will cherish it. I can promise you that.

I’ll pick a winner randomly and announce it next week.

(Open to residents of U.S. and Canada only; sorry international, peeps!).

Thanks for being awesome, and “may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13)


  1. This is SO sweet! There is something so genuine about getting a handwritten note… thanks so much for the awesome chance! I would surely be writing a note to my mom… she is my bf & my saving grace! xx

  2. My mom. She is there for absolutely everything in my life! She has seen me at my absolute worst, and is still my best friend and supports me through everything. If one day I could be half of the woman like her, I would be so grateful to God.

  3. My mother in law Sara – a single Mom and a widow for almost 30 years. I think in some ways her heart looks forward to reuniting with her husband in heaven, but in the mean time she keeps herself VERY busy serving her children/grandchildren. She lives with us, which was really tough for me at first (and sometimes still), but now it’s totally a blessing!

  4. My mom, Jan. She has picked me up more times than I can count. She has held my hands when I couldn’t stop shaking from crying, she has stood by my side in the ER when the doctors have explained that they will be performing emergency surgery on me, and hope to save all of my female parts in hopes I can have children. she has been my voice of reason when I want to give up. she has been my cheerleader, my rock, my protector, my best friend, my counselor. She’s more than a mom, she’s my gift from God.

  5. Of course my mother BUT recently a friend at work entered my life and she constantly inspires me by her hope and constant gratitude for her blessings. She lives a life with God instead of considering Him as an afterthought. She is open and honest and just the right touch of what I need, each and every time I need it.

  6. I’m so blessed to have several women in my life who qualify! My mom, sisters, and a few dear friends. In the last few weeks I especially have been loved by my friend Monica, who has such a generous heart.

  7. So many spring to mind. I clearly have some thank you’s to write. Lori Beth, one of those long standing friends, no matter how far apart we are when we can get together it is fun, silly, and always the best kind of challenging. She is a gift.

  8. Dana Savage, My Mid-wife & Guru. She has been a confidant, mother I never had, & spiritual sister despite the fact she has a booming midwifery business & 7 amazing grown homeschooled children of her own and all the joy that comes with them multiplying by family.
    Thank You Dana, You Rock!
    Thank you Abby for conjuring up such joy in all of us today! Blessings… Jaime

  9. My Mom, Trudy. She has always been such an example of a Godly woman. I strive to be like her, and most times I fail miserably. She’s always been so strong. And her faith is even stronger now, which I find so comforting – she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last October, at 60 years old. She is my inspiration and encouragement.

  10. I’ve been enjoying your posts. I especially identified with the previous one. I am not entering the drawing, but wanted to share my comment. Thalia Hufton was there for me through six births, two miscarriages (one real and one blighted ovum), and one disappearing twin. She was my spiritual mother, my encourager, my best friend.

  11. My sweet bestie Gina. No matter what I’m going through she always has words of wisdom and encouragement, a promise to pray, and a way to make me laugh

  12. Debbie Genberg! She is an “older sister” kind of friend who encouraged me to come back to teaching. Then she stayed with me every week to keep my soul going. Just her natural way of loving someone, but such a big shot of encouragement to my arm each week as I learned how to love 32 second graders again on a daily basis!

  13. I couldn’t pick just one, both Margie St. Pierre and Tammy Broslow have been amazing influences in my life and have helped my in so many times.

  14. A sweet young lady, Katherine (we call her Kat) did everything she could to help me when I was incredibly sick early on while pregnant for my third baby. My husband was away and I had two young boys to take care of. I wasn’t able to work, just go between the couch and my bed. Our friend Kat spent a lot of time caring for my children. For that and many other reasons, she holds a very special place in my heart!!

  15. My mother in law, Angela. She opened her home and her heart to me when her son and I needed a place to live. She accepted me into her family with love, and has treated me live a daughter.

  16. My grandma, Joan Hancock. After my son was born, I had a pretty rough time with post-partum depression. She came to visit one day and brought food, encouraged me by telling me I was doing a great job, and by giving me Godly advice on how to raise my sweet boy who I had been blessed with. Her encouragement at that time was such a blessing for me.
    When I told her later on how much that meant to me, my compliment encouraged her since she had been feeling like she wasn’t needed as much since she’s gotten older and all the kids and grand kids were moving on with their lives.

  17. My dear friend, Angela, who knows when a brownie and some beautiful flowers help somehow. She never judges and always waits to process whatever I am going through. She also prays and speaks the truth in love. She is a gift from God to me!

  18. Karie, my friend and mentor. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her! I cherish each moment we spend together. I gain so much knowledge from her and love how she and her spouse model marriage and parenting.

  19. My best friend, Sarah! We have been best friends for the last 15 years. I believe that God put her in my life because He knew that I wouldn’t have made it without her!

  20. My mom, Kelly, who has given so selflessly of herself that I aspire every morning to be that same mother to my daughter, and someday she might hope to be the same for her daughter and so forth. So my mom’s gift of motherhood will probably never stop giving

  21. My dear neighbor lady Arlene. She is a wonderful friend, mentor and such a blessing. There is not just ONE thing or way she has helped me. There are many ways. She holds a special place in my heart.

  22. A friend Dora brought me home from the hospital, when I could bearly take care of myself, and stayed here continually to help me, for several days. I just don’t know what I would have done without her help.

    And she has continued to be there for me, over and over. Friends who are loving, and willing to go the extra mile, are really truly angels I think!!!

  23. I love this!

    My friend Melissa has both inspired me and helped me through hard times. She has a knack for building relationships and is the epitome of humility and grace, as evidenced through her marriage, family, and ministry as a youth pastor.

    A few examples of how her friendship has blessed me: She sent me a card with a heartfelt message on my first day back to work after maternity leave. It wasn’t a huge gift or something that took a lot of time, but knowing that she understood my pain as a mother and was praying for me somehow made my burden feel a little lighter.

    Also, to relate this to your post from yesterday… after I experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage, Melissa was one of only two of my friends who talked to me about it. Face to face. No consolation text messages, no awkward phone calls. She told me she loved me and held me as I sobbed.

    If I win, I’ll give my precious friend the whole kit and caboodle! 🙂

  24. My Aunt Josephine. I was raise Catholic but didn’t attend church reguarly (hardly at all as an adult). When my children were little (under 10), she invited me to Easter Sunday Service. I of course wasn’t really interested in going. She told me that they would be giving away baby chicks to the kids and they could each get one and she could raise them for them since she had chickens. After needing a lot of convincing (two little girls begging for baby chicks did it) I took my girls and attended the church she attended. Her prayers and gentle nudging was a stepping stone to give my life to Christ 15 years ago. I will always be greatfull for her persistence.

  25. My mom! Never judgemental, always encouraging, always genuine, always knows what to so or when to just listen silently.

  26. My sister, Amanda! Our mom died when I was 5 and she was 2. God knew I needed a partner to make it through that and he gave me a blonde smiling quirky two year old who looked just like our momma and who loved purple dresses with orange tights, kittens, and lady bugs to help me remember the good times. She’s still my rock when I have a hard time!

  27. As soon as I saw this, I thought of two women instantly and simultaneously. They would be my Mom, who of course just always is there for me whether it’s to soothe my tears or cheer excitedly about my adventures. The other would be my best friend, the matron of honor in my wedding next year. I think back to high school, when my Aunt passed away, and how I would call her every night just so distraught, and she would just listen and offer sage words of advice (for our teen years, she really had it together!). And she’s never stopped being the person I go to with any issue, big or small.

  28. My best friend Pam. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, and had some very debilitating complications since then. Pam has called me nearly every day, just to be my friend, just to chat. I craved those daily calls because they were part of my normal world. When I came home from the consult with my surgeon after first being diagnosed, she was at my house with my kids. She just showed up, ordered them pizza and was there for them, and for me. We still talk every day. I’m still recovering. When you have a crisis in your life, your world gets very “tiny”. She’s been there for me when so many others have left because they didn’t know what to say or do. She’s talked me off the ledge many, many times. I love her because our friendship is so genuine — she is so genuine. Friends for life!

  29. My mom, Carol! I never would have made it through my miscarriage and subsequent efforts to conceive my living children without her.

I love hearing from you guys!