Yesterday, I posted this dressing room pic to Instagram and Facebook, asking opinions on whether I should buy this Madewell dress.

white dress6

I’ve never bought anything from Madewell–mostly because I can’t justify their prices and also because there aren’t too many in my area (I think I’d maybe set foot inside one once before yesterday?).

But they had an extra 30% off of sale items deal going on, and, while most of the items were still too pricey for me, when that white dress caught my eye, I couldn’t believe it was only $19.99 (not including the extra discount, which brought it down to $15).

Almost everybody on social media loved it, and it was so comfy that I brought it home with me. Shaun gave it a thumbs up too…which is good, since it was a final sale and couldn’t be returned.

It’s such a fun blank-canvas piece that I thought it would be a good one to style 3 different ways.

So, I did! (If only my follow-through were quite so immediate when I think about cleaning out my craft room).

First up, we have:white dress watermark

The silhouette of this dress is really relaxed. Even though I bought a size at the lower end of my range, it was still a little loose. But I kind of love the slightly boxy, while still structured, feel of it and think it lends itself to a super casual/cute look like layering it over cuffed, skinny jeans and white Chucks.

white dress1

This certainly isn’t my normal look, but it would work great for a play date when you want to look put together while still having the ability to bend/move without flashing anybody. (How you’re going to keep the PB&J fingers off of the white? That’s another story).

Next up, we have:

white dress2watermark

Throw on a few bright accessories and a jeans jacket, and this dress is the perfect piece to wear for a dinner out with girlfriends–especially since it’s plenty roomy enough to accommodate copious guac and chips consumption. If you’re anything like me, all you’ll have to worry about it doing your best not to drip salsa down your front.

white dress3

And finally, we have:

white dress4watermark

I love how, with a belt to cinch in the waistline and a pair of shimmery wedges, this dress immediately goes from casual to date night ready.

white dress5

And there you have it! One white dress. 3 ways to wear it.

If you’re just dying for something to help you procrastinate on whatever it is you should be doing, you can also take a gander at my other styled-3-ways posts here: pink pants, floral shirt, white dress.

What do you think of my Madewell score? Do you have a favorite of the three?


  1. Love the dress and, while I love all three, I super like the boyfriend styling.

    Can we see pics of this house you are staying in? All the heart eyes for that blue and the door.

  2. GORGEOUS dress on you Abbie and I love all the ways you’ve styled it! That house behind you is also so charming! Hope you’re enjoying you summer!

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