It hardly seems possible that I am actually writing these words, but launch day for M Is for Mama: A Rebellion Against Mediocre Motherhood is almost HERE! (It’s officially Feb. 1, in case you’re wondering!)

What seemed like an interminable time to wait when I signed the contract to write this book over two years ago suddenly feels like a warp speed sprint to the finish line (which is, ironically, actually the starting line for every non-preorder book sale).

Of course, now that some of the pre-orders have gotten their books in hand early (lucky ducks!), I’m loving the feedback I’m getting.

One busy mama of 4 told me: “I NEVER read print books anymore in this busy stage of motherhood, but I can’t put your book down, Abbie. Thank you for writing something that speaks directly to my mama’s heart.”

Another mama of 5 reported that she was “reading with a highlighter in hand, not just because I’m enjoying what Abbie has to say, but also to highlight all of the Scripture that she has included on just about every page.” (If you take nothing else away from this book, I’d love for you to know that Scripture has A LOT to say about how to mother well!)

Another mama of 4 raved, “If you read one parenting book this year, let it be this one!”

Yet another seasoned mama informed me that, after reaching Chapter 3, she hopped online and ordered 6 copies for church friends and family because “every mother should read this book.”

FRIENDS. Clearly, this kind of response warms my soul to its very depths. These words of effusive appreciation are affirmations of the rock solid conviction that prompted me to write this book in the first place: Mamas need encouragement from Scripture to mother excellently and to stay the course in the face of cultural apathy, disdain, and downright hostility. Getting to participate in this community of kind, encouraging, determined mamas is a BLESSING to this tired mama-author for sure!

If you’ve been on the fence about M Is for Mama, I hope you’ll give it a chance because I truly believe that you’ll be encouraged, convicted, uplifted, and spurred on toward Jesus by what you find in its pages. And if you’d like to pre-order to get it JUST bit sooner, you’ll also receive a special offer that applies to orders placed BEFORE Feb. 1 only.

Anyone who pre-orders can go to misformamabook.com, click on “special preorder offers”, and enter their order number to receive a FREE copy of my Penny Reward System e-book, which includes a detailed (but easy-to-follow) description of our simple, no-fuss system for encouraging our kids to make good choices, including adorable graphics and even handy, easy charts to keep up with rewards/redemption.

If you’ve already pre-ordered but are still interested in the PRS, you can still buy the e-book for $5!

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement through this process! I am praying that the Lord will get M is for Mama into the hands of each woman whose heart he has prepared to read its words. May it be for the good of mothers everywhere and for the glory of God!


I love hearing from you guys!