Okay, so Theo isn’t exactly 2 months old. I would have to be waaaaaay more on top of things that I currently am to be that exact. But, with the whole 6 kids to care for (and feed! why must I always give them all the food?!), I’m going to call 4 days “late” pretty good. Either that, or we’re just going to say that I’m reeeeeeeeeally early for his 3 month pictures. And–let’s be real—no lady with half a dozen children is ever early to anything.

ANYhoo, calendar semantics aside, Theo is 2 months-ish, and so it’s time for me to show you the mandatory cute pictures. I really loved the way his one month fancy camera pics turned out, but this month (and probably every month hereafter), we’re back to the grainy cell phone pics.

Good thing he’s got the best smile in the history of ever to make up for the low picture quality.

happyboycollage1I mean, seriously, how could we care about blurriness and the fact that his outfit is on backwards (which I kind of love because he is our little caboose right now) when there is so much sweetness in six little squares?

The best of the bestest parts, though, is that these pictures are accurate representations of this little boy 95% of the time.

Theo is a dream baby. He naps, he smiles, he eats, he poops, he cycles his little hands and feet through the air, he snuggles, he snores (seriously, it’s adorable, but he’s loud), he giggles (yup, straight up), he coos on command (especially for his daddy), he sleeps all night, and he just generally brings so much joy to our family that I sometimes just stare at him and think, “What did we ever do without you, kid?”

God is so, so gracious to me. This would be just as true if Theo were colicky and sickly and grouchy. It would be true if he projectile vomited on me 10 times a day and never slept a wink at night.

(Although, emotionally, I might not “feel” the truth as deeply; thank the Lord that truth is truth, regardless of our emotions).

But I never want to take a “good” baby for granted. I never want to think, “Well, of course he’s good. That’s what I deserve.”

Because it’s totally not.

I can only say that “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

And I am so thankful for the good and perfect gift that is Theo.


  1. Gosh Theo is fairly growing bless he is beautiful. Our oldest daughter is expecting her 3rd baby beginning of June, her eldest is 14, then her youngest is 10. Daughter has been married almost 19 years so when she said she was expecting again I nearly needed gas and air lol

  2. “Easy” babies are such a gift! I had three fussers who were sososo challenging, so when #4 was a mellow one, I was in heaven with just the pure enjoyment of her! I learned that I don’t have to dread the newborn time and it really could be blissful. #5 is coming very soon and I am hoping for another calm easy one. I have to say, though, that I have always resented the question that some people ask “Is he/she a GOOD baby?” Like, would you expect me to say he’s a BAD one? It sounds like we’re talking about spoiled potatoes or something. “Oops, got a bad one that time…” Arg.

  3. i too was curious about Theos snoring. did the previous writers child have any other characteristics that went with the snoring ?
    Since for the second year in a row I am concentrating on gratefulness, it is on my radar when others mention gratefulness. I must say gratitude consciousness is a great place to be. Also, extreme cuteness overcomes all cellphone blurriness. thanks for sharing.

  4. “Thank the Lord that truth is truth, regardless of our emotions).” – AMEN! Great reminder for my heart today.
    And Theo is absolutely adorable! 🙂

  5. Theo is a cutie pie! What does your pediatrician say about the snoring? I ask because it was a sign of a medical problem for our son (thankfully surgery corrected it & he is fine). Maybe it’s not always a problem though. I hope it means nothing but wondered what your doc says about cutie baby snoring.

    1. Well, it’s not chronic. In fact, it’s not that common. It’s just when he does snore, it’s a bit of a buzz saw. 🙂 Pedi’s not worried!

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