First up, I want to say a great big Thank YOU and MMMMWAH to y’all. Because you’re fully awesome (to quote Rhino, the Hamster, whom I consider one of the fully awesomest cartoon characters ever).

I always hesitate to write posts like the “Kids Have Big Ears” one, simply because I don’t want to come across as complaining. I mean, so what if people are nosy or maybe a little too free with their comments/opinions? Big deal. I’m hardly going to be truly hurt/offended by what a complete stranger has to say about the size of my family, and if I am, that’s my fault not theirs. Which was entirely my point. I can’t control others’ actions/words. Only my own reactions and what my children get from them.

And y’all totally got that and responded with grace and understanding and encouragement. So…thanks! Fully. AWESOME!!!! (If you haven’t seen Bolt yet, you totally need to. I laugh so much harder at it than my kids do because they don’t get a lot of the jokes, but it’s because they’re dry/clever, not because they’re too “adult” in a bad way).

ANYhoo, moving on…

I thought I’d give you an update on my love affair with ThredUP (read this post if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

I’ve had multiple people ask me if I still enjoy them, and the short answer is definitely yes.

In fact, ThredUP items are starting to take over my closet. I’ve been selling quite a few of my clothes that I don’t wear as much anymore and then using those proceeds to revamp my closet by buying judiciously/carefully, with a less-is-more approach.

I don’t think I’m ever going to be a capsule closet girl, but I am working on paring things down to only stuff I LOVE and will wear over and over.

Apparently, you guys were excited about ThredUP too because I’ve gotten credits from y’all using your $10 credit off your first purchase (THANK YOU!), and, while I was tempted one time when I had $60 of credit to “get as much bang for my buck” as possible and buy 10 different shirts from the clearance section, instead I bought this gray wool jacket with brass buttons from J. Crew…


And you know what? I wore it all. winter. long. And got tons of compliments on it. Totally worth it.

Of course, I’ve also bought several $5 clearance shirts as well, along with $8 dresses, $15 wedges, and most recently, a $12 pair of Rich & Skinny denim shorts that I can already tell I’m going to wear all summer long.


I love the length, and they are so comfy and have distressing in the all the right places. Oh, and actually, both my Vince Camuto gold wedges and that boutique top are from ThredUP too.

And then, there was this fun Anthro top that I scored for less than $10.


Here’s a shot with closer detail.


Honestly, I could throw several more pictures up here of ThredUP items I’ve worn in the past several months, but I don’t always remember to document them. Maybe I’ll do a ThredUP fashion show post one day, so you can see more of my fun finds. Betcha just can’t WAIT for that one.

Here’s the thing. I love thrifting. I LOVE Goodwill. But, with six little kids (and nasty weather all spring), it just hasn’t been worth my time to brave it very often.

Which is why I’m so excited to have found a comparable source of cute, cheap clothes that I can peruse without ever getting off my couch. Couple that with the fact that I can browse by price, category, color, size, etc. etc. etc., and it’s pretty much this bargain-hunter’s dream come true. (Example: I knew I wanted mid-length distressed denim shorts for the summer, and so I used all of my search filters to find those designer ones from the pic above. SCORE!).

Of course, ThredUP prices tend to be a little (to a LOT) higher than Goodwill’s. But in the clearance section, it really is only a teensy bit. (And, depending on your Goodwill, maybe not at all).

And OF COURSE it’s a little scary to buy clothes without trying them on, which is why I typically stick to silhouettes that I know work for my body in brands which I am familiar with (example: GAP, J. Crew, and LOFT all run large…LOFT usually something like 2 sizes off). The cool thing is that ThredUP lets you return most of their items…although mine rarely qualify, since I tend to look for the absolute best deal (and final sale items are non-returnable). Out of the 20 or so items I’ve bought from ThredUP, every single one has fit so far, amazingly enough.

So! There you have it. My super-enthusiastic, totally-not-sponsored endorsement for online thrifting.

I will always love Goodwill. But being a couch-potato thrifter is all right with me too!

If you’re interested in trying out ThredUP with a free $10 credit for yourself, you can use this link. (If you have any glitches, email me at blogabbie{at}gmail{dot}com, and I’ll get it sorted out). Full disclosure: that link also gives me $10 credit if you buy…so we both win!



I love hearing from you guys!