I get a fair number of questions about this purse.


I bought it, um, 18 months {?} ago on major sale from Anthropologie’s website, and everyone from complete strangers to RL friends to blog readers to Anthro employees have asked me about it.

It sold out pretty quickly, but I stumbled across a different design in the same print for crazy cheap (like $10) from Modcloth (during the epic wedding dress search of 2016), but–le sigh–it sold out too before I could even share it with you guys.

Which is why I got a wee bit excited when I stumbled across this little gem from Whoa, Wait, Walmart? (do you follow them on IG? it’s a fun account). I guarantee you I never would have noticed it if I’d had kids with me, but I was–shockingly–shopping alone, which freed up my brain cells to register its cuteness. Yip-to-the-ee.

boho purse1

Honestly, I would have expected to find a bag this hip at Target, not Walmart, but, since their gender-neutral bathroom decision, I’ve kept my distance from Target. I mentioned boycotting them on Instagram, and it sparked quite the discussion, but I just wanted to clarify two things that came up as a result: 1. I don’t expect Target to share my Biblical views of gender/God’s design for men and women, so their support of people who identify themselves as transgender does not surprise me. I do, however, expect them to give even more weight to the safety of their shoppers, and allowing any man who claims to identify as a woman to enter the women’s bathroom is an inroad for voyeurs and pedophiles (not saying a person who identifies as transgender is a pedophile, simply that people who are predators could easily claim to be transgender for restroom access), and 2. Even if our Target had a family restroom (it doesn’t) or I could make sure that my kids never need to use the bathroom while we’re there (I can’t), my most persuasive voice at the moment is my money. I love Target’s wares. But I do not love this policy, and if abstaining from shopping there can help change it, then that’s what I’ll do.

ANYhoo, sorry for the tangent. BACK to the purse.

It has the same boho vibe, complete with a fun yarn tassel pom-pom, as the Anthro version, and, while I haven’t truly tested its mettle (I just bought it on Tuesday), I figured that, for $7, it was a chance I was willing to take. (It does have several good reviews).

Plus, it’s the perfect size for my laptop (which I use for choreography notes) + gym mic + mic belt + diapers and wipes, which means I can load it up, leave it in the car, and snag it to bring inside the gym, instead of bringing in my larger Anthro bag or trying to transfer everything I need back and forth (because carrying my mic around in my everyday bag is a surefire way to break it).

boho purse2

In stores, I found 5ish different designs, and they were all on sale for $7. (Originally $13). Online, the prices vary a little more, but none are over $10, which still makes it a pretty great deal for a cute, nicely-sized bag with fun details like embroidery, a lining, and an inner zip pocket.

boho purse

{Oh, the siren’s song of poofy tulle skirts and being able to reach the light switches}

ANYhoo, apparently, this is the week where I share things I like (and some I don’t. Ha!). I have all kinds of other posts in the works, including a recap of our post-Vail Colorado vacation and, tomorrow, the release of not one but THREE new Paint and Prose prints (we’ve been busy!), but I just thought I’d pop in and share in case, you know, you’re just desperate for a new bag or want to stock up on Christmas presents.

Hasta mañana!




  1. Such a strange thought process… you guys are aware that there are no police officers checking your ID at the bathroom door right? If a predator wants to attack someone they aren’t going to let a little stick figure sign on a door stop them. A man could easily be hiding in a woman’s bathroom whether he is pretending to be a woman or not. I really don’t see how accepting that a transgender person use the right bathroom for them is opening the flood gates for predators. More commonly there are male predators in male bathrooms waiting to prey on young boys, that is a problem and is very common. I am definitely afraid of child predators and won’t be letting my boys use public washrooms until they are fully capable of defending themselves. I agree that family washrooms are very important for that reason. Also, as an adult in a washroom in a big store like target, are you really so concerned that you are going to be attacked and not be able to escape or call for help? That situation seems very uncommon in such a public place. Sad to see you boycott a place based on such a flimsy reason but that being said, Walmart in canada is pretty pathetic compared to Target. Maybe Walmart for you is just as good so the boycott doesn’t affect you in the same way.

  2. As a daughter of God who fiercely loves her Savior, I am perplexed over how so many people are worried about their daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, cousins, etc. in a female bathroom, but it is rare to ever find someone who laments about their sons, husbands, dads, uncles, etc. in the male bathrooms who may come across a woman who identifies as a male in THEIR bathrooms. Is it because men are often seen as physically more powerful than women and could defend themselves? Or is it because people gain more attention if they cry out about the females in their families?

    Abbie, I love your blog and I am so thankful that the Lord led me to you as I enjoy your posts and pray for your family, so please don’t think I’m attacking you; this is just a question that I ask a lot and really, only people who stop and think about it wonder as well.

    I am a mother of a gay child who identifies as gender-neutral, and is agnostic as he seeks guidance to understand what he does and does not believe in. I believe that God loves my son and has a plan for him. I, also, adamantly believe in the commandment that Jesus gave us; “love one another as I have loved you, so you love another”.

    To me, that is the most important thing; to love and pray for those who are lost and need guidance and to most of all, not judge. I firmly believe that the Lord chooses His children wisely to bear such a burdensome cross on Earth.

  3. You boycott Target over their bathroom policy, but have you done ANYTHING AT ALL to combat the disturbingly high suicide rate and hate crime rates against trans people?

  4. I completely agree with your ‘tangent’ and so appreciate you sharing it!
    I think you’ve made a better choice with your Walmart shopping decision….the lesser of two evils. Enjoy the beautiful bag!

  5. Yeah, it’s interesting that you won’t shop at Target because there is a potential for a predator in the bathroom, but you will shop at WalMart which is notorious for using child labor and not paying their workers a minimum wage. Not potentially, actually. And this isn’t an attack or anything like that, ethical fashion (like buying used, which you do a lot of!) is something I’ve been feeling convicted about, so it’s interesting to hear what issues are other people’s deal breakers/won’t shop at that store anymore.

  6. I like a good deal too, but I’m wondering how much the lady who made the bag received for her work. Where was it made? What were the work conditions? What if you only made mere cents for each print in your shop? Just my thoughts. Oh and I whole hardly agree with your thoughts on Target. Money speaks.

I love hearing from you guys!