Hey guys, and HAPPY FRIDAY! (Can you tell I have a date night lined up with my husband tonight?)

So…from what I’ve been able to see on Amazon, this year’s gift guides (see the first here and the second here) are really hitting the spot! You guys are getting lots of great deals without ever having to leave your house, which makes me really happy! It’s like we got to go shopping together, even though we’ll probably never meet. 🙂

I’m back today with our last (and priciest) gift guide today. But even with everything starting at $20, I still think there are some pretty fun/great scores here (and most are below $30) that would be worth a “splurge” if you know of someone would love them as much as I would!



I know that not everyone shares my love of color, but I think both of these floral quilted throw options are just gorgeous and amazing prices for the quality (based on the rave reviews) and style (which could easily be found at Anthropologie or another boutique-style store).


I’m completely in love with this blue crate (there are other color options and sizes too). And for $25 (shipped free with Prime or a qualifying order of $35+), it’s about as good a price as you could expect for its size/style/good reviews.

If y’all are fans of Fixer Upper, and I know from this post I wrote about it that you ARE, then you know that Joanna Gaines would fill this crate with a fresh batch of brightly colored Crayons and use it as a multitasking table centerpiece.

I can see its being used as a caddy for craft supplies or silverware or baking/coffee supplies or…can you tell I like it?


I’m a fan of carryall totes, especially in fun, bright prints that can wipe clean, and this Fossil option (there’s one other pattern if you don’t love this one) is a great price. I’m not a designer bag girl at all, but I do love the quality and style that you get from Fossil, which is one of the few brands that I consistently buy when I can find a great deal.


I realize that buying shoes for someone else is a risky venture (so, maybe this is just for you…shhhhh…I won’t tell if you won’t).

But I’m including these because a) I have a very similar pair that I wear A TON and which always get compliments and b) because these have amazing reviews (over 600 of them!) for style and comfort and come in a vast array of colors. Plus, they’re a fraction of the price for the TOMS desert wedge booties that they’re mimicking (it depends on the size/color comb, but many are below $30), and most of the reviews said they couldn’t tell the difference.

I’m finding myself sorely tempted by the black linen with rattan wedges, but I’m exercising self-restraint (barely). 🙂

P.S. Don’t be scared off by the funky red ones in the pic or the price. That’s just the one that shows up by default. There are lots of more neutral options (or even an allover cheetah print if you want to go completely–ahem–wild).


I confess that I stole this cookbook from Mandy’s list (be sure to check it out; she’s got great, affordable picks for the whole family). It’s been on my mind to buy for myself/others for forever, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

The Forest Feast is universally hailed as absolutely gorgeous, not to mention super-simple to follow, with delicious recipes.


If you know someone who loves ho-cho as much as I do, then this milk frother would be an ideal gift. And if you have a coffee-lover in your life (which, I realize, is most of the world, even though I’m a weirdo), well even better! (Since frothed milk is pretty much the thing that makes lattes everybody’s fave).

It has amazing reviews as a great bargain for how well it works (more expensive models run upwards of 3-4X its price).

Speaking of coffee, this thermal mug would be a super-fun and practical gift for the caffeine addict on your list.


I love PiP studio products. They’re bright, fun, cheery, beautiful, great quality. In a word: perfection. And, thanks to my super-sweet husband’s gifting me pieces of PiP china for special occasions over the past two years, I have a decent collection (you can see most of it in this post).

I can’t wait to have tea parties with my girls!

I don’t have this tiered cake plate, but it looks just as pretty as the rest of their offerings (and a smidge cheaper than usual) and would make a fabulous gift for a lover of beautiful serving-ware.


If you love James Avery (or know someone who does) but don’t love the price points, then this sterling silver floral filigree option just might be the perfect ring for you/your loved one.

Great reviews!


Likewise this sterling silver Jeremiah 29:11 ring, which would be a great unisex gift and gets good reviews as well!


And while we’re on the subject of beautiful jewelry, check out this “I love you to the moon and back” sterling silver cuff bracelet.

Fabulous reviews and just so pretty and whimsical.


Okay, I’m not gonna lie: the reviews on this cake plate are a bit mixed. It sounds like it’s not the highest quality (although no one disputes its beauty), but if you didn’t have a super heavy duty use for it, it might be worth the gamble. Because it is just cute as heck!


This book caught my eye because–duh–it’s pretty! But it can serve also two purposes. It has great reviews as a coffee table book, but quite a few people said that they dismantled it and framed the art on their walls, and it turned out really great. So, if you know someone who loves pretty art, DIY projects, or both, then The Art of Instruction might just be the perfect gift!


I have to admit that these headphones kind of make me giddy. They have great reviews for functionality, but they’re also just so stinkin’ fun! They kind of remind me of the technological equivalent of that PiP cake plate from above, and that’s definitely a good thing in my book.


Here is the promised gold + acrylic stapler that would look so great stocked with the brightly colored staples from our under $10 list.

Because seriously, if you’ve got to have something as utilitarian as a stapler sitting out in plain sight, then it might as well be shiny, right?


This is pretty pricey as journals go, but if you know someone who is a Kate Spade lover, then this Penny for Your Thoughts book with multiple colored ribbon markers is actually a lower price point than almost all other options I found.


And that, my friends, concludes my Amazon Christmas round-up for 2014! Phew! That was A LOT.

I hope you guys find something for your favorite girls or maybe just have a good list for future birthdays or…whatever. I know I’ll be referring back to it when I have a special gift to give!

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