Well, when I last posted about the effort I’ve been making to get dressed in “real” clothes each day, I posited hopefully (but honestly also doubtfully) that I was going to attempt to do a weekly update.

I should have known better. (I did know better).

Between homeschooling and soccer practice/games and piano and Shaun’s work trips and teaching fitness classes and birthday trips/parties and everything else in between, I’m doing reeeeeally well to a) get dressed in something decent and b) snap a quick pic of it.

Throw in the extra step of editing the pictures every week, and…fuhgeddaboutit…

So! With all of my vague excuses out of the way, let’s proceed, shall we, with another photo dump of the aforementioned “something decent” I’ve been wearing since the last update.

There have been multiple days that the snapping of a quick pic didn’t actually happen, so I promise I got dressed more times that it would appear here, but there are still plenty of days that I spent decked out in gym clothes (anybody else feeling like I should change the title of this post to “disclaimers?”).

weekday wardrobe

{Ignore the stuff on the floor, m’kay? I was laying things out for a gallery wall}.

So…the second that I saw this pic, I took that awkwardly placed belt off and just let the shirt hang loose, which was waaaaay better.

The rest of the shirt is fabulous, though, because who can really complain too much about its tendency to wrinkle when you’re supposed to look like you’ve been on safari (wrangling toddlers…hunting big game…tomato…tomahto). Nothing here is new (the jeans are Goodwill, the boots are from Target, several years back), but I still remember the Anthro clerk’s face when she found out that my shirt was only $8. It’s the same look that a different Anthro clerk gave me when we stopped in on a trip to Dallas for my birthday recently, and I managed to snag a cute decorative doo-dad (I don’t honestly know the name for it) for $3–originally $40.

Absolute incredulity.

And I just wanted to tell her: all you’ve got to do is be dedicated enough to sit on the floor for 20 minutes, rooting around in the deepest recesses of the sale cupboard, and you, too, can bring home something pretty for 90% off.

Hashtag most patient husband ever.

But back to the clothes.

weekday wardrobe1

I’m not real adept at plaid, in case you can’t tell from my less than enthused expression, but this lightweight popover from Target for $5 from the super-clearance rack felt like a nod to the trend without doing the full-on plaid button up + puffy vest + artfully ripped jeans + Hunter boots thing that is so ubiquitous on Pinterest. Plus, layers are not my friend right now. It’s hot, y’all, and mopping floors in puffy vests is just plain silly.

weekday wardrobe2

Did I mention that it’s hot? Actually, this week, it’s been a liiiiiittle cooler, but not enough that a tank top and shorts aren’t warranted. Both of these are more Target super-clearance buys, and the sandals are from Greece.

weekday wardrobe3

This was an attempt to appear fallish with my dress-over-jeans (both from Goodwill) thing I’ve got going on. But again my expression gives me away. I was sweating. Thank goodness for busy prints on black backgrounds to hide underarm rings (charming? very). Come ON, fall!

Oh! And just in case you’re sick of fuzzy cell phone pics, I had Shaun take a shot of each of my birthday trip outfits (I only packed three things for a 2 day trip! I think that my recovery from my former over-packing habits just might be complete. Don’t worry; I won’t stop going to meetings).


Top: thredUP (new customers can use that link to get a $20 credit on their first purchase), Jeans: Clothes Mentor (old), Shoes: Payless (old), Bag: Anthro


Dress: thredUP, Boots: Amazon (bought with a Christmas gift card last year; there’s only one non-stellar review on that particular link, but I really like them!)

What do you wear to eat messy (but delicious!) Thai food? A print dress, of course. Stain-hiding for the win! Also? My mom got me that pretty apricot bag for my birthday. How she knew I needed one to match the flowers on this dress, I’ll never know. She’s a good mama.


Top: thredUP (yes, you’re sensing a theme), Jeans: VS (old), Booties: American Eagle (old)

Does anybody else’s hair do better the day after they wash it?? I feel like there’s something a little funky going on with my hair in the Day 1 birthday trip pics, but it seems to have simmered down by Day 2.

I’ll spare you the Day 5 pics.

So, what about you guys? Is fall going strong where you live? Or are you wondering if you’re going to be celebrating Christmas in shorts with a fan + ice water like I am? More than anything, we need rain. We had soooooo much this past spring that it was a downright pain, but now? Burning bans abound. Sigh.


  1. Love the title of this post!! I always think your outfit posts are fun & inspiring me to get dressed too, haha!
    My hair does better on day 2 after a recent hair cut (which I got today, hurray!!) but when it is in need of a cut, day 1 is better. And when things are real bad day 3 = hat/cap!! Been sporting alot of hats/caps the past few weeks.
    How do you always have the perfect roll on your jeans that looks cute with ankle boots? I can’t seem to master this. I think it just means I need to shop for more jeans & boots, lol!!
    Our temps have been warm in the Panhandle too. But we have had much needed rain as well. Weather man said the next 2 days it will be “raining buckets”! So, I’ll send it your way!
    Just FYI……I signed off of IG for a while. The Lord had been speaking to me for a while about my priorities. So I’m trying to spend more time with him instead of IG 🙂

  2. #1, love the reference to wrangling toddlers being akin to hunting big game on a safari. Truth!
    #2, love that “most patient husband ever” hashtag because I’ve got one of those too! Just called him for the second time in as many days to deliberate the purchasing of a new stroller off Craigslist…plus conversations at home in between. Sheesh, lady!
    #3, your hair always looks amazing!
    Thanks for such fun posts!

  3. Cute outfits. Fall/Autumn: Up until this week we were unseasonably warm in Utah…80’s and a couple of 90’s…however, it’s a dry heat. We complain when the humidity gets as high as 20% (which isn’t very often). Today it’s closer to normal for mid October,, but still warmer than It usually is (mid 60’s).

  4. Well, after experiencing a few weeks of mild fall weather, over the weekend, it turned to winter! We’ve had frost several mornings this week. I FREEZE when I head out for my early morning runs!! I’m glad to here that it is going to return to more seasonal temperatures today.

  5. It’s been about a good 17°C (63°F) high to 6°C (43°F) low week for me up over here w/me in WA that I haven’t failed to complain about!!~

    (But if we really look at each other, have we really just been praying for all the wrong things, or do ya think we should just meet in the middle @whoever’s-got-a-pretty-decent-temp-going-on’s place?? Then again, won’t everyone just think their own weather is off, this time of the year?)


  6. Super cute! I adore your booties. I am also suffering in the heat where I live, and am so annoyed I can’t wear my boots yet.

  7. I’m just the same, my ambitions for quantity of blog posts always outweighs the reality of time. Best that I just commit to definitely doing one a week and then if I manage more all the better – on top of a full time job that’s the reality sadly. 🙂 I always admire your style – since “secondhand or bare bottom” days 🙂 particularly like outfits 2, 4 and 7 here 🙂

  8. It was a balmy 18 degrees here in NH this morning and is a sunny 37 now at noon! Though these temps are a few months early, I can’t quite imagine wearing shorts at Christmas! We have even had some snowflakes flying a little. We won’t be seeing shorts till May around these parts! Enjoyed beautiful foliage this fall, all red, orange and yellow, but I think the peak is about over now.

I love hearing from you guys!