I’m not a big fan of fad diets or anything too drastic in the food department. I realize that it works well for other people, but I’m more of an “everything in moderation” type.

But here’s the deal: right after I have a baby, I tend to be a leeeeetle too easy on myself, food-wise. In the first 3 weeks after, I allow myself whatever my heart desires. And usually my heart desires lots of pizza and chocolate.


Fast-forward to 3 1/2 months post-partum, and, while I’m definitely not indulging like I was in those first few weeks after Theo was born, I’m still eating more junk than my body is really terribly happy with at the moment. In addition to the 10ish pounds that are still hanging around on this here body of mine, I can definitely tell that my 32-year-old self is just not handling my daily dose of “a little something sweet” as well as the 29-year-old version of me.


Because my problem is not portion control. I mean, sure, I can overeat, but I’m much more likely to struggle with sugar than anything else.

So, when my friend Lindsay (you met her here) told me she was doing a “skinny cleanse,” I was intrigued. And when she told me what it was–10 days of “clean” eating in combo with various It Works supplements to help aid in the detoxing of the yucky stuff my system has been absorbing over the past several months–I was sold.

Now, before you get worried that I’m doing a “cleanse” while nursing, let me assure you that there’s lots of eating going on.

The emphasis is on good fats, lean proteins, and lots of veggies and fruit. I’ll be guzzling water, and, while I’ll use a few of the It Works supplements (most notably their “Greens,” which are great for adding in lots of nutrients that I’m not naturally getting from my food), my focus is on the dietary aspects of the cleanse.

I’m cutting out: dairy, sugar, simple carbs, processed foods, and anything to drink other than water. And it’s only for 10 days. I will, of course, be monitoring my milk supply and adjust as necessary if I feel like it’s being affected.

But, seriously, y’all?

This was my breakfast this morning.

skinny cleanse

That would be farm-fresh eggs (my mama has chickens) scrambled with onions and tomatoes and topped with homemade salsa and avocado (with a side of strawberries and bananas, obviously). It. was. DELICIOUS.

Honestly, it was the best breakfast I’ve had in a while.

So, yeah. Not too sad about this clean eating business. One meal in, at least. 😉

skinny cleanse1

Mmmmmmm. I’m already looking forward to a repeat tomorrow.

So, what about you guys? Have you ever done a cleanse? Or a Whole 30? Or maybe you’re a clean eater 24/7? (You rock). I’m interested to see how this goes. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. The Greens are awesome! I’m going to do the 90 day challenge in a month or so, adding in some of the supplements and wraps. I used Greens all the way through this last pregnancy (#4) and feel the difference when I don’t have them. I also think my milk supply has been better than with any if my other kids 🙂

  2. does the sugar craving have anything to do with your mind/body needing some energy from a glucose drop ?? my curiosity

  3. This is very inspirational.Making changes in your life is very good and it only take little steps to get further and implement in your life.Every has challenge in lif but dont allow the challenges define who you are. allow the way you dealt with those challenges define who you truely are.

  4. I actually just finished my whole30 — Today is my first day eating “dirty” foods. And it’s not so bad. I actually REALLY enjoyed whole30. My 3rd baby is 3 months old today, and I feel like my milk supply actually increased through this clean eating phase. I love the feeling of not having sugar cravings taking me over. And I will probably still do many whole30 type meals still because I really love the way it makes me feel!

    I actually wrote a blog post about being on whole30 — I just need to do the follow up now!


  5. I love doing ‘cleanses’ like this but I typically think of them as “eating resets”. It makes me think about WHAT I’m eating (ie. what is in it for my body, nutritionally), and also WHY I’m eating it (bored??). I’ve done a couple whole30s and I’m fairly balanced now between eating “real food” and being a “normal person”.

  6. I hear ya! My baby is 10 months old today and I realized that I still have a few extra pounds hanging on. And I’ve realized when there’s only a few pounds less it is so much more difficult to have the motivation to get rid of them. So I signed up for a 6 week Les Mills Grit class (kill me) and am monitoring my sugar intake. I have also wanted to do a few weeks of clean eating, mostly just to rid myself of my love of sugar. You’ve inspired me! I’d love to see a log of the meals you put together through this cleanse. I think my problem would definitely be just coming up with meals

  7. I just had my fifth baby six weeks ago. And I was eating copious amounts of sugar until
    I weighed myself last week and weighed two pounds less than I did the day I gave birth!!! So I am eating similar to how you are and I’ve already lost six pounds. I’m assuming it’s mostly water weight but I feel so much better ! Sugar is my biggest temptation by far.

  8. Go you! I feel like I have craved sugar WAY more with this baby. Maybe I have just indulged more, which make the cravings worse? I bet you feel great at the end of the 10 days!

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