Hey guys! I hope y’all found Monday’s installment of our Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide for Women helpful.

Just as an FYI, I ordered quite a few of the smallish items from that list either as gifts for this year or to squirrel away for the future, and many of them have already shipped (even when their estimated delivery dates were a ways off), so if you’re worried about Christmas arrival times, the odds are looking good for getting most things in if you order this week.

So, this morning, I’m back with our next installment of goodies, in a slightly higher price point, but all still totally affordable.

User note: if you click through an item that has multiple color options, and it wants you to “add the item to your cart,” go ahead and do that, and then click on the actual item link on the next page to be taken to all of the color options. You may not want that ACTUAL item in  your cart (and you may just want to browse), but it won’t let you see the rest until you add it. Don’t worry, though. You can take it right back out once you’ve had a chance to look.



Continuing with the owls-can-do-no-wrong theme that seems to be ruling the universe these days, I give you these adorable, retro-inspired S+P shakers. Perfect for the kitchen that needs a touch of whimsy. (Great reviews!)

Owl Salt and Pepper


I’m a sucker for cute ceramic measuring spoons (my kids are equally fond of breaking them), and I love that these have bright pops of color without being ornate or overly themed. (Again with the good reviews).


I don’t know if you’ve gotten the memo, but plaid is IN. I love this long shawl-style pashmina scarf for its muted colors and ultra-cozy size. (Good reviews).


On Monday, I showed you a fun owl pillow, but if you’re up to your ears in all things owl, how about going for yet another trend that has been raging for quite some time? This deer head silhouette pillow cover would look fabulous by itself on a chair or mixed up with a bunch of other patterns.


Another fun trend is the pom pom beanie. I’m honestly not sure I can pull this one off with my rather large head size + mop of thick hair, but I love the idea of the playful pom pom atop a thick knit cap. This one comes in quite the color selection, so if you don’t like the look of this one, be sure to click through to see the others.


Confession: I first started compiling this list a good two weeks ago, and when I stumbled across this Champion hoodie, I managed to snag the pink in my size for–wait for it–$10 shipped!!!

It’s since jumped in price, but at $14.99 (+$2 shipping) for select sizes/colors (you’ll have to click on the different combos to see what price shows up for you), it’s still better than you’ll find at Target unless you score a major sale.


Okay, so I kind of don’t even want to post this one because I want time to figure out a way to justify buying this pretty Fossil wallet (even though I don’t need it) or at least thinking of someone to buy it for…before it sells out.

I know that the link says that the price is $40 and shows a red option, but be sure to click all the way through the link and click on the gray colorway (my favorite option anyway), which is the only one under $20.


I have no practical purpose for this backpack, since I would probably destroy it with my rough, stuff-and-grab ways (although, it has good reviews for both appearance and quality) in mere days. But it’s just SO stinkin’ cute! Also, it comes in several different color options (my fave is the teal…shocking, I know).


I’m not gonna lie: I ordered these the second I saw them. Not only am I always needing an extra pair of scissors (it makes me so nervous when I can’t find my sharp ones because I find myself wondering exactly who is going to show up with a brand new haircut…or a big gash on their face) but–hello!–they’re gold!!! Oh, and they have great reviews for sharpness and functionality too, if you’re into your scissors actually being worth a flip at–you know–cutting and stuff like that.


I have contemplated ordering these Puffin classics designed by Anna Bond–the super-talented lead artist behind Rifle Paper Co. (my fave company for all things paper)–since I first spotted them on Amazon for about 30% less than you can score them anywhere else.

I haven’t quite managed to justify the splurge since I already own versions of all three of the titles offered (this link only shows The Little Princess, but if you look below at the other “suggested titles,” you’ll see the other two), but just give me time. 🙂


Again with the owls already! But, honestly, I think these are some of the cutest, funkiest, most authentically Anthroesque owl mugs I’ve stumbled upon. Totally rad gift for the on-trend, yet slightly off-beat, girl in your life.


Another one of my favorite paper companies is Cavallini. They have the prettiest nature-themed calendars and such, and this bird journal is no exception.


See? I told you I love Cavallini. These vintage-inspired mini-notebooks are practically too cute to write in. But they would be perfectly great for gifting, no?


If you’ve got someone who loves to cook in style, then this laser-cut utensil holder would look awfully pretty corralling all of her cooking paraphernalia.


This six pack of lip gloss has great reviews and lots of versatile colors–perfect for gifting as a pack to the lip gloss addict in your life or splitting up into stocking stuffers!


Okay, I confess: I have three of these tin chalkboards (you can see one behind my sink in my kitchen redo and one in my recent living room post). And I LOVE them. I got mine on major sale from Urban Outfitters a while back, but this price is quite good too. They just add immediate depth and fun to any space and, with the scalloped edges, are a nice change of pace from your average chalkboard piece.


I discovered something in all of this “research” I’ve been doing: mouse pads are EXPENSIVE! I wouldn’t have thought it considering that it’s basically a piece of foam, but I was lucky to find anything even remotely cute for less than $20. This one was one of the winners and is more reasonably priced (but there is a shipping fee, which bumps it up considerably).


This is another fun statement necklace option. Just be sure you click through to see the aqua option, since the one showing in the link is more than $20.


I wouldn’t normally pay $10+ for a single tea towel, but this one is pretty darn cute and would be worth the extra coin for a kitchen-girl who likes the vintage flour sack look. Again, very Anthroesque but with a lower price point.


I love the simple style of this sterling silver initial ring. Plus, unlike many of the initial options I looked at, it has great reviews and lots of initial options still in stock.


Get a load of this set of (really) well-reviewed Shany “professional” cosmetic brushes for less than $13. Pretty much too good not to include, no?

I’m not too skilled with brushes, but I’m tempted to order these and play around to see what I think.


I was originally going to include these moc slippers with my $20+ gift guide, but they’ve since dropped in price, so here you go! Lots of color options!


Oh, and last but not least, here’s a super-fun option for the girl who loves to bake cupcakes!


So, there you go!

23 (such an awkward number) items under $20 sure to please at least ONE of the women in your life!

Happy Shopping!

Again with the disclaimer: each of these items contains an affiliate link, which means that if you buy them, I will receive a small percentage of the price, at no extra cost to you.

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  1. I perused both of your lists today and they are great!! Thank you so much for all the research. You found some great deals! I’m checking my list but totally wanting most of the things for myself….heehee!

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