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Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL {#80} + Family Lake Pictures

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!

Not sure why I got so excited there, except that there’s just something about getting back from a vacation and slogging though real life for a few days to make the weekend feel especially sweet.

Speaking of vacation, our lovely hostess Donna—who is a picture-taking fiend!—asked if we wanted to take a family picture or two down by the lake before we left for home. And I thought, “Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?” I love the concept of pretty family pictures, but the actual preparation for them is kind of brutal. Hair fixing and teeth brushing, outfit coordinating and shoe-finding. Not that I don’t do those same things every single day, but when you’re going to take a picture of it on purpose, it’s supposed to be, well, picture-worthy, which takes an I-CAN’T-FIND-MY-FLIP-FLIPS (again) meltdown to a whole new level.

But because this was just a casual “let’s go snap a few shots of your family down on our pretty pier” type of thing, I didn’t feel that stress. But you better believe that didn’t keep me from digging through our suitcase to see if I had accidentally brought us all coordinating clothing. Nobody was more shocked than I was to discover that…I had! Or at least close enough to look decent. So, we threw on our matchy-matchies, scarfed some dinner so we could keep the good light (yes, I know the order of that was not wise with small children {literally} in the picture, but I figured I could edit out any particularly egregious dinner stains on their shirts).

Then, we meandered on down to pier and “snapped a few shots” (more like 100). These are some of my faves:


Best. Daddy. EVER.


“When can we go swimming?”


Ezra is not my most-photographed kid, for sure. He’s such a handsome, sweet boy, but his little sisters’ cuteness and his brother’s dimples sometimes draw my camera’s lens their way more often than his big boy looks (oh, where did my baby go?). So, I was happy to find this framer in the mix. It’s so quintessentially Ezra. Man, I love that kid!

These next several made me laugh just because they show what a process it is to get 7 people (5 of whom have much more important things like dessert on their little minds) situated enough to get even one decent shot.

IMG_5281 IMG_5286 IMG_5297 IMG_5311 IMG_5314 IMG_5325 IMG_5344

Ah. Finally one where we’re {almost} all looking. The twins could not be convinced that the camera was worthy of their notice. (Also, if I hadn’t already known who I was holding in this short, I could not tell them apart to save my life from looking at it).


Hey! 5 out of 7 looking and smiling. NOT bad!

Of course, once we’d tasted (marginal) success, we just had to keep going!


I do believe this one’s getting framed.


And this one just might replace my long hair photo on the top right over there.


How could I resist a shot with the twinnies?! {Nola, left, Evy, right}

Donna, who is nicer than most people ever dream of being, was trusting enough to let Della play with her camera as a distraction.

This was the result.


I do believe we have a budding photographer on our hands. She snapped pictures of everything from her toes to the grass to the sky (I’m pretty sure there were at least 20 Della-eye-level shots of everybody’s hindquarters as well). She even has the brooding, artsy stare going on in this shot.

So, all in all, I’m going to call our impromptu family photo shoot a success. 

I just need to get my rear in gear and actually print some of these out for the frames! (I am terrible about that part).

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Try-it Tuesday: Using Picasa to Edit Pictures

I’ve mentioned before that I am not exactly the world’s most techno-savvy chica. In fact, I might go so far as to say that I have a technological black thumb. My husband, who is the polar opposite (and thank goodness considering that he provides for us with his mad computer programming skillz), often marvels at my ability to make something stop working that was doing just fine before I got ahold of it.

The thing is, I’m not dumb. In fact, I’m generally pretty quick about academic things and have a good memory for details. But there’s just something about technological info that makes my brain turn to mush. Words are my friends. Gadgets…not so much.

So! All that to say that when I find something that works well for me that I can navigate easily on my own, I tend to stick with it.

Google’s free photo-storing/editing service, Picasa, is one such technological godsend.  And even though I’m sure that I do not use it to its fullest potential, and I in no way claim to be either a particularly proficient photographer or editor, I am still going to share with you a few quick/easy Picasa tips that have made my photo-editing process simple and relatively quick.

1. Once I’ve loaded a particular round of my pictures into Picasa from my SD card, I scroll through them in library view, which looks like this:

Fullscreen capture 10112011 22159 PM

I add a star to mark which ones I want to edit using the easy little button from the toolbar at the bottom (right below the “IMG_7862.JPG”):

Fullscreen capture 10112011 22159 PM

2. I edit my photos using the easy-peasy tools which pop up when you select a photo:

Fullscreen capture 10112011 22648 PM

You can see them there to the left: 1) Basic Fixes (cropping, retouching, adding text, etc.), 2) Tuning (fill light, color temp, shadows, etc.), and 3) Effects (b+w, sepia, and, my favorite, glow…among others).

My photo-editing process almost always looks like this: crop, add some fill light/highlights and some shadow to make the color pop, a little warmth (unless the pics were taken in my kitchen which tends to make everything yellow already), and then a very little bit of the “glow” effect, which does just what it sounds like.  That’s it.

Nothing fancy.

But it does take a raw photo from this:


To this:


Better, no?

3) I crtl + select a group of photos and, using the Export button, send them to a particular folder, which I name right there in Picasa. As you can imagine, I have a folder for each of the blog’s themes as well as Thrifted or Grifted, Secondhand or Bare Bottom, etc. I can then easily yank them out of the folders at will as I’m writing posts.

  Fullscreen capture 10112011 22648 PM

See the Export button with the folder symbol above it? Also, notice that you have several plug-in buttons you can incorporate, including a “BlogThis” button (which I don’t use since I write my posts in LiveWriter) and a FB button that I apparently don’t have in this particular version on this particular computer (note to self: reinstall that while hubby is looking over your shoulder…otherwise he’ll never believe that you actually managed to screw up something so simple : )).

4) Want to know one of my favorite features in Picasa? Super easy collage-making.  You’ve probably noticed that I use the tar out of this feature. Whether it’s the round-up of goodies for The October Giveaway, an introduction of my projects when I write a guest-post, or just a silly project like the one I’m about to show you, I haven’t found much else that takes a group of random shots and immediately gives it a cohesive feel.

To make a collage, all you have to do is select a group of photos you want to combine. Each time you click on a particular photo, it will place it in the photo tray on the bottom left of the screen. To keep it there, you simply click the green “pin” button. Each photo you pin will be included in your collage. You can also use the “clear pin” button (red circle) if you decide you don’t want a particular photo anymore. 

Fullscreen capture 10112011 30122 PM-1

Once your photos are chosen, simply click the “collage” button and proceed with your collage-creation.

Fullscreen capture 10112011 30936 PM

From this screen, you can change the shape (this one is square: cd cover), add/remove photos, add grid-spacing (those are the white lines in between the photos, which I love the look of), and just generally make your collage do what you want it to.

Once you’ve got everything to your liking, click “create collage,” and you’re done!  Picasa treats your collage like any other picture, which means you can go back to your photo-editing options and do everything that I mentioned above: cropping, tuning, and—my favorite—adding text.

And this is what you end up with:Collages1

Yup, I know I’m a dork.

Not only do collages work great for blog-posts, but they would make for fantastic gifts, keepsakes, or even portfolio aids to display your work.

As I said, I know I’m missing a lot of the features that I could be taking advantage of, but for now I will stick with what I know and be grateful that even I, in my technological ineptitude, can create photos that I’m happy enough with so that I don’t feel like I’m torturing you guys to make you look at them.

I hope this has been a helpful little Picasa tour and would love to hear about any tips that you expert Picasa users can offer.

And for the non-Picasa-users…I’d love to know…what are your favorite photo-editing programs or methods?

See you tomorrow for Wardrobe Wednesday.  I’m especially excited about what I get to show you!

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