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Try-it Tuesday: DIY Butterfly Mobile

Good morning, everyone!

And a special WELCOME to visitors from The 36th Avenue, where I am guest-posting about Della’s nursery. I’m so excited to have new readers here today!

I hope you all are feeling crafty (the kind where you glue/sew things…not the kind where you rub your hands together and scheme up ways to knock over banks)!

Even if you’re not feeling crafty, maybe you’re feeling lucky? Did you notice the new giveaway button on the sidebar?

Yeah. That’s right. I’m hosting a giveaway for The Pleated Poppy this week!

No biggie. It’s only Lindsey and her fabulously cute fabric creations that I’m giving you the chance to win. I… 


GO running off to click the giveaway details button and leave me hanging in the middle of a sentence! I’ll be waiting right here feeling crafty (maybe the hand-rubbing kind this time) when you get back.

Where was I?

Oh yes…Try-it Tuesday.

In honor of my nursery guest-post, I thought I’d show you how I made Della’s butterfly mobile.

As a reminder, here’s what her room looks like (see the mobile in the corner?):

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:


    • A punch with the design of your choice (I chose butterflies and found my punch at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbooking section. It wasn’t on sale, but I used a 40% off coupon and paid $12)
    • Pretty scrapbooking paper/magazines (the thicker the magazine paper, the better)
    • Glue-gun
    • Fishing line—be sure to get line with a low lb. maximum to keep it thin. Mine has a 4 lb. maximum. Of course, if you’re planning on hanging more than 4 lbs. of paper butterflies…wow. Good luck with that. Please send me pictures.
    • Wreath form (mine is 13” Styrofoam, and I paid about $4 at Michael’s (with a coupon), but they have them at many Dollar Stores for, well, a dollar). 
    • 3-5 yards of wide (at least 1.5”…preferably wider) decorative ribbon to cover your wreath form (dollar stores are also a great place to buy inexpensive ribbon).

1. Using your punch, create a variety of butterflies (or whatever shape you choose). It’s entirely up to you how many you choose to hang, but I ended up using about 70 butterflies on my mobile. 


2. Cut lengths of your fishing line.  These will be the anchors for your butterflies as well as the “streamers” for the mobile.  Again, length depends on your preference, but mine were about 2 feet long. I didn’t make all of my lines the same length because I am lazy like that liked the variation, but you could measure if you preferred a more uniform look. 

3. Place a dot of hot-glue on the back of your butterflies…


..then press the fishing line firmly into the glue and hold until it dries enough not to shift positions.  I glued a butterfly every 2-3 inches along the length of my wire.

Your mobile streamer will look like this:


4. Squeeze another dab of hot-glue onto your wreath form.


5. Press your ribbon into the glue to hold it in place.IMG_6026

6. Begin wrapping your wreath form in ribbon.  You will need between 3 and 5 yards of ribbon to cover a 13” wreath, depending on the width of your ribbon and how tightly you overlap it (the looser you wrap, the farther you can stretch your ribbon).


7. Finish off your wrapped wreath by securing the end of the ribbon with another dab of hot-glue.


8. Squeeze a dot of hot-glue onto the first butterfly on your streamer…


…and then press that butterfly against the outside of the ribbon-wrapped wreath (say that five times fast!)…continuing to add streamers until you have the look you want (I used about 6 streamers spaced more or less evenly—I eye-balled it—around the outside edge of my wreath).



10. Hang your mobile using more fishing line (it will look like it’s floating) and a small hook screwed directly into the ceiling (this project is not really heavy enough to need support screws). You could also hang your mobile from ribbon, but the thicker the threads it’s suspended from, the less it will turn and sway when a gust from the air-conditioning vent hits it. : )

Here’s a shot of the finished product:

The best part? It’s easy and cheap! Two of my favorite things in projects…not people.

Of course, it does take a while and involves a lot of repetition but if you love the look of streamer mobiles but don’t love the $40 price-tag, then this is your project.

Our cost is something like $18, but keep in mind that $12 of that was our punch, which can be reused to make butterfly confetti, butterfly themed invitations or thank-you cards, really cute box filler for packages…anything you can think up involving paper and butterflies, this punch can help you do it.

Well, that’s it for me today, folks! Don’t forget to enter the fabulous Pleated Poppy giveaway.

Oh, and speaking of The Pleated Poppy, I have something super-fun I get to do.

Tomorrow, for Lindsey’s What I Wore Wednesday series, I will be guest-posting my tips on how to score the best thrifted finds and then how to put them together into cohesive outfits, just like I do every day at Secondhand or Bare Bottom.

Be sure to stop by The Pleated Poppy blog for some thrifting tips and to see what everyone that has linked up with Lindsey wore that day.  If you’ve never visited before, I highly encourage you to check it out.  Lots of fun inspiration! 

And If you’ve never linked up before but have the itch…DO it! What have you got to lose?

See you tomorrow for Wardrobe Wednesday!




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Feature Friday: Welcome to Della’s Room

Last week, I introduced you to my daughter, Adelaide (whom we call Della), and this week, it’s time to get acquainted with her room.

Because we built our house (and by “we,” I mean my hubby, my father-in-law, and I…someday I may write a post about the things we didn’t do ourselves because that post will be short and easy to write), I don’t have any truly horrendous before pictures to show you. No moldy carpet, dingy water-spotted ceilings, or dated wallpaper. I can practically hear the collective groan of disappointment echoing through cyberspace.

In fact, no matter how hard I searched, all I found in our expansive array of home-building pictures were these two measly shots (keep in mind we built well before I even thought about blogging; unforgivable, I know).

Here’s a shot of what we had to work with:



Plywood and primer and painter’s tape, oh my!

…and now the serenity of:


*Sigh* That’s better.

Oddly enough, even though she is my only girl, Della’s room is blue—a creamy aqua called Winter Frost (can’t remember the company; I need to do a paint-can hunt). That’s partly because I’m not the color pink’s biggest fan, but it’s mostly because I am a bit of a crazy-obsessed stalker fan of anything blue/green: teal, turquoise, aqua, ocean-blue…you name it, I love it. Besides, it ended up being a pretty-darn girly color.

My inspiration for the entire room was Alexander Henry’s beautiful and whimsical fabric, Starling (I found mine on Etsy under the “supplies” tab for a very reasonable $6/yd), which comes in several different color schemes. I chose Natural, which had everything I wanted: bright, but not overwhelming, colors, pops of black and white, fat little birds, and a retro feel.

After I chose my fabric, the rest fell into place as all of my decorating does: I see something that’s a bazillion percent off of the original price and think, “Hey, I bet if I spray-painted/recovered/altered that in some way, that would be perfect!”

Yeah…it’s a gift…and a curse.

Aaaaanyhoo, I’ve tried to be as thorough as possible with my sourcing, but if I miss something, and you have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Della’s bedding is a hodgepodge of 1) a Simply Shabby Chic Target full-sized bedding set that I bought at Goodwill, then cut up and made into a comforter and pillows (the blue/white ruffled one in the center). The bed ruffle came from that, and I just bunched it up strategically to make it fit Della’s crib, 2) a fun bolster pillow I found at Walmart, 3) a bumper I recovered with the Starling fabric (also used to make her curtains), and 4) a piece of polka-dot fabric I used as a crib-sheet (an idea I got from the very talented Emily of Jones Design Company).

IMG_2934The flower hangers were an old Hobby Lobby purchase, and I decided to repurpose them for Della’s room with a coat of red spray paint. In fact, you really couldn’t get too near me without ending up looking like a candy cane, since practically everything in the room got sprayed either white or Banner Red (Krylon).

I found the square decorative mdf pieces at Goodwill for $0.59 each—man, I love me some Goodwill—and mounted Della’s initials (the unpainted letters came from Walmart for under $2 each) onto the front. I’m really pleased with the three-dimensional feel they lend the back wall.


I made the butterfly mobile by wrapping a foam wreath base in pretty ribbon from Walmart and then using a Martha Stewart butterfly punch (bought with a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby) on a stack of scrapbook sheets/magazines and hanging them from fishing line.


A fun, vintage glass shelf I got at a fabulous local “barn sale” flea market. It provides a place for the blue wooden mouse brought to her from Germany by her Softa (my mom), a mini-birdhouse I found at Hobby Lobby, two red/white polka-dot dessert plates I scored at Goodwill for a $1 (for both), a pair of “ruby slippers,” and a pair of shoes I made her from the Starling fabric.


The bassinet and Hello Kitty in the corner are gifts from my mother-in-law and work perfectly with all the other white and red in the room. I found the little-girl-praying silhouette at Hobby Lobby and added it to the to-be-sprayed-red pile. I also framed more of the butterfly cutouts in vintage gold frames (an idea I swiped from a guest post at Stefanie of Brooklyn Limestone fame’s fantastic blog). I matted mine with a sample of textured white wallpaper I already had.

IMG_2685-1I changed out the wooden knobs that came with Adelaide’s dresser for ones with more flower-power (from Marshall’s), which I also spray-painted red (yes, all while I was pregnant; don’t worry, I worked outside in the sunshine, and Della has all her fingers and toes and only a minor facial tic—JOKE!—I’m going to prove to you how perfect she is at the end of this post).

I found her bed and dresser as a matching set on craigslist, by the way.


I found this sweet sign at Marshall’s. I hope she’ll do just what it says for Jesus some day.


I bought her chandelier (which started out copper/bronze) from my best friend, Mandy, then proceeded to spray-paint every inch of it red and white (see? candy cane; stay away). It’s really a fun piece that adds just the right touch of girly glamour.


My favorite corner of her room.

I got the chair for a steal ($25!) on craigslist—it rocks and swivels and is super-comfy—and then bought the fabric from a local quilting store and the covered buttons (which match the curtains and bumper) from Etsy. A local lady recovered it for me and did a fabulous job for a shockingly low price.


I made the blue/white pillow and found the pink/black one @ Goodwill for $3. The polka-dot rug is actually a bath mat—$5—from Walmart (it coordinates with the bolster pillow—$8—in her crib), and I found the ottoman at Hobby Lobby for $8. A can of spray paint and aqua and white polka-dot fabric transformed it from a dark, manly-looking piece into the perfect little girl footstool. The red mini-chair was a random find from a roadside flea market (maybe wooden piece in the room that came red) – $4.


The trio of mirrors came in a pack for $6 from Ross. The butterfly print is from the Etsy shop of a really great Australian blogger, ishandchi. The “Adelaide” print is from the online shop of the amazing Jones Design Company.


I painted this little jewelry chest white and the knobs red, and it now houses Della’s barrettes, pacifiers, and socks. A good friend made me the small butterfly canvas (the background is the text of Psalm 139; so cool!), and the little lamp is a Goodwill find for maybe $1. I recovered the lamp shade in white fabric, trimmed it in polka-dot grosgrain ribbon, then spray-painted the base and made a cover for the ugly cord out of some fabulous red/white striped fabric I found at—uh-huh, that’s right—Goodwill.


Last, but certainly not least, this is the adorable pouf Mandy made and hung from her chandelier at my baby shower. I tied it to the the curtain rod for an extra jolt of whimsy and color.

And there you have it!

I hope you love Della’s room as much as I do. It is my sanctuary of beauty and calm, and even before she was born, both my husband and I would go and sit in her white rocker (one at a time, of course; we’re not hobbits) and pretend we were holding her.

Now, that she’s here, it tends not to be quite as pristine as before (can we say laundry and diapers?), but it’s made infinitely better by her sunshiney presence!

In fact, I’m going to go take a turn in the rocker now. With this cuteness for company:


See you tomorrow for Flicky Friday!

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