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Hi there guys, and haaaaaappy Friday!

I realize that, as a full-time mama, weekends shouldn’t be that exciting to me since I’m still doing the same things I do all week long. But I love them anyway. Our pace slows way down. My husband’s more available to help and play with the kids. There’s always the prospect of a nap on Sunday afternoon (and, amazingly enough, it’s a reality more often than not). We kick the soccer ball in the yard, drink ho-cho, watch movies, and play games together. Aaaaaah. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

This weekend, Saturday is jam-packed full of doubleheader soccer games, and a family get-together on Shaun’s side. And my to-do list is disturbingly long. But that’s okay because I know Sunday is coming. We truly make it a day of rest, and it is far and away my favorite day of the week because I get to worship God with my brothers and sisters in Christ and love on my family.

I had another post planned for today with pictures taken and everything, but I decided to save it for next week (I think it’ll make more sense then). So, today, let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to lately via the wonderful world of Instagram. (Follow along at @misformama).

(Prepare yourself for a major twin fix)

Fullscreen capture 372014 64911 AM

I finally made my first batch of Lara bars (or, in this case, balls). Thin Mint Brownie  …MMMMMMMmmm. What you see on that plate was all that was left once I got the chance to take a picture.

Fullscreen capture 372014 73909 AM

There’s something extremely appealing to me about ranunculas. I  have a major crush on them.

Fullscreen capture 372014 74008 AM

I posted this one to Instagram with the caption: “The moment when the playground goes from deserted to crowded…just because you showed up.” What I didn’t emphasize was how literal I was being. A reader who lives in my area asked me which playground this was because she just knew her daughter would love it. But then I had to burst her bubble to point out that what you see in this picture is entirely what you you get. A couple of animals, and a 3 foot tunnel. No slides. No swings. Nothing. But my kids were still begging to stay longer. Yes, they are easily amused. No, I’m not complaining.

Fullscreen capture 372014 64853 AM

My boys’ soccer team practices at a field right next to a playground (the legit kind with slides and everything), and I am so grateful. Sitting around in the cold for an hour and 1/2 with three little girls and absolutely nothing to do would be infinitely more miserable than sitting around in the cold for an hour and 1/2 watching three little girls have a blast (even if there is a total wardrobe fail going on…can you spot it?).

Fullscreen capture 372014 64842 AM

You’ve already seen this outfit from Wednesday’s post, but it includes a rare peek at our master bedroom. It’s thisclose to finally being completely done. I have high hopes of showing it too you soon(ish).

Fullscreen capture 372014 64814 AM

I looooooove that my girls still sleep together (even when one has her hand up in her sister’s grill).

Fullscreen capture 372014 64759 AM

Speaking of my girls…we had a major breakthrough in the bath time department the other day. The twins have hated baths since birth. It’s sad, really, since pretty much all my other kids have been pretty big fans. But Della hopped in with them the other day, and, despite the fact that having siblings in there with them has never really helped before, the twins thought this was pure awesomeness. They giggled and sloshed huge amounts of water on the floor and stayed happy for a good 45 minutes. Mama likey a lot.

Fullscreen capture 372014 72351 AM

And since we’re already on it, let’s just keep this train of cute twin pics truckin’. I had to laugh when I saw this pic. Not only because of how seriously they are both taking the creation of their yogurt goatees, but also because of how perfectly this pic exemplifies their personalities. Evy (left) is a spoon-eater, definitely a bit on the prissier, more thoughtful side. And Nola? Well, Nola started out with a spoon too, but it wasn’t long before she chunked it on the floor because Nola is all about instant gratification and fun  (oh, and food), and shoveling yogurt into your mouth with your bare hands is all kind of instant food fun!

It’s like the Myers Briggs test but with yogurt!

On an interesting side note, the girls seem to be mirror image identical twins, meaning that what one girl has on on side, her sister has on the other. They have opposite but identical dimples and hair parts, and although she’s not using it in this picture, when Nola starts out using a spoon, she almost always uses her left hand, whereas Evy heavily favors her right.

I find this absolutely fascinating given the fact that Evy (Miss Right Everything) seems considerably more rational and serious-minded than her free-wheeling Lefty of a sister. Could it be that their physical traits are indications of being left/right-brained? Maybe. Either way, I’m still amazed at the detail with which their Creator crafted these little girls. Sometimes, I just stare and at them and think, “Oh. my. word. There are two of them. It’s a miracle!” Yup, still. After almost a year and a half. It’s awesome.

Fullscreen capture 362014 83924 AM     

And finally, I really do feel like I would be remiss if I didn’t share this little jewel with you. Yes, this is how I woke up yesterday morning, and no, no tweaking was done to get my hair that high.

(Also, I have a very convincing “Who” face that makes me look justlike the live action characters from the Jim Carey Grinch, and I would have made it for this pic if I’d realized just how Seussian my hair was coming across).

Allrighty. You may now consider yourself caught up on the minutiae of my life.

What about you?

What’s your favorite day of the week? Sunday, SUNDAY, Sunday!

Have you ever made Lara Bars? What are your favorite varieties?  I haven’t made any more yet…mostly because I’m going to have to find a bulk source of dates first. I bought mine in a tiny box at Walmart (because they were on the only ones I could find) and was disappointed to discover  when I got home that they were coated in sugar. (I rinsed them off, but I still want to find a better option).

And finally, do you have epic bedhead when you wake up? Mine is actually relatively tame unless I sleep on it when it’s wet, then watch out!