We’ve had the most unseasonably warm winter ever around here. Like, we pretty much didn’t have one. (It’s maybe dipped below freezing briefly three times–crazy mild, even for us East Texans). Which is weird because my husband assured me that “the experts” were universally predicting an especially bitter winter.

Ha! Experts, indeed.

Of course, based on what my children wear on any given day, you might be forgiven for being incapable of judging the weather.


Della: It’s -13 degrees outside, so I’m wearing my trusty leopard print earmuffs + my little sister’s puffy coat.

Theo (aka–Mister Charming): Surf’s up, dude (plus one sparkly sister-sandal).

Evy: Hawaiian luau with a side of open-toed princess shoes.

Nola: Warm and fuzzy up top, summertime on the bottom.


And then, there was this jewel of an afternoon when we grabbed every nasty, throwaway, tackily animal-printed blankie we could find, hauled all the leftovers out of our fridge, plopped ourselves in the middle of the front yard, and called it a picnic.


I lay down on one of those fuzzy monstrosities after my belly was full and listened to my children squeal with laughter as they pushed each other on the tire swing until I drifted off to sleep for 7 whole glorious minutes.

Speaking of glorious, remember this?

dinner party recap

Yup, that would be a pic of the dinner party we hosted two years ago.

It almost makes me want to do it again this year. Almost. But not quite.

OH! And I know you guys are waiting with baited breath for me to announce the winner of our awesome giveaway to Chelsey Alyse.

The winner is…


Email me at blogabbie{at}gmail{dot}com, Sharrell,and I’ll get you hooked up!

Happy almost spring, y’all! May your weekend be full of sunshine and longer-than-seven-minute naps!

I love hearing from you guys!