It’s always fun when blogging buddies go way back as real-life buddies too, which is exactly the case with my friend, Kelli, from Eat Pray Read Love. She and I grew up in the same small East Texas town, and it was really fun to reconnect over blogging years later and then over our shared love of scoring cheap deals (she’s great at money-saving tips and tricks and has tons of ideas on her blog), BODYCOMBAT, and small humans (she has four of her own).


{Here she is with her pastor-hubby}

So, when she reached out and asked if I’d like to give Jamberry Nails a try, I bit. Hard. I mean, I’ve been pretty open here about my less-than-stellar nails. Also, my polish addiction. And while I can see a big difference in the appearance/health of my nails when I use It Works Hair Skin and Nails (my hair stylist told me the other day that my nails were so shiny, they looked buffed), I’m never going to have diamond-hard nails with lovely white tips. Which is fine. I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with them anyway.

But I still like to keep them looking decent, which is why I try to apply a quick coat of paint every so often. Problem is, between washing dishes and wiping behinds and sudsing up small bodies at bath time, the paint usually only lasts a day…two, if I’m lucky.

Which is why I was especially intrigued–not only by all the cute patterns that Jamberry offers–but by the claims that their wraps stay put for two weeks +.


I had a hard time believing it, but people I trusted (Kelli among them) were raving about these suckers.

So, I chose a fun, funky pattern called Birds of a Feather, and Kelli kindly popped them in the mail for me.

When they arrived, I carefully read through the included instructions and then started applying them…while my girls and I watched Young Victoria (we’ve been on a Jane Austen + period movie kick lately).

Honestly, I felt a bit unsure that I was doing it right and super-awkward. But I didn’t let that deter me. I had fully expected a learning curve. I also expected the process to be slow. I tend to be painfully methodical the first time I do anything, so when I finally finished my left hand after about 40 minutes of stop-start wrapping, I decided to call it good for the moment. Or rather I had to decide that or run out of time to get my children ready for the gym.

Here’s what I had at that point.



I walked around with only my left hand done for…10 days. Ridiculous, I know. But the good news is that–even though my wraps had numerous little imperfections in the seal, due to my novice application–those babies hung in there for 10 days!

Of course, the second I posted the above pic to FB, I got a deluge of advice from Jamberry lovers about the best application process.

One particular term kept popping up, and it was intriguing enough that I tracked down this video of “the baggie method,” on Youtube. (Seriously. If you’re a Jamberry user and haven’t watched this yet, DO IT! So helpful).

People, if only I had done this the first time. I mean, yes, the instructions that come with the product are clear and good enough (potentially), but the whole stretching thing the lady in the video describes along with her method of simply clipping the ends instead of filing them…game-changers.


{Ezra took this pic. Impressive, right?}

My second application took about 50 minutesΒ total (still not fast, but I was going step by step through the process of the video, so it was kind of like starting over), and, whereas last time, my feelings at the end were, Maaaaaaybe I did that sort of right?…this time I feel confident that my jams will at least match the record set by their poorly applied predecessors. And I could feel myself getting faster and faster the more than my muscle memory absorbed the process.


(Couldn’t resist including the slightly creepy, blurry Evy-head in the background :))

ANYhoo, here’s the short list of what I like about my wraps:

  • They stay on forever. Seriously. 10 + days is an eternity for your nails to look decent.
  • They look fabulous on short nails. I keep cutting mine down, down, down to avoid the inevitable peeling I always experience at the tips, and even though it didn’t even seem like there was that much for the wraps to adhere to on some nails, they immediately made my stubby nails look pretty.
  • They come in pretty much an endless array of colors + patterns.
  • Each set gives you enough wraps to do your full nails twice + a pedicure (you’d have to do some trimming, but it’s not very hard).

As far as cons:

  • The time it takes to apply them is really my only complaint. But after only two applications, I can tell that I’m already getting a lot faster and more confident with the process, and I can only see that improving over time and with repetition. And plus, even if you wear them daily, if you get a good seal, you shouldn’t have to put them on again for 2 weeks. (TWO!)

I’m already dreaming up the next pattern + color combo I’d like. Here are some of my faves.

jamberry collage

Also, ALSO, Kelli is being kind enough to give away a single sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps (you’ll have your choice of several options), a file, and an orange stick to one lucky gal!


All you have to do to be entered is answering the following question using the options I’ve given you below.

Have you ever tried Jamberry Nail Wraps?

A) No, but I’d love to get my hands on some (hardy-har…punny)

B) Yes, but I’d love to get my hands on more

C) No, but my interest ends with the giveaway

D) Yes, but my interest ends with the giveaway

If you answer A or B, then Kelli will follow up with you about getting some Jamberry for yourself!

Also, also, ALSO (forget useful terms like “P.S.”), Kelli and I are hosting an online Jamberry party. Which is basically my greedy little way of saying, if you are intrigued by the wraps and want to try/buy for yourself, then would you pretty please do it at my party? (I know, I know. What an opportunist).

But seriously, no hard feelings if you don’t. I’m a fan either way.


  1. A. No but I’d love to try them. I have nails that peel on a regular basis. I’m always so thrilled when I can get a full set with actual tips growing. I worried that they might not be worth my time/funds when my nails do that icky falling apart thing.

  2. C) No, but my interest ends with the giveaway
    my nails are so thin that I’ve finally found the gel nails give mine enough strength that they’re not constantly breaking. Now they do still break occasionally but not like before. I’m interested to see how these work but applying them correctly is the key I imagine.

  3. A…would love info even if I don’t win as my little girly can’t keep polish on more than an hour!

  4. D- I actually bought some recently to help a friend’s party but haven’t been brave enough to try them. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the video hook up.

  5. B! I’m actually giving myself a Jamicure tonight for a wedding on Saturday and am SOOOO grateful for the video!

    Another great tip (not sure if it is in the video) is to wash your hands with dish soap before applying.

  6. A, for sure! But my nails grow a lot in 10 days, do it start to look weird as your nails grow out? I’d love to try them anyway, my nails are always bare because polishing never lasts. πŸ™ Thanks for the opportunity to win!

      1. It dors look a little ratty once the cuticle area grows out (my mails grow slow, though). But even if they only last a week, that beats the tar out of polish, right?

  7. I just got some jamberry stuff from a girlfriend of mine – we’re fitness instructors too, so polish never lasts! I definitely needed to see that video on stretching out the creases! I have a very wrinkly set on now that I just applied last night (first time). I’d love to win some more wraps!

  8. B! I just recently discovered the fun that is jamberry! I’m actually hosting a party right now too because there are just too many fun prints & I can’t decide between them!

  9. A. A. A. all the way!! I love my nails when they’re polished but dread the instant chipping that seems to start 2 days later. All that work for nothing! I have little ones at home and would LOVE something that actually lasts, looks nice, and won’t look nasty after just a couple of days of my crazy, hectic, bit of a tornado life πŸ™‚

  10. D. I haven’t had my nails done in ages and would love to see how these look. And how long they last.

  11. A…I have no excuse not to try some because I actually own some, but I’m intimidated by them. I figure if I win another set, I can put on my first set without worrying if I mess them up. πŸ˜‰

  12. A…I’ve been interested in these for quite a while but just have never purchased. Wasn’t sure if they lived up to the hype. The patterns are soooo cute!!

  13. B. One of my good friends is a consultant so I have purchased a few times with her. My sister-in-law is also having a party right now.
    I enjoy the patterns and the fact that they stay on for about two weeks.

  14. C. I’ve heard of them before but never tried them, I’d be interested but I doubt I’d have the patience to spend an hour on my nails.

  15. C, I’ve been given two samples but I’ve lost both of them before getting to try them, lol! My poor polish only lasts a day, if that!

  16. C. I’ve heard of them before, but until actually reading about your experience with them, had no interest. Now I’m intrigued!

  17. A) Never tried them, but very interested in trying them. I have a few samples a friend gave me to try, but I haven’t gotten a chance to use them myself yet.

  18. D! at first try i admit i did not love them (or really like them) but the cute designs brought me back around and i am now wearing peacock feathers on my fingernails <3 I totally agree about the learning curve though, whoa! I am much quicker at painting, even if it does only last a couple days at best.

  19. D… I did not have much success applying them. I still have a set I have been hesitant to use. so I will definitely check out that video!

  20. D!
    I had peeling tips issues too. One tip I read was to run the tips lightly over a flat iron to seal them with the extra heat. I did it with my hot kettle instead, and it helped a lot. Then every time I trimmed my nails (both for length preference and for the peeling) I did it again. They still looked pretty great after ten days when I finally removed them.

  21. Between DIY projects, dishes, dogs, and dirty little boys, my nails NEVER stay nice longer than a few hours. I’d love to try them!

    C) No, but my interest ends with the giveaway

  22. B – I’ve tried them, but I think I need more practice with the application! Plus I thought I’d love the very fun and busy patterns, so I ordered a few of them. Turns out I think I’d really prefer the more subtle patterns.

  23. D. I’ve tried a sample, but I have to figure out the best application since mine didn’t last very long. I love all the different patterns and would love to try them again πŸ™‚

  24. D…I have a friend selling them here. I bought a French manicure set but haven’t tried them out yet. Was worried about messing them up. I will check out your link. Thanks for posting these tips, helps us others who having that ahhh, moment!

  25. D… i have a consultant here. After seeing your first post about them, I won some at a basket auction and tried it. I am TERRIBLE at putting them on, and the imperfections bugged me A LOT. That said, they looked so cute! After a couple days, I was hooked even with my awful first time application. I’m going to check that video and try again! I’d like to point out, if you haven’t tried these, one sheet will easily both hands twice, or your hands and feet all at once.

  26. D. I have tried them. I got almost 3 weeks out of mine, but by then I had so much new growth that they weren’t looking so hot. I just had to do it to see how long I could make them last. πŸ™‚

  27. D, but only because my nails are more curved and the Jams tend to not stay on well…I want to try them again, though, I absolutely love the look and want them to work for me so.bad.

  28. A. I never wear polish on my fingernails because I too have kids and dishes and well, a house to take care of. It never lasts! So I’d LOVE to try these if you say they stay as long as they do. Not to mention the colors/patterns are beyond anything I could think up!

  29. D.
    I just tried a sample on one nail and liked it so I ordered some from one of my MOPS mamas — I’m going to have her (shes a consultant) help show me how to properly do it πŸ™‚ I’ll have to check out the video you posted about the baggie method. πŸ™‚ (Looking forward to having cute nails for Easer :-P)

I love hearing from you guys!