First of all, can I just say a big, “Awwww, thanks!” for all of your sweet comments on my “new” light and bright kitchen?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll just keep right on saying it: Y’all are NICE!

I am completely honest when I say that I love how it turned out, and it makes me really happy, not only to have such a cheerful space to do life in (I really do spend about 75% of my at-home time in the kitchen between cooking/cleaning/projecting/homeschooling/making snacks/eating meals, etc.), but just to have every last detail of the vision that I had in my head out of my noggin and on my walls/shelves.

(Or, at least that was true until the “O” from my ENJOY sign came crashing down to the floor during family Bible reading yesterday morning and shattered into a gazillion tiny fragments; you know you’re a mama-blogger when your knee-jerk thoughts are a) Praise Jesus there wasn’t a baby underneath it and b) Praise Jesus I had already taken pictures of that because it probably won’t get replaced for a good long while and c) somebody needs to go sweep that up!

But even as genuine as that happiness is, I have to admit that, asΒ  I was editing my pictures, another person’s beautiful kitchen popped up in my IG feed, and my knee-jerk reaction to that was to think something mopey like, “Mine’s not nearly as polished and awesome as hers.”

I know we’ve all heard this quote a ton, but…Comparison really IS the thief of joy.

I get a lot of joy from pouring my heart and soul into the heart and soul of my home. And still, a moment of viewing someone else’s version of kitchen happiness is able to (at least momentarily) tarnish that??? Ridiculous.

I would love to just blame it on preggo hormones, but I think it’s more of a human nature thing–a finding-your-worth-in-your-works instead of the-One-who-works-all-things-together-for-good kind of thing.

ANYhoo, I say all of that to assure you that your feedback–and above all the repeated, “It looks like you!” sentiment–was such a helpful reaffirmation of what I already know to be true: God created us all with unique talents and tastes, and while we can certainly appreciate someone else’s talents and tastes, the second we cross the line into coveting them, we’re not going to be content with our own anymore. And that’s just wrong.

So, yeah. Thanks for helping to restore some much-needed perspective.

And now on to the actual purpose of this post.

And that would be introducing you to this pretty, who had already caught several of your eyes from Monday’s post.

audrey mixer

Meet Audrey (yes, as in Breakfast at Tiffany’s…Tiffany blue…and all that).

She’s my new kitchen BFF.


{See her hiding back there all being all demure?}

Of course, since I love her so much, I am definitely hoping that she never has a run-in with my former kitchen BFF, Penelope, her scarlet predecessor, who got unceremoniously carted off by a total stranger following a parking lot rendezvous in which cold, hard cash changed hands. (I promise this is not how I treat my real-life pals).

That might get ugly.

But, here’s the thing: as much as I loved ol’ Penny, her sheer redness just didn’t jive any longer with the lighter/brighter vibe I was going for.

So, my options were to a) paint her myself (which would not have gone well), b) have her repainted by an autobody shop (apparently, they’ve been known to do such things and, while not cheap, it’s usually less than buying new), or c) sell her and buy a new one in my preferred color choice.

Since I got her for such a great deal brand new 5 years ago, I was pretty sure I could get at least all of my money back, which made the swap a bit of no-brainer.

Turns out, I was right. I actually made money selling her used (and without asking an exorbitant price, either) and then put that fundage toward the purchase of pretty lil’ Audrey, who just so happened to be on major sale (I did a lot of research and couldn’t find a better deal than this site offered), with a coupon code AND a $50 factory rebate.


As it turns out (and don’t tell Penelope), Audrey is more than just another pretty face. She’s actually quieter and runs more smoothly than Penny (who definitely got the job done and had no actual “problems” but was just a little bit on the noisier/rougher side, in general…which I would have never known before I got Audrey).Β  I don’t know if I just lucked out or if Kitchenaid actually upgraded their design.

But I do know this: Audrey and I are very happy together.

Do you have a Kitchenaid mixer? If so, how long have you had it, what color is it, and–most importantly of all–what is its name? I guess you already know all of my answers.Β  I don’t see myself getting another one any time soon (probably never), but I definitely wouldn’t complain if I won one of those fancy, painted flowery ones that the Pioneer Woman gives away!


  1. Thanks for being so fun… I just gave my white 25 yr old (originally purchased as refurbished) Kitchenaid mixer to my adult daughter so she could experience the joy – and so I could replace it with a gorgeous color. Now my problem is deciding which color… sunflower yellow, apple green, raspberry pink… such a great problem.

  2. My hubby got my mixer a cpl of years ago….we could only find it in black (jet) at the time and it’s the smaller version to your beautiful Tiffany blue one.. ( I’m thinking I need to upgrade to a larger version and new color πŸ˜‰ )

  3. Ooooo, nice! I didn’t realize we had to name our KAs – oops – so mine is creatively called “The Kitchen Aid”. My husband got it for me for our 4th anniversary, while I was in the hospital after our second son’s emergency c-section. “The Kitchen Aid” and I have been together for 15 VERY happy years (the husband and I are at 19 years as of last Tuesday, the son is putting in his third year of cancer treatment, but he’s still with us too, [Praise God!]), with no parting of ways in sight, although I second your thoughts on PW and her amazing giveaways. I started out with some other brand of stand mixer (wedding gift), and all I can say is give me a Kitchen Aid, any color, any size, ANY DAY.

  4. I have a dark grey one that my grandmother got us as a wedding gift 13 years ago! She works flawlessly and I have never thought of upgrading. I do love how yours adds a splash of color! The new makeover looks great!!! It speaks my simplistic yet fun language;)

  5. I have a Kitchen Aid that I love. She’s white and has served me well for maybe 10 years. Like a bad friend, I’m just gonna say I’d trade her for a red one or a tiffany blue one. πŸ™‚

  6. My mom got her Kitchenaid mixer when I was about 12. She gave it to me about 18 years ago and I am now 48… and it’s still running strong. πŸ™‚ That was in the days before colors, though, so it’s just off-white (biscuit? beige? ivory?). She got the grain mill (great for homemade baby cereal) and the food grinder (mmm, cranberry relish–gonna make some soon) to go with it, and I’ve used them both umpteen times. I’ve thought about replacing it (it’s probably a bit noisy, like Penny), but I just can’t bring myself to do it. It would be fun to see how long it lasts. I never did name it; but I think if I did it would be a guy’s name, cuz it’s been such a reliable hard-worker! Or something from literature, cuz it’s been so timeless. Oh boy, now you’ve got me thinking… πŸ™‚

  7. I actually have a Bosch mixer , based on recommendations from my mother on law. They are certainly as pretty as kitchen aid though but apparently stronger.

  8. I received the KitchenAid I registered for, in cream, on our wedding…it served me well and then my hubby upgraded me to a red 5 qt. KitchenAid, and truthfully, I’m thinking I need to upgrade soon as my baking has increased and 5 quart doesn’t do it (plus, it IS extremely loud and you have me very interested in the chance for a quieter mixer!!!)…I’d LOVE an 8 quart mixer, but the color choices are so limited…I’d probably end up going for the black one and name it…ummm…Tabitha πŸ™‚

    I may follow suit and do some selling of my first mixer…you’re so thrifty πŸ˜‰

  9. I put one on my wish list for birthday, Christmas, anniversary almost every year. Then I tell my hubby never mind. I can’t seem to commit to it. I’ve used a hand mixer for 22 years now so I talk myself out of spending so much! If I ever get wild and crazy enough to “add to cart” I would probably get red and name her scarlet!

  10. She is very lovely!! I’ve been eyeing her twin up in Target…every time I go, I have to walk past it. It’s just so pretty! Love the kitchen too, it looks wonderful! Very warm, bright, and inviting!

  11. I registered for a KitchenAid mixer when we got married 8 years ago never expecting to receive one but then to our surprise, my husband’s sister shipped us a bigger better version than what I registered for! She said the store model was too weak and I needed the pro version and I LOVE IT! It’s a plain jane stainless steel version which is perfect for me and has worked flawlessly through many a batch of cookie dough, cake batter and icing which are my preferred foods to prepare. My mixer has no name because I’ve never been prone to naming things and in fact my first born son was nameless for a day because we hadn’t settled on a name yet. (In our defense he was born 7 weeks early and caught us by surprise πŸ™‚ )

  12. I want the green apple color. I find I am curious about your fun, polka dot washer/dryer. I apologize for forgetting their names. I remember that one of them got sick (passed over?), but wondered if they are still a polka dot pair. Oh my. It is a good thing I haven’t named my handmaidens. I would get WAY too attached.

    1. Yup, poor Henrietta bit the dust, unfortunately, so her sister, Helena, is the only polka dotted appliance in my laundry room at the moment

  13. I have wanted one for so long! It would sure make my cooking easier and look good in my kitchen! my kitchen colors are aqua blue with hints of yellow so i would love either an aqua or yellow one, I think I would name her LuLu πŸ™‚

  14. I have a white one…. My mother in law gave it to me for Christmas about 6 years ago…no name but I do love it!

  15. I just got a KitchenAid mixer last month! My grandmother just passed away and it belonged to her. I remember it sitting in her kitchen and that makes it special.

I love hearing from you guys!