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My New Favorite Chairs + a Rad Website

I love the “industrial farmhouse” look. Metal + old school furniture vibes and chippy paint makes my heart go pitter-patter.

Throw in a little color (preferably aqua or teal, of course), and I’m in decor heaven.

Which is why I just about flipped my lid as I was browsing Anthropologie’s extra 40% off sale this past weekend (it ended yesterday; sorry) and spotted these gorgeous pale blue metal bistro chairs.

For a very reasonable price.

bistro chair

Remember that big farmhouse table I mentioned that Shaun will build for the dining room in the new house?

Well, it will be surrounded by these beauties.

Yup. I bought them. She says so calmly as if she hadn’t feverishly clack-clacked away at her computer like a lunatic, having her husband read out gift card numbers to her (I’ll explain in a sec), checking every couple of seconds to make sure they hadn’t disappeared from her cart, and only fully exhaling when she’d received a confirmation email that the purchase had gone through.

Because good deals on Anthro’s website go fast, y’all. Like, faster than a toddler who just noticed you left the back door open. (FREEEEEDOOOOOM).

Sure enough, within in an hour after I ordered, they were all gone.

In FACT,  sadly, the day after I ordered them, I got an email notifying me that they had canceled 4 of them. Figures. But! I get to keep 6, and I was already planning to mix and match them, so I’m still calling it a win (even if I did spend an hour on the phone with a very confused Anthro employee trying to explain to him that the amount I’d been credited back was not equal to the cost of 4 of the chairs plus their tax…and could he please remedy that?).

But back to what a good deal they were.

I’ve never bought a single stick of furniture from Anthro before for obvious (E.X.P.E.N.S.I.V.E.) reasons, but these were considerably cheaper than anything comparable for the size/quality. I checked. These were $78 + tax/shipping each (they were on sale and then an extra 40% off). Wayfair and Joss and Main have the exact same chair in various colors–although not “sky,” so they wouldn’t have won me over anyway for $180+ EACH.

Here’s the where the best part comes in.

Have you heard of

It’s a site that sells gift cards at a discount–sometimes nominal (think 7%), sometimes quite substantial (some restaurant cards are discounted by 30%).


They sell Anthro gift cards too. So, we scooped up a few of those at 15% off, which means we were able to take 15% off the top of the extra 40% off of the already sale price.

Insert an incredibly awkward victory dance around my living room, in socks no less, and you pretty much know how I felt about that.

Ultimately, what that means is that I am getting each chair shipped to my door for $72 (tax + shipping included).

We’ve also used for Lowe’s gift cards (which provide up to an extra 10% off the top of building supply purchases–which quickly adds up when you’re making large purchases like lumber for framing an entire house).

My kids’ favorite place to eat out is Chick-fil-a, so we stocked up on cards at about a 20% discount.

Marshall’s/TJ Maxx are also faves for buying gifts, inexpensive sandals for the girls, and feeding my ever-growing throw pillow addiction (just kidding, babe! nervous giggle), so an extra 18% off for one of their cards was a no-brainer.

And that barely scratches the surface of all of the brands that they offer.

And no, is not sponsoring this post. I just like finding (and sharing) easy, money-saving hacks.

If you’re so inclined to try them out for yourself, you can use this link for $5 off of your first purchase (I get one too–win, win).

Update: a reader expressed concern because Raise has some bad reviews, but I just wanted to clarify that our experience has been very good. There have been a couple of bum Lowe’s gift cards, but our money was promptly refunded, and we have already used all of the ones I mentioned above with zero incident or problem.

Oh, and stay tuned for Wednesday when I show you 3 different possible design boards for the look I’ll put together using these chairs in the new dining room. (My husband likes to lift an amused eyebrow at my design-loving, gun-jumping self, considering that decorating the dining room is likely many, many {many} months in the future).

Until then, Happy Monday, y’all! Or at least Decent Monday (just in case, “Happy” and “Monday” seemed a little too incongruous to be included in a sentence so close together).

dear monday

The only thing that could make me like this meme more is if they had actually included the comma that should be after “you” and made it grammatically correct. #nerd

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Wardrobe Wednesday: Clothes Mentor Strikes Again

On Friday, I asked your opinion about what I should do about my deep and abiding longing to change up my hairstyle (okay, so it was more like a recent impulse, but still).

And pretty much every single person said, “CHOP IT!” With the prevailing reasoning being, “It’s just hair. It’ll grow back.”

So, after I spent an hour or so soothing my long hair’s hurt pride at y’alls being so willing to see her whacked, I went and got my hair chopped. Okay, so actually, I already had an appointment that day which I had made over a week before with the intention of getting my bangs trimmed and my ends tidied up.


(One last shot of the my long-haired self right before The Big Chop)

When I marched into my stylist, Hollie’s, salon and answered her usual, “What are we doing today?” question with, “Hacking it all off,” it’s no wonder that she stuttered a little as she said, “Uuuuh, a-a-all off?” (What can I say, I was feeling drastic).

But when I showed her the inspiration collage that I showed you last Friday, she was all, “Let’s do this thang!” (We say stuff like that in Texas). And so we did that thang.

And you know what?


I luuuuuurve it!

I think my favorite part is the way it angles from shorter to longer from the back to front.


{Top: Actually a dress from Banana Republic, $13, Skirt: Clothes Mentor, $12, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, $20}


But let’s stop talking about my hair for a minute (oh, yes, please, Abbie!) and discuss that rockin’ skirt, shall we?

I bought it on the same trip to Clothes Mentor during which I scored all of those fantastic designer jeans because, well, it was just too happy to pass up. I was drawn to it immediately, but it was two sizes too big (on the tag anyway). So, as I stood there deliberating and desperately wishing it were my size, the manager said, “You know, I love that skirt. It’s a Neiman Marcus exclusive, and I only get a couple like that in every year. You should buy it!”

Call me a sucker for a clever sales pitch if you want, but the truth is that I didn’t need much convincing. It’s incredibly well-made, and to find something so unique and fun for only $12 is such a rare thing that I promised myself that I would find a way to alter her if need be.

Turns out, the need didn’t be. Instead of hitting me at the waist, she sits at my hips, and the natural fullness of the skirt works well in a larger size. 

Plus, I wore it on a date with my husband and the twins, and I really think it’s the ideal date-with-children (now there’s an oxymoron) skirt since a) it’s not fitted, thus allowing for maximum breadstick consumption, and b) it has approximately 52 different colors and patterns, both of which are great for hiding spills and baby drool.

And then was this little ditty


{Top: Target, $12, Skirt: Clothes Mentor, $15, Shoes: Clothes Mentor, $10}

IMG_4787 IMG_4788

I do believe that this skirt is how the first one is *supposed to fit. But it’s not nearly as conducive to carb consumption, which would make me sad, except that I wore it to church, where the only things I ingested were a tiny bit of communion bread and grape juice. You better believe I loosened up those zippers for lunch, though.

And now, since I feel that a recap is in order for this rather rambly post, here’s the takeaway, folks:

If you have a really great haircut you want, go for it. After all, as one reader so eloquently put it: “I think we get way too caught up in the vanity that is the strands growing from our dermis–eww.” (Ew, indeed).

Oh, and if you have a Clothes Mentor near you, go for it too. There are some fantastic deals to be had.

And now, my friends, it is time for me to return to the real world where laundry and dirty diapers await me.

It’s been fun! See you tomorrow!

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