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Try-it Tuesday: DIY Flower Bib Necklace

I know fabric flowers are super-trendy, but even though I tend to buck trends—even the ones I like—I have to admit that I’m an absolute sucker for a pretty rolled or fluttery flower accent.

Another trend I’ve succumbed to?

Bib necklaces.

So, although the concept is hardly original, I thought I’d take a shot at combining the two into a fun and feminine take on one of the easiest ways to dress up a basic tee.

Here’s what you’ll need:


{I chose four different fabrics that I already had in my stash in shades of white/ivory with varying levels of texture and sparkle, including a champagne satin that I used the candle to singe the edges of}



(I ended up ditching the lace for some ivory tulle)

1. I made a variety of flowers, using my old standbys—the three versions of fabric flowers that I showed you how to make for the Skirt Challenge I issued myself back in the spring.


Here’s an in-progress carnage shot.

2. Once I had as many flowers as I thought I needed for the size I was going for, I started playing with arrangements, laying them out on top of the felt, which serves as the anchor for the bib portion of the necklace


3. Once I found a configuration I was happy with, I hot-glued the flowers to the felt, then started filling in the gaps with beads, faux pearls, and tulle. There wasn’t much rhyme or reason to this part. I just messed around with different combos until I had a reaction of, “Ooooh, pretty.”


{All arranged and glued within an inch of its life!}

4. Then, I trimmed the felt so that no part of it was showing from the front view. Here it is from the back:



5. The last step was attaching my ribbon, which I did again with generous globs of hot glue. Then I tried it on and trimmed my ends to the right length (and by “right,” I mean long enough to make a bow with decent streamers, so….long).


Really, outside of the fabric flowers, this is a minimal effort, uber-easy project that anybody (even the kind with 3 children under 6 plus 2 more on the way!) with some scissors and a hot glue gun could tackle in an hour.

And the results?


I’m kind of a fan.


And you know what else?

You’ll get also get chance to own Talia, the bib necklace, and support a super-worthy cause, so stay tuned because I’ll be sharing all the details tomorrow!

See you then!

P.S. I haven’t forgotten about sharing my views on the whole “what you would you do with a future Olympian child” scenario I posed yesterday, and I very much enjoyed reading all your thoughtful (and quite wise!) responses yesterday, but I’m still mulling over what I really think and how to say it (can’t even imagine your pins and needles right now ; )).