Gooood morning!!!

Okay, so I had to sound a little cheerier than I currently feel just now, since I’ve been staying up way too late watching the Olympics (hashtag obsessed, hashtag GOUSA), and I miiight have had trouble falling asleep after the American men gutted beat the French and Australians in the 100M freestyle relay last night. Shaun and I were gushing over how their relay comeback from 2008 (when 30-year-old captain Jason Lezak chased down the French in the last lap) was the best race we’ve ever seen, and Ezra and Simon–who are way into the Olympics too–were just staring at us in slightly bemused fascination (apparently, we were pretty animated). But then, they got their own team to cheer for, and they were hopping around like hyper grasshoppers, shouting our boys home, so suffice it to say it’s either in the blood or very catching.

ANYhoo, clearly, I did not manage to get the three promised Paint and Prose prints posted by Friday because Life. That’s all I’ve got.

But they’re here now!

And I don’t like to play favorites, but…they are definitely some of my absolute faves we’ve done so far.

And not just because this one is a phrase that I coined. (It’s not exactly a super-original thought or anything, but it is an encouragement that I need daily).

First up, our Hard is Not the Same Thing as Bad print.


Hard is Not the Same Thing as Bad.


What I tell myself when I’m overwhelmed by laundry or 3-year-old angst or too much to-do list and not enough sleep. What I tell my children, too, when they moan and groan about a shopping trip to Walmart when we’re all hungry and tired or when they’re cowed by a difficult new piano piece. (Notice all of these are first world problems and would hardly qualify as “hard” in many countries).

We made this one simple, with pretty watercolor script and bold prints. Because the message is the big picture here.


And then there’s our ethereal Under His Wings print.


under his wings

The delicate purples, green, and blues of the feathers would make this one perfect for a little girl’s room (I already had a reader tell me that she needed this one, since they were the exact colors and verse she had already chosen for her daughter’s nursery!). But really, this print would work anywhere that you need some pretty encouragement of the Lord’s care for you.

under his wings1

I do believe it fits right in with all of the blues in my entryway.

under his wings2

And last but not least, we have our Just Roll With It print. I don’t remember if I ever told this story here (I know I did over on the Paint and Prose Instagram you follow us there?), but this one is the print that almost never was.

roll with it white

roll with it

It’s one of the first prints we ever created, and we luuuurved it. But somehow, we managed to leave it in the hotel room (where we holed up for 30 hours making prints and eating chocolate), and the hotel staff never found it. We were so sad. But, after showing our IGers an in-progress shot of the original print and getting a universally positive response, we knew we needed to recreate it.

So, TADA. Just Roll With It 2.0. The message seems fitting considering the circumstances of its creation.

roll with it1

Obviously, I’m super-jazzed that we have her back, considering how fun she is on my shelves full o’ paraphernalia in my kitchen. This one would make such a cute gift for a baker or amateur chef in your life. (I’m thinking it would be perfect as a gift paired with an actual rolling pin + measuring cups).

roll with it2

In case you’re wondering, we’re already working on some fall-themed prints plus {!!}, by popular request, a boy-themed print.

Oh! And, in celebration of our new print launches, we’re running a flash sale from now until Saturday at midnight.
Buy any TWO prints and get one FREE (of equal or lesser size). No code necessary. Just let us know which free print you want, in which size, and we’ll include it with your order. Standard shipping, as always, is free!

You can find all of our art prints here.

Happy shopping and HAPPY Monday (meh).

P.S. Did you have a favorite of the three?




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  1. The wings one is my definite favorite! My cousin memorized that passage when she had a brain tumor and multiple surgeries 15 years ago and it still makes me think of her! Perhaps she needs one to hang in her home…

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