EDIT: I found the Nourison Fantasy Rug for cheaper on Amazon with free shipping! (keep reading if you’re lost…that’s an affiliate link, by the way, but it is absolutely the cheapest price I’ve found so far; the color is Aqua, and the 8X10.6 size is available right now. Also, don’t be fooled by the dull/ugly pics. It’s really bright in person).

First things first: we have been busy bees getting all of your Paint and Prose orders out (thank you!), but you still have until tomorrow at midnight to take advantage of our Buy 2 get 1 Free sale that includes all prints (even our brand new ones!).

For the most part, I have been limiting my house purchases over the last year, both because we don’t really need anything for this house and because I want to move as absolutely little as possible whenever that day comes.

There have been some exceptions when I find deals on a Facebook swap that are too good to pass up, but those have been rare.

But what’s a girl to do when she stumbles across a rug she spotted in someone’s Instagram over a year ago but had all but given up hope of ever finding?

flower rug 8

Because that’s totally what happened the other night as Shaun and I were at Home Depot sans kids (thanks, Mom!), and I stopped dead in my tracks and squeaked: “There it IS!”

flower rug 9

You see, after I spotted a pic of the rug, I asked the Instagrammer for the deets, but she didn’t know because it wasn’t her rug. A fellow commenter was nice enough to let me know that Home Depot carried it, which…obviously turned out to be true. But at the time, I couldn’t find it online or in stores anywhere.

flower rug7

So, I buried that (oh-so-worthy) dream and forgot about it.

Until Monday night, that is.

flower rug6

Y’all. I have to give major props to Shaun on this one. He stood there with me and stared at it for 10 straight minutes as I went through every room in the new house debating whether it would go well here or be big enough/too big there. He even had an associate open up a runner so that I could see it in smaller form (the 5X7 was the only one displayed, and it didn’t even have my favorite part of the rug–the pink flowers–on it). He was super sweet and patient and did an Oscar-worthy job of seeming interested for a man who doesn’t give a rip about rug designs.

Ultimately, I decided that a) I wasn’t sure whether it would skew too traditional for the couple of spaces it might work (namely: the girls’ play room or my craft room), and b) it was the wrong size for the places that it made the most sense.

And we left.

flower rug 10

But that darn rug nagged at me for the next 24 hours. Why? Because we didn’t have enough chutzpah to have the big version (8X10.6) opened to look at in person. And I knew that, until I saw it in person in my house, I wouldn’t know FOR SURE whether it was the rug for me/the new house.

flower rug4

Can we say “overthinker?” Yes, yes, we can.

So, the next day, the twins + Theo and I went back to Home Depot while the older kids were at piano lessons. Clearly, I was serious about this rug. I mean, I didn’t buy it while I had no kids + a husband to help me haul it, and then I dragged 3 littles across a SCORCHING parking lot (East Texas: any time you want to cool down juuuuuust a smidge will be fine with me) into a big box store where I loaded up a large rug on a small cart and proceeded to make a spectacle of myself getting it into the back of the van. Thank goodness for the nice lady who noticed me sweating through my clothes in my efforts to work it over the top of the seats, and thank goodness for her being nice enough to ignore the messyΒ  back of my van. (I couldn’t help but mentally chuckle at her: “I had 3 little kids once too; bless your heart.” If she only knew :))

ANYhoo, I got it home and set it up in the sitting room upstairs to see how I liked it, and…I do.

Like it, that is.

flower rug1

A lot.

In fact, if all of it looked like this part, I would LUUURVE it without reservation. But that whole: “Is it too traditional?” question keeps niggling at my mind–mostly because of the deep red + yellow. Nothing so inherently traditional about them. That’s just how they strike me.

flower rug3

Which is where you guys come in. What do you think? Am I crazy for worrying about it so much? (Let’s go with yes, and move on).

Do you think it gives off a funky/happy/Anthro vibe or…more of a Pottery Barn feel? (Nothing wrong with either; I’m just going for the former over the latter).

In case you’re lost on what I mean by funky vs. traditional, the pic on the left below is my favorite view of the rug, mostly because those pink flowers against the teal just make me happy and have a slightly modern feel to them. The picture on the right focuses on the darker, more traditional-looking patterns and colors, and I’m not as in love with it.

flower rug collage

It’s like it’s a split-personality rug. At least in my strange mind.

So, the question is: could you picture this rug in a girls’ room or craft room? I, personally, think it’s a better fit for a dining or living room, but it’s too small for either in the new house.

Ugh. The first-world, extremely insignificant problems I have to do deal with, y’all.

Oh! And just in case you’re wondering, it’s NOT wool, so it won’t be a beast to vacuum, and it’s quite thick and cushy/comfy underfoot.

flower rug5

Honestly, when I ask you guys for your advice, I’m usually leaning one direction or another. Sometimes your feedback sways me. Sometimes, I stand firm.

But this time, I’m genuinely torn.


P.S. In case you’re wondering what Evy thinks…

flower rug2

Yeah. I have no idea either.


  1. Hi Cherish, sorry to respond so late. I just now saw this. The rug in this post can be found at both Home Depot and Amazon. Same rug. But Amazon’s price (that I linked to at the top of the post) is cheaper by $40.

  2. Just to clarify, is the rug in the picture the one from the Amazon or Home Depot? And which size did you get? I’m seriously considering this for my living room. My furniture is more traditional/plain and this would ligthen up the room considerably!

  3. Here’s my 2 cents (or less): Do you love it? If so, turn off the overthinking side of your brain and enjoy it, wherever you place it. With those happy colors it could go anywhere!

  4. I totally rethink EVERY big purchase. Don’t worry about if it looks Anthro or not. If you really liked it to begin with, you’ll love it after the anxiety wears off (the first time someone spills on it.) I think it rocks! And I want one in my house.

  5. I think it works as funky instead of traditional, especially given your other pieces. I love the bright colors! It would be totally great for a craft room.

  6. I should just write here that I absolutely love that rug and want it (which is true!). BUT, when you asked: does it have an anthro or a pottery barn feel to it?, I immediately thought Pottery Barn. Not Anthro. And while I enjoy the mix of the traditional and modern elements of it (I think it will be rather timeless while still looking modern right now), if you are looking for Anthro, I don’t think this is the right rug.
    And I am hating myself for writing that!

  7. Girl. You and I are soul sisters. I do this exact thing so often, it’s ridiculous. Thankfully my husband indulges my indecisiveness…most of the time.
    Having said that, you MUST purchase this rug.
    Heck, I want to purchase this rug and I have absolutely no yellow or red in my home. It. Is. Divine.
    Blessings to you!

  8. I saw this post on Instagram and do really love the bright colors of the rug. It looks beautiful with your furniture and is very fun! That being said, if you don’t LOVE it, I would not keep it. I am not being a Debbie Downer, but just honest….and believe me I have learned from experience! I buy something I like but don’t keep it as long as something I love..then I end up spending more money than if I would have just been patient. πŸ™‚ Either way though, I don’t think you can go wrong because it is beautiful..

  9. In case you need more affirmation, keep it!! It’s bright and fun and looks perfect with your furniture. It definitely screams anthro to me, not PB (I think their colors usually aren’t so bright and cheery). I can definitely picture it in a craft or play room, or a girls’ room–so much fun. Love it!!

  10. At first I thought, “I love it, too!” And then I thought, “Why doesn’t she love this?!” And then I thought, “I totally get this mentality. This thought process is 100% me.” So, with that said, keep the dang thing. Your furniture combination looks like a modern magazine spread – double page!

  11. Love it! I think the aqua keeps it from being too traditional as does the size of the flowers. For traditional, I picture small, scroll-y flowers…

  12. I guess “traditional” is in the eye of the beholder… but the rug screams “ABBIE” to me far louder than “traditional”. Maybe like many other things, every room needs a little bit of traditional? Someone out there had this theory that every thing needs just a little “ugly” in it to balance the beautiful/pretty and keep it from getting too sweet, why not a touch of traditional to balance the funky and keep it from getting too… I don’t know… random/70’s/loud and crazy? Kind of ground things? That would be my take on things (or at least my excuse for living with what I was stuck with, haha). : )
    I also tend to go with something I’ve loved THAT long. It’s passed a test of sorts.

  13. Definitely a keeper! It is beautiful, and doesn’t read as traditional to me at all. Fits right in with your upbeat, colorful Anthro style. I wish my husband(Mr black and gray are my favorite colors) would agree to let me decorate with those colors πŸ˜‰

  14. Absolutely love it….so many colors to pull out for decorating. The possibilities would be endless. You can stop doubting yourself! πŸ™‚

  15. Love, love, love….keep, keep, keep! It would be perfect in any room and with the home you are building, how large it is, you are gonna need all the rugs you LOVE πŸ™‚

  16. I love it. When I was reading the post I thought the first picture was the instagram picture you saw because the furniture looks great with the rug. When I saw the second picture in the post I realized both the first and second are of your home. That said I love it with the colors in your furniture. I wonder what two 8X10 rugs pushed together would look like for the new home since you said you need something bigger if it would be in two specific rooms. You could call the company who made the rug and see if they offer it somewhere else in a bigger size for one of those rooms. It doesn’t seem traditional to me at all. A.K.A, I couldn’t picture it in my MIL’s traditional home at all but definitely could see it in my eclectic fun-loving home or a friend’s upbeat happy contemporary home.

  17. You absolutely positively need to keep that rug! It’s perfect for the way you mix colors and to me it looks like a modern, fun take on traditional. Not traditional at all, really. πŸ™‚

  18. Keep her! The oversized flowers give it a funky/happy vibe…..not traditional. You’ve been searching for a year, you found her at a non-Anthro price, the color palette gives you so many decorating options and you love her. Quick, give her a name like your DIY ottoman Emmeline and welcome her home

  19. This rug is amazing. A BIG plus about some of those colors that you might not be wild about right now – if you put it in the girls’ room it leaves a lot of room for them to change the colors in their room and have the rug still work. Funky – yep! It’s a big thumbs up from me!

  20. Totally you! PS! My son & DIL just put hardwood throughout their 4200 st ft house = ALOT of rugs. They found almost of of them on the website Rugs, USA. They said they have some great sales. Their taste is a bit more Pottery Barn, but they do have one with a ton of color, and it is a huge site. Again, great sale prices. Check it out, you or any of your FB friends.

  21. I think it looks awesome ! but now dang it I’m going have to go searching for one to. I love the yellow ottoman. Where did you find it ? I’m going to hunt one of those down too. Abby the whole room looks great. I’d şay it is a keeper
    blessings. Sunshine

  22. I absolutely LOVE this rug…it makes my heart so happy! So many colors, so fresh looking, and versatile to use in multiple places in your new house! Definitely a keeper!!

  23. I looooove the rug! I think I’m going to get one!

    I love when people help out and tell their stories! I had all 5 of mine on a Costco run and she noticed me with them and 2 carts full and offered to help. She told me she could tell they were all close together because her kids were 18mo apart. It was comforting to know you do survive and so do they because some days you wonder

  24. Love, love, love it! I think it looks fabulous in the room – almost made specifically for you. And since it won’t go anywhere in my house, I will cry if you take it back.

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